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September 25, 2002
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Donating Blood, Naps for Mom, and Cooking At Home

A distinctly busy day when I really wasn't in any shape to be particularly busy. Jet was up for an hour and a half last night and he was really hot. He was just burning up and while I had John help me give Jet Tylenol, it didn't seem to help for the whole time I was with him. Ugh. But he did eventually get back to sleep, and I went to sleep, too. And then he got up at 5 again, and I nursed him back to sleep until about 7, when John got him.

Got up at 8, as usual, and felt terribly trashed. I was also due to donate blood this morning, as work had a blood drive going. I debated not doing it as I felt so terrible, but it was mostly from lack of sleep. John was sensible and said that I didn't sound like I was any more sick than I was before, and that I should just tell the nurse exactly what happened and if they turned me away, well, that would be good for me in some sense, and if they didn't turn me away it would be good for me in another sense. So I went.

And I was glad I did. As I found out that my pulse was only 64, my blood pressure was 112/60, and, best of all, my red blood cell percentage was a whopping 46%, compared to the borderline 38% I lived with for most of my life. It's been nearly four years since I've donated, what with the knee, surgery, surgery again and then the pregnancy and aftermath. So it may well have been all the prenatal vitamins I've been taking. I was very happy to learn that.

I also got chocolate donuts because I was doing this relatively early on the morning. I spent the rest of the morning with a teal bandage on and drinking tons of liquids. It felt good.

Lunch was at Deli Ciosos and we got a game plan for next week together. I like it when the whole group decides where to go to lunch next week rather than John and I haven't to decide. It was fun. Good food, quick, and we even went to get Jet a little early. Turned out he'd had an hour and a half nap! So when we got home, and he nursed he was wide awake when he finished. Joan said that Jet was quieter all day, though, so she knew he was feeling under the weather.

He is still a sick boy, I think. He still has his temperature, and he's wanting to be held and snuggle more today than usual. I'll enjoy it while he still wants it.

I napped a bit on the couch in the livingroom until my 2pm meeting. Jet, for some reason, got really, really upset when I lay down on the couch, so it was a very short nap indeed. But I got up in plenty of time, and I know that I did drop off for a while. Then I had a twenty minute meeting. From there I went to sleep I my bed for half an hour and felt better for it.

At 3:30, we went south again and this time we got to sign all the refinancing papers. Jet even managed to spill half a bottle of water on the papers in the midst of it. We found out what papers we were missing from our copies, and she managed to reprint them for our signatures. Jet wanted only to sit in my lap and try and draw on all the papers that I was drawing on. He got his own papers, but he mostly tore those up.

Finally, we did get through them all. It's the first time we've had a signing while Jet was up and about and doing things. He was mildly cranky because he was tired and probably sick with something. But he cheered up considerably when we walked out of the office, so maybe it was just the fact that he was stuck for a while in a single place.

When we dropped by Wal-Mart to get his Tylenol and Motrin in Wal-Mart brand same-stuff packs, he was really happy to see all that *stuff* and just check everything out that he could. I did some checking out, too, and found, of all things, bleached, all-purpose flour and marshmallow fluff in a jar. We got home and I got to cook.

I made three relatively simple dishes. Zucchini stir-fried with onions; eggplant roasted before it was stir-fried with pork, scallions and hoisin; and salt and pepper shrimp, flash-fried in a smoking wok. They all turned out well, and we ate them with leftover rice. I was amused to find that the three dishes took less than fifteen minutes to cook once I got everything prepped and the zucchini was cooked through and translucent, but still firm to the bite. The shrimp was a bit overwhelmingly salty and peppery, but the shrimp were plump and very well seasoned. The eggplant, since I roasted them until they were done before stir frying them, didn't soak up a lot of oil, so it was tasty and light. I was glad about how they all worked out.

I didn't make a lot of any of the dishes, so we don't have enough leftovers for another three meals. But I will have a nice lunch or two.

Jet watched the stir-frying from John's arms, as he wanted to be up, but there was no way I was doing to hold him and do the flash frying at the same time. He liked eating the rice and some of the pork from the eggplant, but that was about it. He ate multi-grain Cheerios instead, and he seemed to enjoy them well enough.

He got a bath tonight, and needed it pretty badly. Jet also had a blast taking the cleaning foam and he did a much better job of rubbing it over most of his body! Pretty soon he'll be washing himself! Wow. I think it's pretty cool and probably should encourage him doing it more thoroughly.

I was very glad that I'd cancelled swimming with Joan. Our instructor is out today, anyway, so we had been thinking of just going and swimming and playing for the fun of it, but with the cold, the blood donation, and all this other stuff, I was glad that I hadn't pushed it too much. I guess I learned from when I busted my knee... there's a time to not do more, too.

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