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September 3, 2003
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Feeling Better

Tiring day, but I decided to go into work today. I feel a lot better than yesterday, but going to work was still tiring. I had a lot of stuff I felt that I needed to catch up on, but the schedule on Wednesdays is never as nasty as it is on Tuesdays. I only had the one meeting. John had one meeting in the afternoon. We had lunch at the Family Affair, and John and Lynn showed up half an hour late, but they showed up.

So that was pretty good food.

Jet slept through the night, woke up at 5, but went back to sleep for another hour, which was nice. But then he didn't nap at all. Just 40 minutes. So by evening, he was pretty cranky. We did go outside for a while; covered in DEET, to water all the plants we'd put in over the weekend. I figure that daily watering is a good deal for them for at least the first week. There are days when the drip irrigation system will take care of most of the plants, but I can be sure to get the others on the other days, too. The junipers will need the most help.

Heard, the other day, that the evergreens aren't that good a creature to put out in the fall, as they need a full year's root system to really winter well. We have three junipers and two pines, we'll see if they survive the winter, with some good setup, a nice root stimulator, and plenty of water and warm weather to set their roots in this fall. I can hope.

Jet ate noodle soup for lunch, and had sushi rice for dinner. He liked having his own bowl and plate while we had our freezer dinner. I found some filet mignon in the freezer, so I just seared up two small chunks of it, and we had ourselves a quick steak dinner with tomato chunks and leftover mac and cheese from a box. I would have a son that prefers sushi to mac and cheese. It seems somehow appropriate. He's eating with us more often, which is a very, very nice thing.

Before dinner we went for a stocking run at Safeway, as we were out of eggs, ice cream, and popscicles and a few other things, so we went and got everything. For the first time in a while, Jet was quite happy to be with us while we shopped. I think he was tired, and after one fight, he realized that the boundary was still there, so he just lived with it. We finally got him to just stick with us and not lob things from the shelves into the cart. He did well.

We played Crash for a while after dinner. Then watched a little TV, and ate some mint chip ice cream. It was very green and not too minty, but it was pretty good with sprinkles by Jet's standards. Simple and good.

Jet crashed soon after. He actually likes his new pajamas so much he asks for them. He also trotted over to the bathroom to get his teeth brushed, and I think it's a good habit, so I may well encourage that a lot. We're also putting him on the potty every time before we change his diaper, so he gets the association, and he's very proud when he can 'make water'... so that's a great sign, though it might mean that we have to pack his potty whenever we travel from now on. Not a bad deal for him actually using it.

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