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September 5, 2003
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No Bye-bye! No Bye-bye!

Tiring week. I spent all of Tuesday sick, went to work on Wednesday, stayed home on Thursday, though we had a great time swimming in the afternoon, so I knew that I felt better, and today I went into work again, just to get a feel for it.

Dropping Jet off today was really sad. For some reason he's gotten it into his head that he doesn't want to be at Joan's. All the way to Joan's he was grumbling, "No bye-bye! No bye-bye! No want bye-bye!" This morning Haley came out to say hello and that she was going to be around all day, but Jet wouldn't listen, at all, and finally Joan just carried him into the house with her. He was kicking and screaming and everything. Of course, two minutes later he was just fine, but it was still nerve-wracking after so many years of him just wanting to be there and wanting to play with Haley more than staying with us. I don't know why he likes us so much better all of a sudden, but so it is.

Jet's doing a lot more at home, now. He's playing with his software. He likes watching particular videos and DVDs. He's also playing with all his toys, books, and stuff. He actually got out all his books with John, today, and the two of them read through the whole pile of books! Wow.

I also got my massage today, and boy did I need it. I ached everywhere; but my arms are much better than when I started with CeLena, both of us noticed a real difference, so I think it really is the massages that allow me to work at all. It's mildly depressing to acknowledge that I'm doing that much damage in the long run; and that I have to do something active to get it healed up, but I guess it's better to know and do it than to just let it slide and lose my nerves.

Cera wrote, last night, to ask if they could stay tonight and they have. We fed them gluten tacos with garden tomatoes, and they seemed quite content. Jet entertained them happily, and was entertained himself. He surprised the heck out of John and I by not only eating part of a quesadilla when I slipped it to him as a 'cracker', but eating a whole other one as a 'pizza'. He asked for it to be made and when it cooled enough, he just chowed down on it. Yay!

Jet's been great all week. Slept nearly all night for two nights in a row, and was only up once the other nights. John was grateful. He got to sleep in this morning, when I made banana muffins for all of us and took care of Jet. Jet nibbled the outsides of a muffin, but wouldn't eat the whole thing. Ah well. So I guess he had reason to be hungry for dinner, ice cream, and some fun with Ken and Cera. They had a good time going through all of Jet's books and the books John and I had gotten even beforehand which were pretty children's books. It was a good time for all. They went to sleep early. I should follow.

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