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September 7, 2003
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Lucilles and Highland Games

A busy weekend.

We had breakfast with Cera and Ken on Saturday morning, early, as they wanted an early start and we were up anyway because of Jet. They were very intrigued by the thought of a Creole breakfast, so we went to Lucille's.

Jet decided not to sit with us, as he'd asked for a 'foony' at 6, so he was already kind of full. Instead, he found a tiny cubby right off from the main lobby to the restaurant and he sat there with a coloring book, crayons, and the attention of the hostess and most of the waitresses that went by. He also got a few smiles and pats from other lady guests as well. That was pretty funny. He took it all without any fuss, and got the hostess to do all his coloring for him. What was really funny was an Australian waitress who complimented him on his coloring because it was so neat!! Hee.

I was able to watch him in a mirror that was propped in a very convenient spot. I took him a bit of beinet, but instead of eating it, he just licked all the powdered sugar off it and gave it back. That was pretty funny. But he was content, quiet, and busy for the whole time we were ordering, eating, and talking, so that was just perfect.

Afterwards, they took off for their adventures with dinosaurs and we headed up to Estes Park for the Highland Festivals. When we got there, the town was all blockaded off for the parade. So we found a quiet place to park and all of us slept for a while, as we were kind of low on sleep from the week. When we woke up, we headed for the fairgrounds. As we got closer and closer the traffic slowed down more and more until we saw a free parking space open up right next to us. We couldn't stand the temptation, so we pulled a U-y out of traffic and parked. We got out the stroller and since it had finally cleared up and was sunny I decided to just leave our coats in the car. This turned out, eventually, to be quite the mistake, but so it is. I guess I'm too used to the sunshine in Colorado.

We hiked the last few blocks in and were very glad of it, as the cars had completely stopped at the gates. There was just one guy taking money for the parking, and he was being pretty slow about it, which was the big hold up, especially when there were numerous streams of cars all converging on him.

We had a great time at the fair. Wandered everywhere, seeing kilts, hearing bagpipes, checking into the clan booths, watching the tabor throwers, and basically wandering everywhere. John got to find the Maclaines and sign in for clan news. Jet got cookies there. We heard a band, saw lots of practice dancing to bagpipes. Then it started to rain.

We headed up towards the games area, and found a big play area. Jet had to get out of the stroller for that, and both John and I chased him around for a while. Then John found the arena, and they were doing the tabor toss. So he climbed up into the grandstands, and Jet took a seat next to him for a while. Then he wanted down again, so he got to climb some more. I found a jacket for Jet in his diaper bag. I am always grateful for the diaper bag and its contents, as we plan for stuff with it. So he had a hooded sweatshirt that kept him dry and warm while he climbed, slid, played, chased other kids, and swung.

Jet had a great time. There was a point when he was climbing up into a wooden crowsnest when one of the kids kept telling him he was too small to do that. Jet looked a little daunted by that, but I backed him up, and he went up anyway, and then he leapt for the fireman's pole. I caught him, tucked his legs around it and let him slide down. Then he did it five more times. The kid kept telling him he was too small, but now he just ignored the kid or grinned at him as he climbed his careful way up to the top. Wow. I'm glad.

I was soaked by this time. Luckily, I was wearing my jeans instead of shorts, so I wasn't shivering freezing, but I was kind of cold. I was, unfortunately, also grabbed by a craving for haggis. We'd had it numerous times in Scotland, and I'd liked it pretty much every time I had it there. So we went to the trouble of standing in line for haggis here. It was a very long line, and they also had Scotch eggs, i.e. covered in sausage and deep-fried. Nice, but I didn't really have that much appetite. Jet, after playing so hard, was finally willing to rest in the stroller, and demanded fish. So we gave him his container of goldfish and he munched them while sprawled comfortably under the cover of his stroller roof. He didn't get rained on that much, which was good.

Sadly, my American, Fair haggis was very sad, and smelled more of liver than anything. There were few onions, and only rolled oats instead of steel cut oats, so no extra body. It was soggy and sad. The fries that went with it were much better, so I ate some of those with a few bites of haggis. John was kind and bought a bag of plain scones from the bakery there, and I had some of that after the bad tasting haggis. Now I'm craving a more authentic and better tasting haggis. Ah well.

Afterwards, we went home, Jet slept some more as he needed it and we had a fairly quiet evening. Sunday morning, we just slept in. John slept in first, until he couldn't sleep any more. Then I slept. Then Jet went down for his nap. So our whole morning was a series of naps.

We stocked up in the afternoon, did a few garden things, and otherwise took it easy. The rain got to me, with the cold of last week, so I'm not doing that well. But the extra sleep today really helped push it back again. I hope it's enough for the coming week. We did find out, today, that Joan had broken her wrist while trying to get on Doc, her new horse. So she may not be able to take Jet for too long tomorrow. So I'll have to gear up for that

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