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September 9, 2003
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Extra Meetings

SV: I go to work all day. John has meeting at 5:30, so I take over when I get home. Ben and Jet in the sandbox, in the house, then back out again. I cook Jet his own dinner, he eats. I cook John and I stovies, which is done just when John comes home. Late dinner, but good. TV evening.

Work was work. I got to do stuff. It was kind of confusing with all the usual meetings.

When I got home, all the boys were outside, playing with stuff, cleaning up the yard and doing things outside. So I joined them and got to peer at my tomatoes for a while. Jet was in the sandbox with Ben, and the two of them were having fun. Jet really liked having another boy to play with and they were running around and shouting. Two mosquitoes had already bitten Jet, so I slathered him up with DEET and sprayed myself as well. Ben asked for coverage as well, so I obliged.

Eventually John had to leave for his meeting, so I was left with the two boys. Roy said that I should send Ben over whenever he overstepped his welcome, but I didn't really have the heart to, as Jet loved playing with him. They had a blast on the driveway racing each other, rolling down it in Jet's car, and all kinds of other stuff. They ended up throwing Ben's cars across the whole area a few times and chasing after them as well. Stuff I would never have thought to do.

Eventually Ben asked to have a Band-Aid for an owie, and I asked Jet if he wanted to go in. He said he didn't, so I said that we were going to stay outside. Ben went into the house anyway. Which kind of peeved me, but I didn't want to leave Jet outside by himself. Jet finally decided it would be okay to go inside and we found Ben in the midst of all of Jet's toys.

Jet was delighted. He got interested in whatever toy Ben was playing with, including his jester's hat. He actually let Ben put it on him and he ran around, crowing. That was really cool. So we played inside for a while until Ben's dad came by and asked to take him away to go to one of the other kid's events. He said that I should just take Jet over to play some afternoon. I probably will. Maybe some Wednesday afternoon or something. That would be very useful for both John and I.

I made Jet a corndog and a smoothie. He really liked them both and was pretty hungry after playing so much with Ben, so that was good. He asked for ice cream and sprinkles, but when the other food appeared he was happy to just eat it. I was glad of that.

Then I got to start on John's and my dinner. It has been much cooler, so I decided to pull a pound of frozen, ground lamb that had been sitting in the freezer for a very long time. Thought I might as well use it as well as one of the last of the organic potatoes from the farmers' market. It was huge, and it wasn't like we were going to eat it on its own any time soon. So I made stovies, onions and potatoes slow cooked together for a while. Then I topped them with browned lamb, frozen peas, and when John came home we topped that with brown sauce and ate. It was very satisfying, especially after the disappointment of the haggis.

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