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September 10, 2003
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Pre-school Orientation

SV: Jet goes to Joan's until 9:30. Pre-school orientation 'til 11:30. Errands. Jet falls asleep. Stays that way for 1:40. Yay! Work 3 hours. I take over for John. We have spaghetti for dinner. Tired of unusual days. Asthma evening. Ugh.

Today was a very strange day and I'm starting to get really tired of strange days. I'm ready for a regular schedule again.

It started by actually dropping Jet off at Joan's, and, instead of going to work, we went back home and worked at home for a while. Then we went and picked him up, and went to Wendy's.

There we had his 'orientation'. It was... weird. I guess I was expecting some kind of instruction, some kind of tour, or something more than just sitting there and doing whatever it was that Jet was normally going to be doing. We sat downstairs for a while, then we made 'nut fairies'. They were each two nuts glued together, with 'hair' wool on top, and bunch of bits of felt in no particular shape, dishes of glue, and bits of wool. Jet liked painting the felt with glue, but he had no plans, at all, to put them actually on the little people. He liked getting the 'people', after they were explained to him.

The first one he got he tried to pull apart and pull the hair off of. It took a little forcible explaining that it was a person. Then he got into it and made half a dozen of the creatures before being limited. There had to be a few left for another girl. Then he and the one other boy that had arrived played at whatever there was to play with in the room. Wendy got out refreshments, and the adults ate some, but Jet ignored all the food, completely. He had no interest in it at all. He liked the toys. He liked the baskets of shells and rocks, but then he started throwing them. Wendy had far more patience for that than I did.

Then we went outside to play. Swings, slides, and a sandbox were what occupied Jet. When he saw the trampoline in the backyard he wanted to go on it, but it's off limits, thank goodness. Instead, they played under it, pretending it was a tent or something.

There were mosquitoes. I killed three. That actually bothered me, but it was an overcast morning and the mosquitoes were to be expected. Jet didn't suffer any more mosquito bites, so I guess I was okay in the end.

The garden itself was actually quite beautiful, and consisted of many low-water plants. I was mildly surprised to find that she had an enormous clump of spearmint growing quite happily on amount that she said had no irrigation. So mint can grow in this climate and not need special care. I have to remember that for next year. There are times when I wish I had more herbs than just my chives and basil and rosemary. I'd like to grow parsley, cilantro, mint, and sage. I really love the taste of sage, but aphids got the last plant I had. It turns out that the children can help Wendy in the garden. She asks them to dig in certain areas, harvest various things, and in the spring they actually help her plant stuff as well. It would be fun to do that with Jet as well in my garden.

By 11:30 we were all ready to go home. There were a few errands we had to run in Erie, so we did those first. We were quite happy when Jet fell asleep on the way home from Erie. We just put him down for his nap. I was pretty tired from last night, but I had a fairly large assignment to for tomorrow morning. It's something like a design review, but for a partial design. I have to get a number of documents ready in order to present what I have already done and what I need help with. So John helped me out by giving me three hours. He had a meeting at three, and he took care of Jet as soon as Jet woke up from his nap. So I had plenty of time to concentrate. I got everything out to everyone that needed it at a quarter till three. So that worked out really well.

John was also really great, after his meeting, and made dinner for us all. I needed the extra help because when the wind picked up with the usual late afternoon storm my asthma started to kick in. Ever since the cold I seem to be more susceptible to asthma influences. I think my "clear period" has finally ended. I usually have a few years after I move to a new location before my allergies settle in and actually affect me.

This time, however, I may be able to use Claritin. I keep hearing about this drug working for some people and not working for others, and I haven't gotten around to using it yet. I think I want to try at this time around. I'm having enough problems with my allergies, and I don't really want to go through shots because I don't think I'm going to stay in this location for very much longer. So having some effective solution for the short term is plenty for me. Safeway has just come out with a generic brand for Claritin, at about half the price, so it is much easier to think about trying it.

The other thing that didn't help was that we were watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" All three of us really love the show, and I have to admit that I really enjoy that style of comedy. I was laughing so hard that I probably triggered an asthma attack that way. It's kind of ironic that laughing too hard can trigger an attack.

It took a while, but I got it under control. By then, I really needed something for comfort's sake. It didn't help that tomorrow is the anniversary of the September 11 attack, either. I needed some comfort food. John was great, again, and played with Jet while I mixed up a batch of cinnamon pecan rolls. They are a massive modification of a Food Network recipe, but very good nonetheless. There was something very comforting about mixing, rising, and kneading the dough. The smells of yeast, cinnamon, and toasted pecans filled the kitchen. I enjoyed that, immensely. Almost as much as I'll enjoy eating them tomorrow morning. I really loved learning that I could leave yeast dough in the refrigerator overnight and bake it in the morning. All the convenience of the Pillsbury products without the cost.

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