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September 8, 2003
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Jet at Home and Monsters

Short Version: Joan gets cast so I get Jet. Read while Jet plays with computers, vids, and toys. He's very happy to be home early. I play. He naps at 12:30. I eat quickie lunch, work. He wakes up. Eats. Plays and watches vid. I meet. John comes home. We walk. Fix Jeep. J's cook dinner while I work. TV evening. I sit on Jet's foot! Owie. Monsters Inc. request. Doesn't eat all his ice cream. Sleep.

Joan got an appointment to cast her broken wrist this morning, so she took it and she and Ray dropped Jet off at home when they had to go to their appointment. It took her five hours to get it done, so I told her to just take it easy for the afternoon and not worry about Jet.

Jet was great. He played with his software, watched TV, and danced to taiko drumming, quite happily. He didn't ask for too much of my attention, and I got to read a lot of materials that I normally wouldn't have gotten around to because I'm normally just stuck at the computer. So it was actually quite welcome. By the time I had to go into a meeting, he was totally engrossed in a Wallace and Gromet video, so I was able to just go upstairs, put on the headset and meet. John came home in the midst of all that, and took care of Jet while I finished meeting.

After my meeting, we went out for a walk and got mildly interrupted by John seeing Roy out, inside his Jeep. His old Jeep has been for sale for quite some time, and it turned out that someone had called to see it. Roy, however, couldn't start the beast, and was out ripping it apart trying to figure out how to get it started again. So the boys spent some time trying to get the Jeep started, fiddling with voltages and various electrical connections. They finally got a spark, and we left Roy to button things up and figure the rest out on his on.

We got in a nice walk before the mosquitoes came out. I don't really know if they would have bothered us anyway, as we were moving the whole time. Jet was very happy in his wagon and didn't show any inclination of getting out and pulling it himself or walking on his own. I think he was a little tired from the day. He happily commented on the other houses, the trees, the horse we saw in a pasture, and the lions on pedestals at the end of one of the culdesacs. He had to get out to pet the lion. That was pretty cool.

I pulled the wagon back to the house, and it was mostly uphill, which was actually a good workout. I really enjoyed doing that.

When we got back, John and Jet set to work making dinner while I got to catch up on the machine-related work that I hadn't done today.

After dinner, we mostly just watched TV. John wanted to do some of the 'Too SCARY!" levels of the latest Crash game so that we could do the levels that Jet wasn't scared of. Jet was very good about telling us when things were too scary with respect to Crash, so John wanted to get those out of the way while Jet was otherwise occupied.

Jet helped solve the problem by saying, "Monsters! I want monsters!!"

So I found the Monsters Inc DVD, and went over to the player, and sat down to put it into the player. Unluckily, Jet had been very intrigued by what I was doing, and he'd followed me over to the setup. He was right behind me when I sat down and I felt my body mass topple him over, even as I sat on his foot. I heard this "pop", that in most adults would have meant some tendon had popped loose or something horrible like that. Jet started crying really hard, and he normally doesn't do that. I picked him up, ran over to the basement door, yelled for John and then started to try and check how much damage had been done.

Turned out that there was no damage. Not a thing. Jet could move his ankle and foot, no problem. He was running around on it fifteen minutes later, dodging around the kitchen while trying to get us to chase him around it. He was just fine. Scared the hell out of me, but he was just fine.

Wow. Kids are very, very flexible.

So we watched Monsters. And Jet loved it. It wasn't too scary for him, even the opening sequence, anymore, and he really got into calling Scully "Kitty!" and laughed and laughed when Boo scared everyone in the restaurant. I'm really glad that he likes it. I can hope that he never goes through the 'scared of a monster in the closet or under the bed' phase, as he now has monsters who are friends of his that he really likes.

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