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September 16, 2003
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Jet's First Day at Pre-School

Jet's still not sleeping all that well at night. I think we figured out why, though, today, as he has a cold. His nose was just constantly running all morning and early afternoon. He was also exhausted by his first day of pre-school.

I didn't get to see him go, as I went into work directly from home. John took Jet in and took some video of him. I'd remembered to put the video camera next to Jet's diaper bag. The mother of the other two-year-old said that she wished she'd remembered to do that. Hee. But Jet had no problems going there and being left there. When John went to get him, Jet was completely and totally exhausted. He was so tired; he couldn't even really talk to John. So John took him home, got him to sleep and did just fine for the afternoon.

The teacher said that Jet had been wonderful. He'd played well with everyone, joined in the group activities, and just went and played when everyone else had their snack. He just didn't want any, but was pleasant about it all.

Jet's nose was running madly all afternoon. John gave him some decongestant, but when I got home, it kept running, so I finally used the baby Afrin on him. That seemed to stop it enough for him to breathe. That was good.

I had an okay day at work. I am oddly filled with rage. Some of it is because we're starting to hit the really fun learning curve of the big project, and I know that I'm not going to be able to follow through with all this, in the long run. It's so hard in so many ways.

Home again, home again. I actually went to the grocery store on the way home, and got a bunch of stuff, including things to make dinner tomorrow. Dinner was very simple. I cooked some potstickers out of the freezer, a rice noodle dish, and some peas. Jet had the rice noodles, quite happily, and ate pretty well. He'd eaten a corndog after waking up from his nap. He didn't bother with mustard or with peeling the dog, he just ate it. He'd played so hard during the morning, eaten nothing there, as he didn't want vegetable soup, and was HUNGRY when he woke up. So he just chowed down his lunch. That was great.

Jet and I played for much of the evening as John caught up with work. That's one of the 'problems' with my having Jet on the two days that we go to the Rec. Center, in that I don't really get the evening to catch up. Still, I haven't been suffering with regards to hours. It's not been a real problem, yet.

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