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September 17, 2003
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Dinner With Dennis

Both John and I went in, today, after taking Jet in to his pre-school. He wanted to go into the house instead of the play yard, but after a little persuading he actually went into the backyard. He was very happy the moment he got into the sandbox. Once he got going with that he smiled at us and waved bye-bye. So we left.

The morning was good. I actually got some stuff done. That was very gratifying. At noon, I went to John's cubicle and just sat there and read while waiting for him.

When we got Jet, he was soaked but very happy and kind of tired, but not exhausted. He happily took us inside to look at the craft stuff that he wanted us to look at, and then left with no problem. He nursed when we got home, and went right to sleep for two hours. Wow.


We worked.

When Jet woke up, we fed him, and then John had a meeting until 4. When he was done with that, he took Jet with him to get Dennis from work, get some corn, and come home. When they got home, the weather had changed drastically from sunny and warm all day to being really cold, windy, cloudy, and even raining.

While I was making dinner, it started hailing. Jet looked outside and said, "It's raining ice!" That surprised both Dennis and us. Jet really got it.

I had baked potatoes while the boys were gone. I had prepped the steaks, and just seared them and put them in a roasting pan. I'd also gotten a big pot and put lots of water in it and started heating it for the sweet corn. It was blowing and raining so hard outside that our original plan of grilling everything outside was blown away. I also prepped the toppings for the potatoes.

So when the boys got home, I looked up the amount of time to cook the corn. I waited until the water boiled before putting the steaks into the oven. They just needed finishing from completely raw rare on the inside to something more approximating a medium rare. John made salad, and when everything was done, we ate. I'd made Jet some roasted potatoes, which were enough like fries, for him, that he just ate them. Yay! So he had dinner with us.

Afterwards we talked, Jet played, and after a while, John said he'd take care of Jet and I could make chocolate things. I used my Bernard C. bittersweet chocolate, melted it with milk, beat up a couple of eggs with a little sugar, folded them all together, and baked them at 425 in a water bath. I didn't remember my original recipe. This turned out to be very good, and much as I remembered my old recipe. Rich and marvelous and good tasting. I really liked how it turned out. I probably could have cooked it a little less and had it be a little less sponge like and tenderer.

We had dessert. It was good. Jet didn't really like it that much, but he ate some. Then he asked for his chocolate milk, and drank it down. I squirted his nose to clear it and gave him Tylenol to help with his cold's aches. He then got changed, brushed his teeth and John and Dennis concentrated on getting Dennis some connectivity while Jet nursed to sleep. Yay! Sleep.

I went to sleep immediately after Jet. John did dishes and a few other things and talked with Dennis and went to sleep, too. Busy day. I was tired, but happy with how dinner turned out.

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