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September 19, 2003
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Picking Tomatoes and John's Parents Arrive

Sick again. Blah. I guess Jet didn't get my cold. I got his.

Still went into work. Was tired but functional. Jet's been playing and staying awake during the day while he was sick, so I guess it worked for me, too.

Got home, played with Jet, was outside with him. I even got really patient and picked tomatoes with him instead of without him. He often picks the green ones, and I had to point out red ones and yellow ones to him for a while, and after a couple dozen of picking the 'right' ones, he started spotting ripe tomatoes himself and picking them himself. Especially after I got over telling him that the green ones were bad to pick, and I just concentrated on showing him which ones he *should* pick, he got it far faster.

Then John came out on the porch and asked, "Are you supposed to have a massage right now?"

"Uhm... yeah."

I had totally forgotten. CeLena was forgiving, though, and I went and got my massage and it hurt like crazy. I was pretty sore from working out yesterday, and the cold, on top of that, made everything hurt even worse. So I had a really tough time with the massage. When I got home, I drank about a quart of water, and in an hour's time I felt a whole lot better. She'd managed to get a lot of the acids out of my muscles and I felt a lot better, afterwards. During, though, was hard.

John, Jet and I went out for groceries at 4:30. Jet had fun going through the grocery store, for once. No screaming or crying, but John held him the whole time because he refused to put his shoes on. So John carried him the whole time and we had no problems with Jet pulling things off the shelves and throwing them into the cart. Whew.

On the way home, John talked to Jet about having his grandma and grandpa show up, and Jet stayed awake. When we got close to the house and saw the white car there, Jet perked up considerably. When he saw them in the driveway, he demanded to be let loose of his chair and he wanted DOWN NOW. He was really happy to hug them and greet them quite thoroughly.

John's parents arrived around 6. We roasted a chicken and had salad, broccoli, and some biscuits with them. It was pretty simple. They were pretty exhausted, but game to play with Jet until 9. He needed someone to keep him awake, as he'd only napped for 45 minutes during the day.

Everyone went to sleep at 9. I held the fort and got Jet calmed down, dressed, and got his teeth brushed, and we settled down to nurse. Both of us were asleep in about fifteen minutes. I then took him up and tucked him in and turned in for the night, myself.

I'm still pretty tired. But John and his parents are willing to do night and morning duty and I won't begrudge them that and am far perkier at night than I am in the daylight

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