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September 18, 2003
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Rice Balls, Ice Cream Balls, and Soup

SV: I keep Jet with me. 1 1/2 hour meeting. Omusubi. Joan picks Jet up. I work. Ice cream ball with sprinkles. We go workout and swimming. Eat at Ichi-ban. Home with singing.

A completely new day today, everything got turned topsy-turvy with our new schedule. Since Haley has pre-school Thursday mornings, we decided that it would be better for Joan to take Jet in the afternoon. So I got to keep Jet for my morning and she was going to take him for the afternoon.

Jet actually slept really well last night, for the first time in a while. I think his cold is getting better, and that's been helping him sleep. It's far, far, far better to have him only wake up twice a night compared to four times in a night.

So he was a very happy camper all morning. I think that part of it was his being able to stay home, something he's wanted for quite some time. I had a 1 1/2 hour meeting at 9:30. So we played together for most of the morning. He and I did software games together and ate some cinnamon toast, and basically had a good time. At 9:30, I turned on Nick Jr. and all of Jet's favorite programs were on in a row, Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, and Oswald. He just sat down with some juice and a cracker and watched.

I would blow his nose occasionally, as he's getting over the cold he got on Tuesday, and he was content. I had my headphone phone on (thank you Mom and Dad!) and basically listened and occasionally spoke when necessary. I was actually able to keep good concentration on the conversation, as Jet didn't interrupt me for much. I even changed him, once. I also got sushi rice soaking before the meeting and at the appropriate time, turned on the rice cooker.

So when the meeting was over, I made Jet rice balls. He also decided he wanted his clothes off. So we took everything off, including the diaper, and he used the potty, quite happily. Then he ran around while I made rice balls. He climbed up to the table and ate rice with furikake, and he was really easy to wipe down when he was done. It took a little while to get him dressed and ready for Joan.

He was getting tired. So he really fought getting his shoes on. When Joan arrived, though, he let me put them on him. When we took his car seat out to Joan's mini-van, though, he wanted me to hold him. So I held him after I put the seat in. He cried until I did. When I actually tried to put him into his seat, though, he got really, really mad. Joan told me to get out of sight, so I did.

As soon as I left, Jet calmed down, and let Joan strap him in. He went to Joan's walked in, and went down for a nap on her bed for a good hour. He woke up poopy and cheerful. He and Haley then had a blast, playing all over the house and giggling at everything the other kid did. They had a lot of fun. So all the crying had only been for my benefit. He was a happy dude when I went to pick him up and it took a little while to persuade him to come out to the car. He and Haley 'drove' for a while. Haley was very impressed when Jet got the CD player to go on and blast Stitch music. She recognized the soundtrack music instantly.

It took me a while longer to get Jet into his chair and get home. But the promise of an ice cream ball helped. So when we got home, I scooped a ball of ice cream into one of Jet's cake cones and put sprinkles on top. He ate all the sprinkles and the ice cream under them. Then he ate all the ice cream down one side. Then he started eating the cone down that side as well. I honestly think he didn't know how to get the ice cream on the other side, and after he'd eaten down the one side, when we turned the cone around, the open side leaked ice cream, so he went back to eating it the way he'd started. So he finished the bottom of the cone before he'd eaten all the ice cream at the top. Oops.

He dealt. I think he was as perplexed by the resultant mess as I was, and he helped me clean things up; but I still don't think he got the concept of eating all around the ice cream, first, and THEN eating the cone. It used to be that I would constantly watch him while he ate a cone and turn it for him. I may have to go back to that model, sometime.

When it was time for him to go into the van to go swimming, I actually got a piece of chocolate and told him that he could have the chocolate if he climbed into the seat himself. He promptly sat down to get his shoes and socks on, trooped out to the car, and climbed into his seat. Wow. I don't like bribes on principle, but compared to all the kicking, screaming, and fighting today about getting into his seat, it was a very, very enjoyable difference. I don't mind using it once in a while, especially if it gets him used to getting into his seat voluntarily.

So we got to the Rec. Center in plenty of time, got all checked in and everything by the time John showed up. Jet went into the kid care room, no problem, and John and I did our workouts. I had to start with an exercise bike, as my favorite elliptical machine is still broken and all the others were in use. So I used a bike for a while until one of the other machines freed up. Then I used that, and ended up burning a good 300 Calories. Then I did some weights. I felt really tired with all that, and had even felt kind of tired to start.

Jet was all energy when we went to get him and take him to the pool. He went for an entire hour in the pool and showed no signs of wanting to stop. He splashed and jumped his way through the play pool. He had both John and I go down the kid's slide. I got into trouble for putting Jet on my lap. Oops. Stupidheads. I mean a lot of little kids won't even go down the slide without their parents so I don't see how that rule makes ANY sense. But it was from the most unreasonable lifeguard on the whole crew, who won't even let kids go down the slide on their stomachs even if their feet are first.

Anyway. We went around the Lazy River quite a few times with all three of us hanging off a single float. We went into the hot tub for a while when Jet was shivering and blue lipped. He got very happy, lazy in there. But then we went down the big slide a couple of times, and finally he was okay with going to the shower.

Ichi-ban was fun. Jet and John sat at the counter and watched the cooks cook everything. Jet knew exactly when his noodle soup was done. He commented on every aspect of it, and then cheerfully sat down to eat it. He had me blow on every spoonful of soup before he'd drink it for a while. Then it was cool enough for him to just drink. He ate noodles. He ate soup. He dipped every piece of my tempura in the sauce before tell me to eat it. Then he drank all my dipping sauce. Woo. He watched me eat my sushi and then pointed out which pieces I'd eaten on the little, plastic sushi information card that was on the table. I was pretty impressed by that. He also said every Japanese name for each kind of sushi right after John pronounced them for him. He loves calling omusubi "Subi! Subi!" The sushi chef got a kick out of that.

Jet had done so well at dinner that John got a box of rice candy and Jet got some when he climbed into his car seat. He loves them, and ate the one, asked for more and was very, very happy to get two when John climbed out of the van and gave them to him before getting into his own car.

We went to get John's car, and Jet asked if we were going home. We said that we were. On the way home, halfway there, Jet asked me again. I told him, yes, we're going home and yes it was dark outside so it was hard to see that. He seemed content with that and sang and talked with me the rest of the way home, so I knew he was awake.

He was a little too awake. Took until 10:30 to get him to sleep. I was very tired. I needed a little hot herbal tea, as the weather outside is now really nippy. I had my tea while Jet was awake. Then went to sleep as soon as Jet hit his pillows.

Tired, but happier for having done some exercising.

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