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September 20, 2003
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Biscuit Day, Pirates, and Baking

I did too much today, but don't feel too badly for it all.

I got up kind of late. 9. I got my shower and got dressed, and found that John and Jet were up. George had played with them for a while, but had gone downstairs to get changed and showered and such. Isabel didn't get up until 9:30. Since they'd been driving since 3 am the previous morning, it wasn't surprising. And John did pretty well with Jet, as Jet hadn't woken up until 4, and then he slept with John until 6:30. So they were doing okay.

John made waffles. We ate. Jet ate a whole square of waffle right off the bat, this after eating some noodles, and some melon. Happy boy.

At 11, we went into Erie for the Biscuit Day. It was first done in 1911, and this was only the second one since. Hee. They have an Erie Historical Museum that needed money. So they organized this for the museum as well as for the local businesses, to get people in and maybe create some business for them. Most of the restaurants had people in them when we arrived, even with the cheap biscuits and stew that was available. $2 for a bowl of stew with biscuits. $4 for sausage, gravy and biscuits. 50 cents for just a biscuit and all the lemonade, coffee, and tea you could drink. Simple fare. A huge line. And they ran out of food immediately after us. About ten minutes later they had another pan of HOT biscuits, and another pot of stew.

But the original stews were completely gone, and there were still people lined up.

So it was declared quite the success, and by 2 everything was already cleaned up, much less finished. There was also the train with the garbage can body and lawn tractor motor, which Jet and George rode quite happily. It was a pretty long ride, too, so I got to check out the home store and gift shop that is the GalErie. It's kind of kitch, but they have a few bath bombs and candles I might be interested in in the long term.

I overdid it a bit going to the biscuit thing. I was really, really tired when we got home. I managed to nurse Jet, and when he went to sleep, John and I went off to the planned movie we'd wanted to see. We haven't seen movie since we were in Seattle, and we really, really needed to do this. John's going on a business trip at 3 tomorrow, so we wouldn't get another chance until John's parents come back from their Florida trip, in a couple of weeks. So we really had to do it now.

I was pretty beat, though. We hit the Cold Stone creamery as we had plenty of time before the movie, and the lady behind the counter gave me a HUGE ice cream. It was nearly twice the size of the cup. I only ate half of it and had to toss the other half it was so huge, but the sugar rush helped me feel better about doing this extra outing.

The Pirates of the Caribbean was wonderful. It was fun. It was clever, and the plot had more twists than Johnny Depp's hair. The characters were consistent, passionate, romantic, and they could actually fence! The sword work was a joy to watch. The pirates themselves were suitably bloodthirsty, scary, and mean. I am very glad that we didn't take Jet. There were several kids outside the theater, afterwards. They were definitely scared. Poor kids. The affects were tremendous, especially the underwater ones. I loved Jack Sparrow's character, and how he was built and what singular goals he had. A pirate who is also a good man...

Such fun. I enjoyed it so much and laughed so much during it that I felt much, much better than when I'd gone in. The movie was well worth the investment in time, money, and sheer effort to get there.

When we got home, Isabel had dinner ready already. Jet had been eating Triscuits for a while, so he had little to no interest in dinner, which was okay. We just let him play while we ate.

After dinner, we got things ready for church tomorrow. We had planned on making zucchini muffins and a packaged biscotti, but on looking at the recipes and our refrigerator, there were no eggs. So I ran off to the Erie Conoco and got eggs.

It was so odd to be able to drive without anyone else in the car. It was really nice to just drive with the chill fall night air in my hair and just go. I zoomed over to the Conoco and found that the eggs were really reasonably priced. I got the dozen and was very much tempted by some Krispy Kreme donuts. I decided not to get them. Whew. I got home in plenty of time to make muffins, biscotti, and carve up a honeydew and a pineapple.

Jet loved the honeydew. He ate three big slices, and then half a dozen smaller pieces. He really enjoyed it, so we should be offering it to him more often.

For various reasons, George and John were up until 10, and it really took me another half-hour to finally get Jet to settle down. It was kind of frustrating, but when I went to sleep John promised that he and his parents would do night and morning duty.

So I slept

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