More Sticks in the Eyrie

This is created, now, to keep track of when there are new things floating about, as some folks have thought that this page was dead or at least static for a while, as the front page doesn't really change all that much. The depths are pretty busy. I just haven't really been tracking 'em very well.

October 29, 2010
Carl's given me access to this again, and I am starting to link to my fanfiction, my livejournal stuff, and to various other things that are more or less real and more on-going than this page. I really do need to update the front page. *laughs* I now have painting concerns as well as writing, and I've been retired now for three years. So I should have more time for this, no?
November 8, 2008
Five years... that's pretty amusing. I have found a way back here, and I might actually update things again. With Fezzik gone, I need to figure out what to put up here. I have a bunch of fanfic, now, too that probably needs an online home somewhere other than on my journal.
October 12, 2003
Wow... it's been that long? Anyway... I updated a lot of the pages so that they fit the new Mozilla habit of not going anywhere if one starts a relative path with http:. The daily journal, everything, has been updated this way. Yi. In anticipation of adding a few sticks to the Faith page and other pages... added my LifeJournal connections to my People page.
December 29, 2000
Added the various emails folks sent to us with their memories of Fezzik. More will be added to this page as people send things in.
December 20, 2000
Added the news of Fezzik's death to his homepage. There will be extensive revisions, probably during the 2000 holiday season, as John and I collate all the stories people send us about him onto that page along with our memories of him.
November 28, 2000
Added the Land Rovers and the Passat to my people page as they seem to get a lot of air time in my mostly daily journal.
May 3, 2000
Added stuff to Fezzik's page about his new fight with lymphoma/lymph system cancer. Updates on that will happen a bit more frequently on my daily journal than on Fezzik's page, since fighting his cancer is pretty much an every day sort of thing.
Decenber 30, 1999
A last minute change of the portrait of myself.
June 1, 1999
Through excessive, obsessive desire for a *working* quill, I went through a series of experiments that ended up in this page about How To Cut Your Own Quill From a Feather. It's a mass of detail for the detail-oriented. I also added links to it from the Eyrie and pulled the poetry as it sucks.
January 6, 1998
Added Nightmist to the Dreams page.
December 14, 1998
Added some stuff to the Faith page.
October 27, 1998
Added a bunch of stuff to Fezzik's page, including a set of pictures that Kathy took of him. Also added a lot to the puppy stories.
August 4, 1998
Added the WOMAD stuff to the polished journal entries, and added a log for Faber, one of the angels I play, to the stories page.
July 24, 1998
Added an Adobe-style Palmsized Press experiment to the stories page.
June 10, 1998
Changed the Faith page to something new, and added a bit more to the Biblical Self-Defense page around the beginning of the arguments with links to books referenced, now, to's stuff. Also moved the old faith page to a link on that page.
June 6, 1998
Added a dream of Sephar's doings in Genevieve's games. Odd table hell, so if you don't like odd formatting, you likely won't like it.
April 30, 1998
Added more stuff to the Lirakin Journal and the dreams section of the same sequence is now also referenced in the dreams section.
April 22, 1998
Added an old story back to the stories page called The Pilot.
April 1, 1998
Okay. Added the third part to the Monster Truck story on the stories page. Also added links to the two MUSH-based rpg games that I'm playing in fairly frequently to the stories page as well. Started this new things page, so that it's eaiser to find things when things are new.
March 23, 1998
Added the Eli application I'd done a long time ago for an In Nomine MUSH that never really got into gear. Also added a few more dreams to the dreams page, many of them just dreams that I wrote up from my journal.