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April 2, 2001
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Happy Two Month Birthday

Jet gets more packages than we do, I think. Since he was born, he's gotten about half a dozen packages a week from the various presents people have been sending. My sister Kathy had sent a little snake and a Winnie the Pooh new years' red envelope with gold chocolate coins and candy firecrackers. Beth sent a Ty snake, beautifully scaled and smooth and soft, perfect to play with. Uncle Cathie (John's brother Walt's wife) sent a new, larger baby blanket she'd sewn and finished with alphabet on once side and toddlers on the other and the whole held together by a lot of really neat, fancy machine stitching.

I never knew that a machine could do a row of baby buggies, bicycles, or the like across a blanket. That's pretty cool. Also the preoccupation with snakes as gifts has to do with the fact that he was born just this side of the Year of the Snake.

Jet now has a wardrobe that'll cover him through at least 18 months, if not a year or two. Some of the clothing comes, labelled 3 month old and we blink at it and set it aside for when he's likely 6 months old. There's newborn stuff he's just starting to be long enough to fit in. He's definitely not wide enough for some of them, but if the length fits, that's fine by me. And the gifts are much appreciated. I think Jet'll be better dressed than I'll ever be, as he's getting baby things from Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, and even Harrod's. Pretty stuff.

Today he's been a really excellent baby. He was sleepy when John finished changing him at 6, and so the two of them napped out in the livingroom after a very short bout of gassiness. Jet wouldn't sleep out of John's arms, so John just held him with the help of a Boppie and they both napped a bit and let me sleep a bit longer. I was very tired for some reason, perhaps the midnight pumping had gotten to me a bit, or it's more likely that the extra getting up for the last couple nights just added up. I was also used to having John's parents around so I could take naps. Since I hadn't napped all weekend, I was really tired today.

I fed Jet at 8. John took Jet with him to get donuts at the Conoco while I showered for the first time in three days. We ate breakfast when they came back. I pumped at 9, and then went to nap at 9:30. I was expecting to have to get up at 10, but there wasn't a peep from anyone at that time. So I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:30 and without a single sound outside the bedroom door, I slept until 11!

Wow. That felt really good.

Jet's been on a three hour feeding schedule since then. In between he had several play periods, where he was happy to lie on his back and play with things. There was a whole half an hour of that with John in the morning,and another half an hour of it in the afternoon when I was actually able to pump while he played. In between, he'd only cry for wet diapers, and we got him to sleep by putting him in the sling.

I am so glad of the sling. Since Jet won't sleep during the daylight unless someone's holding him, on the most part, the only way I can do anything with two hands while he needs a nap is if I wear him in a sling. He gets my motions, my breathing, and, likely, even the sound of my heartbeat. He sleeps happily in there, and when he does have gas, if I'm walking, bouncing, or even moving and doing things it seems to comfort him. When I'm working on the computer, the best way to give him his motion is to sit on the exercise ball I bought a long time ago.

The ball allows me to bounce, roll back and forth or side to side and basically do anything I could have done on my feet, but is much easier on my knees. The ball also gives my back a good workout while I'm on it, and since I'm in motion most of the time, I don't have any problems with freezing muscles into knots. Best of all, it's a cinch to get up off it, I just bounce and I'm mostly up with the bounce.

With the naps, when Jet was awake, he was happy and content.

It's pretty cool, too, now that when he's playing with a toy he'll actually focus on it while swinging at it wildly. Sometimes it still loks as if he doesn't quite know that his hands are connected to him, but other times it really looks like he's swinging at toys on purpose to actually hit them when he wants them to swing. He seems to be finding his hands and having them grasp each other at times, too.

John was great this evening and gave me the time to do the expieriment of making fried chicken. I'd never done that before and there was bargain chicken from Safeway. A Cooks Illustrated had a great crispy fried chicken recipe and I'd actually bought a frying thermometer to make sure that the temperature of the oil was hot enough.

It amazed me how long it took to become hot enough. I clearly hadn't been heating the oil long enough when I'd done fried chicken in the past. Coating it was quick, but I had to cook the chicken in two batches so as to not crowd it and make them steam. That took a while. But by the time the second batch was finished the first had plenty of time to finish cooking in the oven.

So we had really excellent fried chicken for dinner. That was fun to do.

For Jet's first evening feeding, we'd realized he wasn't sleeping as long for the first sleep period. So we wondered if he could drink more than the four ounces he'd been doing for a while. So we gave him the four ounce expressed milk bottle and then we made four ounces of formula and let him eat until he couldn't eat anymore. He ended up drinking six ounces!

And he wasn't even completely loggy when John put him into his bassinet to sleep. Instead of just going to sleep when John had wrapped him up tightly, I heard him grunting and saw him struggle and wiggle and push until he had his hands and arms out of the wrapping blanket! He got his arms completely free and pushed the blanket all the way down from his face and shoulders before I brushed my teeth.

After I brushed my teeth I looked in again, and this time he'd pulled the blanket so that it half covered his face as well as his upper body! That was pretty funny, and he was snoring underneath.

It was really funny to realize that for the last several days, when we started Jet's last feeding at 9, I got to sit down on my bed at exactly 10:17 every night. Nearly a week of that, and that's when I realized just how solid we'd made our evening routine. Well, solid until something changes with Jet again.

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