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April 3, 2001
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Alone with Jet Again

Today was the first day I had Jet to myself since John's parents were here. It was made much harder by the fact that my digestive system went nuts. Of course, after his perfect day yesterday, Jet had a really bad gas day today. Yes, I'm pretty sure they're linked.

It started a little hard because with my extra up at night, I get significantly less sleep than John did since Jet slept for six whole hours on the six ounces we gave him last night. He was all drunk looking after he finished that huge amount. John said that he looked stoned, and I wouldn't argue with him. It was pretty amazing how completely pliant he was and happy.

Mylicon drops are the coolest thing on the planet. They're made by Johnson and Johnson and they're drops that help break down the surface tension of gas bubbles in the digestive tract of a baby. The stuff doesn't get absorbed by the digestive system, and it basically does the job. When we give him few drops of the stuff, it breaks the big bubbles that really hurt down and he burps up the little ones with less problem. I think that even further down the digestive tract it makes it much easier for him to pass the gas, too.

They saved my life today.

It also helped that John was quite willing to bring dinner home. I didn't have the energy to actually deal with dinner, and John went to Whole Foods and bought really good stuff. He got latkas, grilled vegitables, and chicken breasts that had been breaded and sauted. I heated the breasts and the latkas in the oven and broke open my Trader Joe's apple sauce to go with them. The grilled vegitables, sweet peppers, eggplant, and mushrooms went into the mircrowave to heat up. It was all very yummy and very good for us as well. The lighter dinner just felt really good today.

John was fairly impressed that I'd done just fine even with Jet being so grumpy all day. I think that it really helped knowing that Jet had had some really great days, and that these angry days aren't permanent things.

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