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April 20, 2001
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Small Space Tryout

John was busy for much of the day with work, and I mostly dealt with Jet and just fed him and played with him, changed him and stuff. It was nice to have lunch with another person to make sure that I could eat and that we'd have the time to do so. We both had leftovers, John finished off the last of the pizza from when Isabel and George were here, and I finished off last night's quiche.

John was in meetings for most of the afternoon so around 2 I decided to see if I couldn't get Jet weighed during the afternoon. I'd only ever done this on Mondays, but thought it should work on a Friday. Boy, was I wrong.

It had been a stormy day, during one feeding I saw lightning and heard thunder rumbling. It didn't bother Jet at all, and I kind of missed having Fezzik barking at the thunder. Talking with the Thunder Dog and exchanging news, I guess. It was also pretty windy, but I brought Jet out into the garage to the Passat.

On the ride to the clinic, Jet was mostly just talking to himself in the back seat. He was making all the talking noises, just kind of low, and he was clearly awake. Within a mile of the clinic, though, he started crying. I thought it was probably him wetting his diaper, and when I stopped and went into the back seat and got him out of the car seat, he was soaking wet. So I laid him on the back seat, over the changing pad and changed him.

He just cried harder. And the rain started coming down, very hard. So I was pretty much stuck in the back seat with a screaming baby, and I couldn't do all that much with him, and certainly couldn't walk him or bounce him on the completely unavailable ball. So I tried bouncing him by tossing him gently in the air and he lessened a little bit, but when I stopped from tired arms, he started up again.

For the next twenty minutes I tried everything. I put him on my shoulder to try and get him to burp, tried bouncing him more, tried cradleing him and singing to him, tried offering him my nipple, and when that didn't work, tried the binky. Finally, on one of the iterations of trying to burp him, he gave me three huge braaps and instantly started calming down. He calmed enough to take my nipple and after eating a good let down he calmed enough to take the binky.

By now it was 3:00 and when we went into the pidatrics department, the lady at the front desk said that Dr. Turner and her staff didn't work on Fridays. Also, all the other doctors were really super busy and there woulnd't be a room or scale available for some time so she said that it would likely not be worth waiting.

I was pretty upset. I hovered for a little while in indecision and then decided to go to Safeway before going home. I needed to get some purified water for the flight tomorrow, in case we needed to mix formula for part of the flight or something. So I went to Safeway and Jet was fast asleep in the carrier when I shopped. Poor kid, all that crying wore him out totally.

By the time we got home, he was awake again, and we went on with dinner and the usual feeding schedule. Between all that we did a load of baby laundry and packed everything we'd thought of. I was very glad of my Visor at this point as for the last week, every time we thought of something we might want to pack, we put it into my Visor. So today we had the full list and we just went through it mechanically and got it all packed away into rolling luggage.

We should do okay tomorrow, as we have a list of last-minute items as well.

It's a very good thing that John and I have travelled so much and so often. Our stuff and what to really expect from plains, airports, and parking and things are just instinct now. The only variable is the baby, his reactions and how he'll deal with all this are the only things we can't really predict or know how to deal with from previous experience. So we can take care of ourselves, the only thing new and different and worrying is Jet himself.

This is going to be quite the adventure.

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