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April 21, 2001
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Jet's First Flight

12:06 am: Of course, it would have to be tonight that he decided not to sleep until midnight.

What a baby.

10:12 pm: It's the very first time that he's taken this long to get to sleep at night. Everyone else says that it's 'cause he could tell that we had something going on, but I think it's just that we were so busy we had him sleep too long during the day. So he had no inclination to go to sleep until well after midnight. So John and I were severely sleep deprived by the time we had to get up in the morning to make our noon flight.

Luckily we'd made a list of everything we had to pack at the last minutes, all the things that we had to have during the night and could only do away with in the morning. We just plowed right through that and knew that we weren't going to miss anything simply from lack of sleep.

I'd done things during tonight and last night to make sure that my pumped milk supply would match up almost entirely with his eating schedule. So there was only the very last pumping from the night to deal with this morning. I fed him that extra two ounces right after his last feeding before going to the airport, we figured that it would stand him in good stead if the plane was late or something happened.

We got to the parking lot in plenty of time given our time table, even with two stops along the way there to change diapers and stop Jet from crying. He did okay after that and when we got there, he was quiet and looking around at everything new. There was a high wind blowing hard and Jet fought for air while we had him outside, and he still isn't used to trying to breath in a high wind. I finally turned my body so that it blocked the worst of it as John wrestled luggage and stuff from the Baby Buggy.

The shuttle driver had a three month old son, too. It was his second child, he had a girl of four, but he was having fun with his son as he, too, was learning how to smile. He agreed that it was just so neat to have that kind of response.

John realized, just as we got to the ticketing floor, that he might have left the lights on on the Rover, and that the battery was pretty sure to be dead when we got back. It was too late to do much about it and we had AAA to deal with it when we got back, so we just went ahead with things. Given our sleep deprived state, I was a little mad at him for forgetting, to start, and then figured that it just was something that was hard to remember with everything else going on. We also had a plan for when we got back, so we could deal.

So we, Mister John Rostykus, Missus Phyllis Rostykus, and Master Jet Rostykus, all checked in and made for the gate. We actually checked the stroller, the car seat, the suitcase, and the rolling black luggage, so all we were carrying were Jet and Jet's diaper bag. Simple, light and easy. Jet was watching everything as we walked along, and I think he had fun seeing all that stuff. It certainly kept him awake, and when we got to the gate, we went to Quizno's and bought lunch for the two of us. Frontier only serves some kind of starch on the trip, never a full meal, and I wanted to eat something before getting on board.

Jet only fussed a little while the plane started moving and everyone was getting ready for takeoff. As we finally reached the head of the runway, I got Jet latched on and he happily started eating. The books say that it's important for a baby to swallow some on take off and landings, to equalize pressure in their ears. The ear canal is shorter in babies, and so it gets a lot more painful when the pressure builds up or slacks off.

One really cool things was that the plane was fairly full, but not packed to the gills. So the three of us were able to take a whole row. The guy that was supposed to take the seat between us decided to sit in the aisle seat across the aisle instead. I think that Jet fussing while things were finishing loading helped the latecomer to that decision. No one wants to sit with a screaming baby.

Thing is that Jet didn't yell much at all. He slept for most of the flight when he wasn't eating, and the stewardesses all coo'ed happily over his sleeping form. He ate all the way down, too, and got full enough to just refuse the nipple completely when we hit the ground. That was okay by me, and he didn't seem to be any type of distress at all. So it all went just fine. Jet's first plane flight was really good. I'd steeled myself to expecting him to scream for the entire trip, but he was quiet for most of it, instead. Quite the happy result.

Kathy and Mom and Dad there to meet us. So the first thing John does is hand Kathy the groggy Jet. Of course, Kathy being as inexperienced with babies as I was before I had Jet, clutched Jet with both hands and arms and wouldn't let go at all, too scared of dropping him. That was fine by me. Jet coo'ed at her and I think it was love a first sight. She had to deal with getting some paper tickets from Delta in case the strike went on, and so she left with our black bag in tow as Mom and Dad's car didn't have enough room for it and the three of us besides. She was going to meet us back at Mom and Dad's when she was done.

When we got there, there was a mild panic, as the breast pump Mom and Dad got was of a completely different model than the one I had at home. John called around and found out that they'd gotten the portable model rather than the boat anchor we have a home, which is not a portable model. Rather, it's a stationary one that is only for home use. He found a place that was a good forty minute drive from home and even as sleep deprived as he was, he went with Dad to get it for me. I am so glad I married him. This was cutting through all the panic that my parents generated and all the helpful suggestions that wouldn't have solved anything and my own groggy indecision.

I just sat and watched Mom and Kathy play with Jet while they went, and did diaper changing honors until Mom got used to the disposables. It is pretty different. Then I went to take an hour-long nap.

When Dad and John got back, John took a long, well-deserved nap as well, while I cheered the pump and held Jet when Kathy wouldn't hold him while Mom and Dad made a huge, many course Chinese dinner for all of us. It was really good and it was really neat to watch the lights of San Diego from their back yard as we ate and talked.

It's amazing what a difference a baby can make. There was a lot of laughing and talking and entertaining the baby kinds of things that also entertained all the adults. It was just a lot of fun. Everything was cleaned up in a jiffy as well as Mom really anticipated giving Jet a bath. All the elements were brought out and it turned out that the infant bathtub that Mom and Dad had borrowed was well too small for Jet. It was really funny as when he kicked he was kicking into the wells that were supposed to hold shampoo and stuff. But he did bravely, and ended up with his usual Don King hairdo, which Mom vowed that she'd tame at the next bath. By the time they'd gotten his cap off him, the hair was dried pretty much into its usual wildness.

I fed him and calmed him down while John heated up the bottle. When it came time to feed him his bottle, Mom was happy to volunteer, but when Jet got put into her lap and the bottle given to him, he started to really fight and kick and cry and he even started choking on some of the milk. I picked him up off Mom's lap and bounced him and he got quiet again, but only a few sucks into the bottle again, he started crying again. We went about five minutes this way until Jet gave a big belch and with the bubble gone, he sucked the rest of the bottle down and fell dead asleep.

Thank goodness.

That night, we did the usual, all three get up and feed him and then I pump while he's having his bottle, and I was a magical font of milk. I don't know how the heck it happened, or maybe it's the new pump or the sea level altitude, but I was doing three ounces when I've been doing a steady two before this at night. My.

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