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April 22, 2001
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Beach, Sushi, and Donuts

Jet did just beautifully last night. I think that the traveling tired him out a little, Also we only fed him forumla last night, which might have been why he fought that bottle so hard, but we hadn't had anything stored up. With the last night pumping, and the two during the night and one more in the morning we had plenty setup for tonight. That was pretty cool.

Mom had a whole bunch of things planned for us this trip. Usually, John and I are the ones that plan what we want to do and where we want to eat and all that, but Mom decided she wanted to go to the beach with Jet today and also wanted John and I to have our dinner out with Kathy at Sushi Zenmai. Kathy said that Mom had asked her to drive us around on Sunday, and I think that it was so that Mom could have more time alone with Jet. That was pretty funny.

Mom and Dad and John and I took Jet to Pacific Beach this morning. Given that, on the most part, for the last few months, I've mostly only planned on having breakfast, pumping, and then having lunch for the morning, it was a bit more than I wanted to deal with, but it actually went quite a lot better than I'd feared. Maybe I just fear too much.

Which might be true of most of my life when I come to think of it.

It was pretty hot out, and we didn't have sunscreen for Jet or sunglasses, for that matter, and as we walked, we looked around for stuff for him. Problem was that with the heat, he was kind of fussy, too. So long as we were moving he was doing okay. Poor John lingered for too long for my taste in one of the shops, looking at Hawaiian shirts, and I got really mad at him as we were moving on.

I think that part of it was that Mom and Dad had a turning around place in mind that was well beyond where I'd have gone on my own. They also weren't going to turn away from it just 'cause Jet was crying part of the way into the walk, either, so we just forged on ahead. Jet finally just fell asleep as we walked, and we reached the brunch place Mom wanted to point out for us to have breakfast some morning.

I don't really mind that she wants Jet to herself for short periods of time. From the videos and everything, they all seem to have a great time and it's only a few hours. It's nice to have some time just out without having to worry about who's taking care of the baby and without the diaper bag, looking for changing tables, and places where a crying baby isn't really noticed all that much as out of the ordinary. Not that Jet cries a lot.. but... he's a baby...

Anyway, on the way back, since Jet was asleep, John took a little more time to look at various things and one of the things we found at one of the beach shacks was a pile of baby sunglasses. We found a pair that he looks pretty cool in and has protection from both kinds of UV, and bought those. He'll be in the sun a good deal in the next couple of days and it wouldn't hurt for him to have some protection.

Home again, home again, and Jet was ravenous when we got home, so I just nursed him for a good long while and relaxed. When I was done feeding him, Mom and Dad took him cheerfully enough, so I got a nice long nap and a shower. Yum. That felt really good, and I wanted to be presentable for the restaurant tonight.

Kathy came to pick us up in her little white Mazda, and we zoomed off to Sushi Zenmai. We had an early reservation which suited me just fine. We got seated at the bar, and started ordering away. It was so nice to be able to get just about anything and know that it would be fresh and good. That was cool. The only problem was that a number of the rolls John wanted were pre-made and, therefore, not as good as we wanted them. Still, the salmon was silky smooth, the albacore rich and tender, and the hamachi was as smooth as butter. All the normal fish things I got were wonderful and I ate and ate and ate happily as I knew some of the fishy fatty acids would make good baby brains for Jet.

Afterwards it was only 6:30, and Kathy knew of a Krispy Kreme that was fairly close and both John and i were curious. One of the shops had just recently opened in Denver to four hour lines, so it was very trendy, but we didn't know what all the fuss was about. I wanted to see it for myself.

It's pretty cool. The Donut Machine is really cool. It's fun to see all the donuts going through the rising chamber and gradually being puffier and puffier and finally landing in the hot grease, to be mechanically turned over, well browned and then rolled under a cascade of glaze. A literal waterfall of glaze. To see all the parts in action was fun. Also, when we got to the head of the line, they offered us, each, one of the traditional raised donutes for free!

Now that's cool. So I took my free donut, bought a bottle of milk, and since John was ordering donuts, I got two chocolate chocolate frosted ones. The traditional donut was really good warm, it was tender and a little juicy with glaze. I could imagine it being a bit of a grease ball cold, but warm it was really nice. The chocolate ones were sturdy and solid. All of them were smaller than I'm used to from other donut chains, but that wasn't a problem.

I ate one of the two I bought, and John ate the two he'd bought. I nearly regretted eating the second one because I'd been so full of sushi to start. We brought home the last one, and when Mom saw it she asked if it was for her. So I said sure. She and Dad split it happily, so I was glad I'd brought it home.

Jet was happy. He chowed down on me thoroughly and got a good long nursing in as I was pretty full. And then went nicely to sleep after getting his bottle from Kathy. None of the fighting he'd done yesterday, though I think that that was because of gas more than anything. So it was good to know that he wasn't going to be doing that regularly.

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