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April 3, 2002
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Kathryn pointed out a very interesting on-line comicbook set in Afganistan. It's from a fairly long-time, established on-line comicbook artist/author, who publishes everything he does at A lot of the work there seems to be along religious lines, mostly questioning established 'understandings' of what there is.

I really enjoyed the one about the death and rebirth of the Janeit. It made me think. Of course, extremes always make interesting examples. But the e-comic made me think of some of the reasons why I used to buy comics, because a lot of them expanded my horizons, gave me access to information that I would not otherwise have had.

I often wonder what my parents really would have thought of the comicbooks I actually read, in the long term, when they first didn't mind our having comicbooks as a hobby. They were great about letting us go to the comicbook convention in San Diego when the convention was just starting. We'd work the projectionist jobs at night, run around the con during the day, and sleep after the convention was out of town.

I really am glad that my parents did trust me, but sometimes I have the strangest suspicion that they trusted us because they just didn't know what was going on. Still, I didn't make any stupid mistakes or choices in that time, so maybe the trust was really well-founded.

Anyway... the really scathing visual interpretation of the Book of Revelations by e-sheep made me think. This was a very pure example of exactly why I've been wary of and unhappy with Christianity my entire life. There are as many links and points toward this interpretation of this section of the Bible as there are supports for the interpretations that I live by. All there is between them is choice, and on neither hand is there proof that one or the other is more or less true, other than in the proof of day to day living and love.

Ah well. I guess I'll still live and choose by my life, and that'll just have to be good enough

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