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April 18, 2002
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Profit Sharing and Irish Pub Food

10:04 pm: Today was a frantic "Last day of Network connections until next week." Lots of things that could only be done while I had a connection and I don't have a backup dial-up account, which is something of a pain but also something of relief. It means that just about everyone is going to take tomorrow off or can only work on things that don't involve their computers.

Mine, however, is at home, and I'm probably going to have to work because of that and a meeting on Monday where I'll need to have things in place.

I may not work too much, though, anyway, as even my boss' boss says that we should take the day off and feel free to take the time. It helped that, today, Wim, our CEO, announced that for last year we made a billion dollars in revenues again, and while growth was flat compared to two years ago, it was much better than we thought it would be. Our margins were high enough the last quarter, too, that we hit our profit target for profit sharing! For the first time in about a year, we're actually going to get profit sharing checks!

Plus, having had the pay cut for all that time, they're throwing in a little extra as well for everyone. That's pretty cool. It's a flat percentage, so the guys with the biggest salaries that took the biggest hits will now get the bigger profit sharing, rewards for taking the hit when times were tough. I'm glad of that. My first bonus for a while, and I promised myself, last year, that when I got another bonus, I would keep track and make sure that I spent every dollar of my bonus on things I really wanted.


The logistics of everything were pretty crazy today, but fun. I worked frantically at home all day. Taking time out to nurse Jet for a bit. He had a blast, all day, with his grandparents and any reservations he'd shown Tuesday or yesterday were completely gone today. There was even a time in the kitchen where Jet ran to Isabel instead of me and he hugged her leg and asked to get picked up. That was cool.

The Molly Maids made it in today, too, and got the whole place cleaned up mostly while I was working. They only came into the office to vacuum, and I was glad of that I didn't really want them messing too much with my desk and stuff. Last week they put so many things away neatly that I couldn't' find anything for a couple of days. They're really nice and really neat people, but I'm not so happy to have the mess where I know where everything is disturbed too badly.

While my scripts were churning away on network stuff, I took some time to install the extra cradle John bought me yesterday. I also installed the software, made sure that the usb port was working, and got the hot-synch to work just fine. I also got all my MSOffice equivalents, QuickWord and QuickSheet up and running and got them to synch with the desktop applications and even got a couple of my work documents onto my Visor so that I could work on them. Unhappily, taking Netscape Composer HTML through Word's HTML translator into Quick Word's HTML proved bloody and terrible. It is not a graceful set of transformations.

Luckily, I can write straight HTML on QuickWord and I can write straight and fairly strict HTML for some of my simpler documents, so I'll probably just stick to that for now. The visual translator for the Visor still isn't all that neat, yet, and there just isn't that much real estate, so I'll just have to be happy with what I can get.

I have written the bulk of my addition to my quills page on my Visor, now I just have to send it to flick, sometime. I never got around to that. I did, whoever, manage to get all my journal entries downloaded, spell-checked, and then uploaded to flick. Once there, my little script just buzzed through the entries happily and all I had to do was think up titles and get the main journal page updated.

If I keep this up and improve the script just a little bit more, I may be able to update more often than every two weeks. I'd really like that. Simply having two week's worth of entries be the work of half an hour was benefit enough for me, compared to spending two hours to update a single week before the script. Whew.

So the move, at work, was supposed to start with the CEO's address this afternoon at 4:30. I wanted to get into work to see that. I would have to leave at 4 to do that, just barely. So I told people that I had to have information from them before 4 if I was going to get some stuff done by Monday. By 4, they still hadn't sent it and I just had to punt and run. Isabel and George had done the good work of getting Jet fed and ready to go. We sped in and Jet fell asleep on the way over, so George and Isabel stayed with him and I think they all got a nap in.

I ran upstairs to see if I might get a last minute printout of the mail they might have sent. When I got upstairs, though, I saw that all the boxes were gone and IT was swarming around the place already. The machines were all up and people were getting to them and possibly working on them to shut them down properly, already. There were no engineers anywhere. Everyone was down at the address.

So I shrugged and went downstairs and listened to the good news with everyone. Yay! Bonus.

After the address I talked with the guy I'd been expecting mail from and he gave me some interesting insights to what might be an easier set of data to look over. So I'll definitely have something to work on tomorrow.

Then I followed John out to the car and we headed into Boulder where a bunch of people had gathered for post-move decompression. It was fun, loud, and the food was good if rich. Jet had a great time. He laughed and chortled and walked part of the way to the pub and once in there he started charming every waitress that approached the table. Then he wandered around with John tagging along behind him and he did laps around the various rooms of the pub and smiled at a lot of people who all smiled back at him staggering about.

Jet ate tremendous amount of real food. He took some really big chunks of Isabel's fish and chips, both the potatoes and the fish delighted him. He ate carrot shavings off John's salad, chunks of carrot from my lamb stew, chunks of lime off everyone's glasses, and drank a tremendous amount of my root beer. His belly was tight and full afterwards. He played with Cary, played with Bob, played with George, and played with Isabel, and had a generally good time.

Happy baby. He was happy and quiet and cheerful until about 8. Then he started to arch and kick and fuss and lose his balance when we set him on his feet. Poor kid was pretty tired. By this time we'd paid our part of the bill, so we said good-bye to everyone and went outside.

It was raining.

Cool, steady rain, that made the world smell wonderful. It was, however, also blowing and cold, and Jet was in shorts. He did have his coat on, but after he manfully walked an entire block he was shaking with cold, just like I was. So John was great and picked him up and made for a steady trot for the Passat. Thank goodness for diesel engines, it warmed right up and warmed the cabin of the car up really well, too, and very quickly. We all relaxed pretty quickly as we got John back to the office, and then we all headed home. John and Isabel rode in the Buggy, while I took George and Jet in the Passat back home.

It was nice driving at night, again. The rain didn't really last all that long as we headed further east. It was, as usual, starting in the west, and gradually moving out. So the way home was dry and clear, and I made good time. We got home just in time for Jet to turn into a pumpkin and he went to sleep readily as soon as I sat down with him to nurse him. I don't really think he was hungry per se, but nursing simply relaxed him and he went to sleep solidly. Hoorah!

Yay! Hockey playoffs are starting up and getting into full-swing! This first game the Avalanche is playing is really tight. It's the last 2.8 seconds, and there's still the slimmest of possibilities that the outcome is uncertain. That's pretty neat.

Oh! Yeah. Word for the day from Jet. While he was with me in the office this afternoon, he was trundling about under my desk and stood up and whacked his head on the keyboard tray and he reached up and rubbed his head and said sadly, "Ow!"

I was so amazed. I picked him up and hugged him tight and was very enthusiastic about him using the word "ow." He giggled a little and then remembered that he was still hurt and snuggled in sniffling a little. What a cool little guy

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