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April 19, 2002
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Moved, Stocked Up, and Dressed Up

A very full day for being a day where no one was supposed to be working much. I worked pretty much the whole morning, and then we went in to unpack our boxes in the allotted time between 1 and 2:30. I was pleased to find that there were coolers of pop and beer, and we partook as we unpacked and talked with everyone else that was unpacking in the new facility. It was all remarkably upbeat, and everyone seemed really happy.

The facility itself is brand new, with all the modern conveniences, and a whole bunch of features that people asked for and stuff we'll probably really use every day. It's really cool that all the cubicles are along the edges of the building, all the main meeting rooms, break rooms, and restrooms are in the center along with all the facilities and access ways. So nearly all the outside light is also someone's work light as well. The meeting rooms that are along the edges have windows for the outside wall and a window with handmade paper sandwiched in it to allow meeting privacy but still not cut out the outside light.

Each cube has a ventilation grill that can be moved to provide eight different air flows in the cube. The 8x8 cube itself has more storage space designed into it than my old 10x10 cube had. More useful surfaces as well. And the desks are completely variable. I was really glad of that, and that I could face the entrance instead of having my back to it the way the old cubes *had* to be.

It's just cool. The outside grounds have a walking path around the whole building. There's streams, trees, and a whole prairie dog town along it. There's rocks, mountains to see, and the low line of Longmont to the north. There's more restaurants in a five minute drive of this place than there was in a fifteen minute drive of our old place.

Lots of things to be thankful for.

One of those thing included that this morning Jet was just ecstatic about playing with his grandparents this morning. When John took him down into the basement, Jet wiggled free, and when John set him down, Jet *ran* for his grandpa and hugged him big and then played with him happily. This after a couple of mornings where he would try to climb John when John wanted to set him down. John had stayed those other times until Jet was comfortable. This time, though Jet knew what was coming and he was looking forward enough to it to run towards George. That was just about as cool as when Jet hugged Isabel's legs to ask her to hold him.

Independent boy. Yay!

After working, we went home, and the five of us went to Safeway and stocked up again. They stocked up on food to bring with them on their drive, and we just stocked up on things that we wanted. That was good to do before the weekend, which is promising to be busy.

When we were done with that, Jet needed a nap, so I nursed him and he went to sleep and stayed that way as we unpacked everything and put everything away and planned the evening. John and I got to have dinner out and they were set for dinner itself.

John and I then went into our bedroom and got dressed. Hee. I got to put on my purple silk shirt, my black socks, and then the silver Zoot Suit with all the accoutrements. It was so fun to get it all together and then have John show me how to tie my fat, purple tie. I really liked how it all looked on me, and when I came out, Isabel's eyes lighted up. She said it looked good on me, and I liked how it felt. John was all gold and burgundy next to my silver and purple, and we headed for the door with the celphone in a pocket.

John made reservations at Chrisars in Longmont, it's a grill and pasta place, named after the kids of the owners. It's fairly formal, more so than I'd originally thought, but not terribly expensive, either. I think that food like this would have cost at least fifty percent more if it had been served in Boulder. We'd been wanting to go there for a while.

It was funny. I felt like a cross-dresser. I guess I was, in fact, doing so by wearing an ostentatiously male suit. It was weird to really listen to the inside of my brain wondering how it would come across, especially with John in a like suit. Would someone think we were two men going out together and holding hands? Etc. etc. etc.

Finally, I just got tired of my brain and shut that little hamster wheel off and said, internally, "What the hell. I'll enjoy myself and enjoy looking *good*." It helped to have an appreciative smile from the matre de and real admiration from the waitress, "Wow... you even have the shoes!!"

It also helped having absolutely excellent food. The appetizer we ordered was roasted elephant garlic and a sun-dried tomato pesto on bruchetta and it was perfectly intense in flavors and textures. I ordered the macadamia nut encrusted rack of lamb, and John ordered a sirloin steak.

My rack came as three two-bone chops that were perfectly raw but warm right next to the bone. The macadamia nut 'crust' turned out to be macadamia nuts in a sweet, thick sauce on the lamb. It actually went pretty well with the taste of the lamb, which was fairly mild... almost... grassy? Not malty the way Colorado lamb grain-fed often is, and when I asked, the waitress peered at me and said, as if it were obvious, "Oh! It's French lamb, not Coloradan." That made me blink.

It was good, though.

John's steak was a perfect medium rare and tender through, and beautifully seared to caramel perfection. The side dishes were tasty. My wild rice pilaf was nutty and perfectly textured with a nice chew to it, it was rounded out with clean chicken stock notes. Nothing fancy, but it was done well. The vegetables were tender crisp and good enough that I ate all of them.

The dessert tray was very tempting after the moderate portions, and I had to choose between the creme brulee, the chocolate decadence, and a chocolate cake layered with thin sheets of cheesecake. I finally decided on the latter, because I can get the other two nearly anywhere. It was a good choice, as it wasn't that sweet, but it was dense, moist, and perfectly rich. I really enjoyed the textures melding very nicely on the fork and in my mouth. Each bite was just that right kind of chewy density of richness. They didn't have espressos, so I simply got a decaf coffee. I was mildly glad that they didn't try to stretch their abilities.

It was a very satisfying meal, and as we were finishing, the waitress asked us if we were going someplace special. John said, "Sure. We came here, and now we're going home to our one-year-old. Both are pretty special." She laughed.

It made me think about why I'd always wanted a Zoot Suit. I did stage work, twice, I think, for productions of "Guys and Dolls" and I'd always admired the movie version tremendously. I'd always kind of, in the back of my brain, wanted to be one of the Guys, in their snazzy suits and strange ways of life and those *songs*. I think that's when I first fell in love with Zoot suits. I don't think I ever really thought about owning one until I'd discovered that the shop that specialized in them was right here in Denver, and then I had to...

So now I have one. And I have to learn how to walk in one like I *mean* it instead of trying to hide. *laughter* It's supposed to be impossible to hide in one of these things, and, after the meal, I didn't want to anymore, and when we walked through the dining room, with our hats and jackets on, heads turned. That was pretty cool.

I love how these suits move. The baggy pants make it really easy to be agile in them, and the long jackets move with every motion fluidly. With the colors John and I chose, it was a metallic fluidness that was really nice to see in a mirror out of the corner of my eye. The black hats went well with the rest, too. I didn't like that the purple shirt made the purple tie kind of disappear into it, so I'm going to probably look for a silver shirt or even a grey one at Suavecito the next time we get there.

I should probably get a silver buckled belt as well. Hee. I'll have to really wear this suit to get my money's worth from it. The good news is that the pants are very comfortable even after a really big meal. Yay!!

We went home, and Jet came running to meet us and I hugged him close and he grinned at me and pulled at my hat until I put it on his head. Then he tried to take it off and put it back on my head, so I did that for him and he grinned at me approvingly. He then played with out watch chains and John's shoes for a long time, as I put everything neatly away, back into the packages they came in to keep them straight for next time. John was amazed that I put every bit back just the way it was, but that's the way I am.

It was odd to get back into my sweatpants and T-shirt and get back into our usual evening routine. Kind of like Cinderella and the pumpkin coach at midnight. A good memory, though, and a silver suit to go back to sometime for another magical night

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