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April 23, 2002
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Short Ribs, Lush, and Two Baths

9:55 pm: The short ribs worked out well. The timing was nice as well. I spent the morning at work, going to a meeting, and generally wading through a whole lot of email that I hadn't done. I also finished unpacking, got the facilities guy to look at my desk and figure out how to get it to the height that my desk was in the other site, and finished setting up my voice mail stuff. Lots of little things before being able to settle in and work.

It was nice, though, to get it all out of the way and be able to concentrate on it all.

I went home around noon, and when I got home, John was working and Jet was asleep. As usual, Jet had just come home and fallen asleep after playing with Haley. He had slept through the night last night, too! So that's two nights in a row where he's slept nearly the whole night without getting up in the middle! I'm pretty impressed. I hope that my milk slows enough to make the night's more comfortable, though. I had a really tough time sleeping last night, and it might have been as much from staying up late and doing a lot of stuff as anything.

After Jet woke up I nursed him and then played with him and fed him some solids and we went outside for a bit before it was time for me to have a meeting at 3. I played with him during most of the meeting. John then decided to stop and took Jet down with him and they played and ate and then John took Jet off to Longmont to First Congregational, as John had volunteered to run some equipment this coming Sunday and he wanted to see what it was he had to do. Jet went along for the ride.

When they left, I heard a bump thump and saw the UPS truck driving away. I clattered downstairs, and looked on the porch and, sure enough, it was a cute little box with tape on it that said, "Lush". Hoorah! My Lush shipment had arrived! Hoorah!

Lush Canada is a Canadian bath and body care company that makes most of its stuff from food-grade ingredients. They have branches in the U.K. and all over the world. They don't have one in the U.S. because there's certain things that have to be done with food-grade ingredients that can't be done in the U.S. . It's just kind of weird, but they have some kind of import dispensation for mail-order, so I'm able to get stuff that way.

I do, someday, actually want to go to a store, but I know I'd probably sneeze my head off. I did have some allergy problems with some of their chocolate mint bath bombs, but then I'm pretty severely allergic to eucalyptus. So it might have must been that, as I haven't had any problems with any of their other bath bombs or bubble baths, and I tried the Return of the Bubblebath, which has nine varieties in it and none of them gave me any trouble.

So I bought a few things, including some dandruff shampoo, a shower gel named Happy for SAD that is supposed to help with SAD, a couple of bath melts/bubble baths, a bar of solid bubble bath, a small bar of soap, and a massage bar/lotion bar for rubbing on afterwards. The lotion bar is mostly cocoa butter, banana, and avocado. Yum. Very mildly scented.

Yes, while John had Jet, I took a bubble bath, using one of my sections from my wall of bubbles, and then used the King of Skin lotion bar all over afterwards and felt much, much better for the experience. After the stresses of the last month and a half with the various deadlines, I really wanted to just relax for a bit. I have a little slack today, and I decided to just use it.

When I was done with my bath it was 5, so I started some brown rice and then fired up the grill and gave it some time to get good and hot. John said that he'd be back by 6. When the rice was done it was 6, I waited another ten minutes and then I started grilling the ribs. The moment I was completely finished with all the ribs, the garage door started opening and the boys came home.

Jet was really cranky tired, He'd run all around the church, talking and pointing at things. John told him what all the things were, and he kept going onto the next thing. He also played with Pastor Michael and was vary involved with the equipment. He had almost napped on the way to and from the church, but in neither case did he actually get to sleep, so he was really, really tired and cranky.

He was so cranky he absolutely would *not* sit in his seat, and ended up eating croutons and chewing on a rib bone while seated on the floor between John and I. He really enjoyed chewing the bone, and managed to get most of the meat off it as well. He liked the flavor of it a lot, and happily took a second one, but wouldn't let go of the first. He ended up sitting in his seat when John got out the rice. For some reason Jet just loves rice of all kinds, and he started eating it by the fistful in his chair. That was pretty good for long enough for John and I to finish our dinners.

Jet then started flinging rice everywhere. Whee. When he was cleaned up and freed from his chair he started staggering grumpily everywhere. He was between two of the chairs by the dining room table and he lost his footing and fell. There was a good thump when he hit, but instead of crying, he grumbled to himself as he got back up and staggered off again.

I just had to laugh.

When I was done, we pulled out the stroller and Jet came rambling up and tried to climb in. John put him in and Jet looked much happier. We went outside and he was just terrifically cheerful. He smiled, laughed, and flung his body weight from side to side as he looked at things out either side of his stroller. He just loved the walk, so we took the short one and then the longer one as well. I hope that the walk will help with me sleeping tonight, too.

It was beautiful out, sunny but there was a very stiff wind coming out of the west. It made pushing the buggy against it pretty tough and a good workout. I really liked that, and Jet seemed to enjoy it all as well. He was in a much happier mood when we got back to the house. He was eve happier when he started to hear the bath water running, and he climbed up the stairs a step at a time, and stopped to stand on each step and point in the direction of the running water.

His hair was stiff with stuff he'd rubbed into it all today and yesterday, so he really needed a bath. He enjoyed his bath, too. He's no longer afraid of his hippo or his airplane, and he likes grabbing them, now, while they're moving. I'm glad.

After his bath, John took him downstairs and played with him and fed him popcorn while I cleaned up the tub. But by 8:30, Jet was a complete pumpkin, so I just nursed him to sleep and John took him upstairs at 9.

The news was pretty terrible tonight, with half a dozen forest fires in the tinder-dry mountains around here. Turns out humidity today was around 5 percent, and it's not likely to rain here any time soon. There's the possibility of a storm system over California making it here by Friday, but the winds are only going to pick up tonight. It's going to be a really rough fire season this coming summer, and water restrictions sound like they're going to be coming into affect. The state governor's already calling for a state of emergency for a drought to get help for the farmers and to help get firefighters for this coming summer. It's already bad.

There will probably be water restrictions, eventually. So I was glad that I had my bath today. I was feeling mildly guilty about taking it at all, but I really needed it and I simply won't be taking as many in the near future. Or I'll probably just have to use it to water the trees, eventually. That would be a better use of the water than just letting it go to the drain field. It's funny about that guilt. It seems so silly to feel guilty about a single bath when there are so many other things that people do to waste water in much bigger ways than I do. Our washer, toilets, faucets, shower heads, dish-washer, and even our water heating system are all water efficient. We even changed out some of the more inefficient things for more conservative stuff. We haven't watered our yard for all the years we've been here, and it'll be interesting when we do change things out.

So it's not like we don't do stuff. But I still feel especially guilty about anything that I really take pleasure in and that's just silly. One bath every two weeks or so is not a lot, and with the narrow tub it's not even as much water as it could be. Still, someday I'd love to build into a house one of those vertical Japanese bath 'tubs'. It's really water efficient as well as heat efficient and being able to soak that thoroughly without my knees sticking out and getting cold would be *really* nice. I guess that's something I can do to make my little luxury of a hot bath something that isn't quite as costly as it could be

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