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April 1, 2003
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Working Hard and Panda II

A very busy day today. I went into work the usual way and got a lot more done than I'd originally planned, though it was all stuff that I really hadn't planned on doing. I talked with Jayashree about the whole job change stuff and she was great about trying to pursued me to stay but also be very clear that she'd support whatever I decided. That was the hard part. But I got it done as much as I could, and then went out to lunch with Smitha and Jayashree and Sudipto. We went to the Double Peppers and had some fun talking about stuff. We also had problems actually getting vegetarian burritos from the guy in the back, he just couldn't believe that they didn't want the meat.

Ah well.

So I went home around 1:30 to find Jet asleep and John working away madly.

I worked, had a meeting while John fed Jet some lunch, worked some more, and at 3:30 helped get Jet ready for his swim lesson.

He did great. This time, for the first half of the lesson he was perfectly still and didn't wiggle or splash or kick or anything. That was very cool. I'm glad he learns so readily and remembers for the next time. He did start playing a little bit by the second half of the lesson but he was very, very careful whenever he leaned over the water and usually tried leaning away. I was very glad of that.

We got home, gave him a bath with John and I tag teaming while we finished up a few emails and checking on a few messages. I liked that.

Then we ran for Longmont after John finished a few more things. We met up with Bob and Mei in the parking lot of the Panda II and then got seated, got our drinks, and Bernd and Cary showed up. Yay! Everyone ordered.

I had a lot of fun with my order. I'd seen posole on the door, and remembering the vegetable filled hominy dish that I'd made from a mix, I ordered a bowl of it along with three soft-shelled tacos. The tacos had carnitas (slow roasted pork), carne asada (grilled beef), and barbacoa (BBQ'd beef cheeks) in them, and they were all very tasty and very tender. Yummy. The posole turned out to be a bit of hominy, big chunks of beef short rib, and a lot of red chile in beef broth. It was yummy but not quite what I was expecting. It came with chopped cabbage and onions and a huge pile of corn tortillas. With the tacos it was a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, we had Jet along. I got to run around the restaurant with him a few times, as he refused to eat anything, drank most of my horchata, and wanted several bags of candy. He didn't get the last, but he did get a pig cookie and nibbled the eats, snout, legs, and tail off it before trying to throw it at John. John caught it and I ate bits off it for my dessert after eating my tacos on the run. I also got to drink some of the soup, but I wasn't too sad about leaving a bunch of it when I was full.

Everyone liked what they ordered. It was neat that everyone enjoyed their food so much. The quality at that place is really nice, especially for the things that are local and that they commonly serve. I was really glad that everyone liked what they got.

Jet ran and ran and climbed. He loved the scorpions under plastic in the clear bar counter in the bar. He loved the jukebox and could climb up it and watch the things spinning around for hours. He liked getting up on a barstool to see all the trucks, pictures, and horses in the bar. He loved running around and around and yelling. Luckily, the restaurant is not upscale. It's very small, very homey, and very much a place where it wasn't untoward to have a two-year-old just rampaging all about. I was very glad of that.

We stayed until 9, and Jet protested for a while, when we put him into his car seat. He asked for milk, cried a little, and then went to sleep. Given that he hadn't eaten anything since his three mini corn dogs before swimming, we thought he'd be starving, but he hadn't eaten much of anything. When we got home, John pulled him out of the seat, and he woke up enough to ask for milk again. We were pretty thankful for that, and gave it to him. He drank it while we changed him, didn't fight getting his teeth brushed, and fell right back to sleep.


John and I then did a mad scramble to pick up the house. Tomorrow the cleaners come by for the first time in a month. It'll be good to have a clean house, but we had to work pretty hard to get all of Jet's toys up and all our stuff off the floor so that they could clean.

Tired. Bed. I have to get up early tomorrow as I have an 8:30 meeting with one of the managers on the side of work that I want to know more about. It's kind of an interview, and kind of a get-to-know you kind of thing. It'll be interesting to see what people are like.

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