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April 2, 2003
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John and I made the effort and we got in to work by 8:30 am, which was when I was supposed to meet up with Andy. I saw him outside the meeting room, and we went in and just sat down and talked. I was really comfortable listening to him and trying to get a better grip on the problem he's seeing and the whole of the reasons for it as far as he knows. There are a lot more people that I'll have to talk with, but it seemed like a very interesting overview of what's going on.

I liked that.

Gets my INTP juices flowing. Big systems of information that all pertain to a problem that may have a solution that spans several mediums. It sounds like fun and a lot of good, hard work.

I had my usual meetings. It felt odd to be in the midst of normality while thinking about jumping the ship.

The cafeteria at work opened today. The company that's running it is also running a catering business alongside, which is the only way they could make money with as few people as we have at this site. I liked that. It makes good sense for both businesses. Since it's the new restaurant in town, we had to eat there. So the whole crew of us got together and ate together and it was fun. I burnt the heck out of my mouth with a microwaved apple pie. Oops. As lunch wound down Jayashree asks me to call her later.

We got home. Joan had Jet a while longer, as she was out doing things. But we ended up going to her place to get him anyway, as we'd taken longer with our lunch than usual. He'd already napped. So at 3, with John's meeting, I joined in *with* Jet. The mute button is a very good thing. I got to talk with everyone about the possibility of me joining up and that was very cool. Jet tried to join in, loudly, but I finally got him distracted with his own toys that were in a chest up there. He got interested in them and quieted down nicely.

When I was done with my stuff, Jet and I went down to play. That was cool. Jayashree called to ask if I would, at least, stay long enough to finish defining one of the projects we were working on. I said that I'd consider it, certainly. I thought about it and it really means that I should stay until July, as it's going to be a matter of a few months before everything is settled.

After the call I pretty much was unable to really get much of anything done. Too distracted by too many things. Bah

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