Liralen's Adventure Through Life
April 2003
  1: Working Hard and Panda II
  2: Distracted
  3: A Good Tired
  4: Good Review and Walking The Wagon
  5: Health Fair, Playground, and Fish
  6: Jet: The Original Blessing
  7: Cheese!
  8: Full Day At Work
11: Job Chaos
26: Kathryn's Wedding
27: Going to Dave's

A very short month, mostly because I was unmotivated to write much. Too much chaos at work, and a gradual building of problems with my hands. I ended up writing again when Kathryn got married, and there was a special trip to Seattle. But even then I didn't really finish the last bit of the trip. We just went home on the 29th, after running around on the Eastside for a little bit.

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