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April 5, 2003
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Health Fair, Playground, and Fish

10:17 pm: It's thundering right now, and it's lightening flashing all over. I love the thunderstorms here. I hope, though, that they don't wake up Jet or scare him. But it's coming with a lot of much needed rain and snow tonight. We need the precip because the grass seed we spread after the cruise is still dried out and kind of sad.

It would be nice to have steady precipitation for the whole month of April. April showers. But it's a bit like wishing for uninterrupted sunshine in Seattle. I can still wish.

The morning was beautiful, though it was a bit chillier than earlier this week. That's not hard when it was in the 70's earlier. I took a shower and got to use my Sylvia Stout shampoo and nearly swooned at the powerful scent of dark roasted malt. Wow. It got me smiling. Mmm...

We went out for the morning after John made us a waffle breakfast. One of the local TV stations does a Health Fair with a bunch of local organizations, and they all have a slew of basic screenings, cheap blood tests, and a couple of more sophisticated cancer tests that one can buy for a good price. They were doing it at the Erie High School. So we went there.

Both John and I got the basic blood test. It was just a quick draw, and Jet watched with fascination. A firefighter came by with a plastic firefighter's hat and put it on him. Jet was very, very serious as the guy put it on him and listened to every word he said. He wore it for a good long while, too, before deciding that it wasn't something he wanted to wear.

Neither John nor I have had an annual checkup since my checkup after Jet's birth. I actually think that John hasn't had a checkup since well before we moved. So it was a very good thing for him to do. We also got blood pressure, sight, and body mass index checks. The great thing about the last check was finding that my home scale is pretty much on the dot. I'm glad to know that it's accurate.

It also surprised me, a little, to come out completely 'normal', i.e. not at all overweight by their measurements.

10:37 pm: Ah well, it did wake Jet up. He went back to sleep quickly enough, though, as it ended while I was with him. I'm glad that it was over so soon after I went up to him.

Yeah. So. I was saying. By all measurements, I'm not fat. I have to, somehow, get that into my brain. I'm not fat. Wow.

John also got the pinch test for fat to muscle ratio. There was quite a line for that, but there was an even larger line for the bone density test. I had Jet for a little while and it almost looked like he was going to fall asleep in my arms, but he got a second wind and asked to be put down. So I put him down and he started running.

Ah well.

So I chased him, up the stairs to the second floor, down a corridor, to the stairs that led back down, right where the registration table was. So we started doing that whole loop, through the fair area, back up to the rooms, and back down again several times. He had boots on, which are a bit taller than his sneakers and particularly taller than his barefeet, so he had a little trouble with the down stairs a few times.

They were hard stairs, too. So I made sure I was in front of him every time, but he never fell. But by the third time down he was so confident he just walked right down them. Occasionally he gave me a heart attack as he stumbled a little, but he never fell. He's getting a lot better at this.

We went around and around and around for a good half an hour, as John made his way through his line. When he was finally done, I got back into line for the bone density test. But when John and Jet had gone through a whole loop and they hadn't even finished testing one person I gave up. There were eight people in line. So it was going to be at least three-quarters of an hour before I'd get there.

Jet also liked all the lockers that lined the hallways. He would go up to each one and fiddle the lock. He went through rows and rows of lockers that way. Fiddling each one as he went. The nurses encouraged him. Hee. He liked that.

When I gave up on the line we went out, dropped some mail off at the Post Office, and then went to the Northridge playground, which always looks deserted. We went there and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny but not hot, and just a little wind. He had a great time climbing and climbing and climbing. He liked riding the spring animals, and the swing was so solidly made nothing was ever going to blow it over. I was impressed with that.

Jet really loved the sand in the sand area. He also really loved the slide and tube construct. He went all over it, tried all the ways there were to climb up to the upper level. He really enjoyed the slide itself, too. He liked throwing sand everywhere, which we kind of discouraged. We tried to discourage throwing sand out of the sand area and encourage keeping sad in the sand area. It was especially funny having him throw sand on the slide and then clean it all off by sliding down it.


Home again home again. I fed Jet my ramen, and he also ate a bunch of goldfish crackers. Then he got a bit of milk and nursed and went down for his nap. John napped, too. I napped in the livingroom and I guess I was grinding my teeth something fierce as I woke up with a headache and a sore jaw as Jet opened the door to his room to announce that he was awake.

We nursed a bit more and then we played while John slept. Eventually, Jet worked his way upstairs and we played with the Freddy the Fish software. It's a cool game, but the goals of it are a bit above Jet's cognitive abilities, yet. He loves the pictures, through, and all the things that can be clicked. He likes driving and telling me which way to go.

John came up when he was done with his name, and with him driving (and doing the mouse as my mouse hand has really been hurting this last week) we got through the plot lickety-split. Though Jet didn't really drive it at all, he just watched, occasionally commenting and pointing some things out. I like having Jet do as much as he can do, so it was kind of interesting seeing John getting caught up in the game and driving through it rather than Jet's and my completely random walk through things that interested Jet.

Then we went downstairs and Jet watched the Goofy movie that Kathy had sent all the way through. He was perfect still for it, and drank a bit of milk and water, but that was about it. John made dinner when it was six. Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic cheese bread and salad. It was yummy, but Jet would only eat the bread. He the asked for some ramen and John made it for him, but in the three minutes it took for the ramen to cook, Jet got so interested in drawing that we couldn't drag him away from it for the food.

He started drawing not only on the board, but on the frame, the end table, and trying to draw on a bunch of other things. So we finally had to have a timeout, and I just sat with him in my lap until everyone had calmed down. Turns out that Jet had, previously, drawn on the end table. And not only on the end table, but also on the chess board that John had made in high school.

Dry erase markers are not known for being easily erased from things other than a white board. They're pretty good off of glass, but wood...

So we sat for a while. Jet took a while to calm down, too, as he'd been doing what he really wanted to do, and stopping it made him mad mad mad. I finally let him go when he stopped crying and fighting and seemed relatively calm. But by then he was completely uninterested in his noodles.


So he wanted fish, and given that they're salt and carbos just like ramen, it seemed an okay thing to give him. So he got goldfish cracker. He only ate about a third of them, so I don't think he was that hungry to start. Then he started crushing them. Oops.

We took them away, this time without any hysterics as we played with him on gears, and other things. It was possible to interest him in other things. But there were other things that made him unhappy. He had fun climbing all over me, playing horsy on my legs, and wrestling with my shawl. He still likes that a lot.

It was a mildly tricky evening. Lots of "No!"s from all three of us. We got through it, though. After Jet drank his milk, John took him to the bathroom and for the first time in a long time, Jet actively brushed at his own teeth! We've been doing it every evening for a while, and eventhough it's been a battle most of the nights, we've just worked our way through it. Jet gracefully accepted his stickers, afterwards, and came to me to be hugged, congratulated, and held.

I rocked him and he stuck his stickers on me, and the went to sleep. Yay!

I've mostly been just watching Food Network. Seeing the Tokyo X hybrid pork battle for the King of Iron Chefs has been really fun. Now I should go to sleep, too

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