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April 6, 2003
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Jet: The Original Blessing

10:12 pm: I was up waaaay too late last night. Staying up to knit, to read, to write, and losing track of the time. It was a luxury I shouldn't indulge in often. Part of the consequences was that by the time I did get to sleep, it was cold. The furnace had been off for a while, and I finally had to hunt up an extra blanket before I could finally stop shivering. Ugh.

No wonder, either. When I did get up, there was snow, everywhere!

I had fun, then, making French Toast from the last of my Texas Toast. Jet ate half a slice of it, after having some of John's morning cereal. He was pretty happy with the extra food. We were done just barely in time to get to church on time.

During the kid's message, John took Jet up there. On the way out, afterwards, though, Michael took John aside to tell him something. Jet marched down the aisle without John, and didn't look lost until he got to the far end of the aisle and couldn't see any of the other kids. I got up, then and guided him back to the Riot/Quiet room.

Turns out that Michael asked John to bring Jet forward during the sermon. So John got Jet at the beginning of the sermon and I saw them sitting in a pew together for about two minutes. Jet got up, and I could see John finding a pencil for him and some paper to get him to draw right there. I kept thinking, "Okay, Michael, now... how about now/"

When Michael did beckon them up, Jet marched right on up. John said, later, "He was being particularly fearless today, so I just let him do what he was going to do." And Jet looked right at Michael when Michael asked if he could pick him up. That's when the other mothers said, "Let's see what happens, now..."

But Jet let Michael pick him up. When Michael showed Jet to the congregation as an example of Original Blessing Jet calmly looked everyone in the eye. He wasn't scared, at all, and he didn't mug or fight or anything. It seemed like he kind of knew that he should simply be there, himself. That was very keen.

The crux of the message had to do with Matthew Fox's book, Original Blessing, and the fundamental differences between the sin/redemption tradition and the creation centered traditions of the church. An obvious difference is the fact that Original Sin is never written or mentioned in the Bible, but the Original Blessing of creation is often spoken of and the crux of it is that the new tradition places far more emphasis on blessing rather than the Catholic Church's introduction of the emphasis on sin and redemption that wasn't introduced until the 9th century AD.

It spoke to me. And Michael lent me the book, afterwards. We'll see what I do with it.

A couple from the church insisted that we go visit their cat, even after being told that I was allergic. John and Jet got to see the cat while I was shown a tape of the couple's trip to China. It was a fairly good visit, but both Jet and I were really tired, afterwards, so we napped, thoroughly.

When we got up, John was watching hockey, so we watched with him. I also got to work on my knitting. It was pretty sunny out, and all the snow was melting steadily. The planted grasses aren't showing, yet, but it might be too cold. There's supposed to be more snow tonight. We'll see how that goes.

Since Jet didn't get up until 4 or so, with the later visit, we decided to just have an early dinner at Popeye's. There was one closer to us than we'd originally thought, and Jet ate a biscuit and some chicken before John handed him an ice cream sandwich. Jet's eyes got all huge, and he ate it very carefully, occasionally offering John or I bites. He was very good about sharing it with us. I thought that was really cool.

After that we had a rather windy walk around the strip mall that was right there and discovered a few treasures. There was a Delectable Egg restaurant, which looked to be a decent breakfast place. The true find was a Nick and Willy's take and bake pizza joint. Debbie and Matt introduced us to them a while ago, and their quality is excellent. There was also a Qudoba's, which has excellent, lean burritos. So we kind of found fast food heaven, a bare fifteen minutes from the house. That's useful.

From there we went home. Jet found a sand rake with his buckets, and he grinned on finding it and used it as if it were a comb through his hair. He thought that was cool, but then he grinned and started brushing his teeth with it as well! Make-believe boy! How very cool to see him make all these connections!

John read to him. I had resolved to go to sleep early, but then Robin Williams was on Whose Line is it Anyway? It's an improv show. It was made for Robin Williams to be in, and it was very, very funny. I finally tore myself away from it, had a warm milk, a long bath, and fell dead asleep when I finally got into bed. Mmmm... bed before 9! Surprising, but very, very good.

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