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April 4, 2003
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Good Review and Walking The Wagon

I am so glad that today is Friday. I had to go into work for the morning, to talk with my boss and my boss' boss. The first was actually my annual review plus my weekly one on one. The second was to talk about this whole job change possibility and to see what my boss's boss might want to show me as possibilities in his organization.

I seem to have done well in the last year. I got an excellent review and some nice options because of it. No raises for anyone this year, as the economy is doing so poorly no one else is giving raises, either. I think it's an excellent way to do it, see what the rest of the industry is doing as an average and see if we can do that.

So the review went well. The weekly one-on-one was okay, if a big confused by all the new projects I'm being suddenly given and having thrust upon me. It's still hard to prioritize and I'm not too sure how much help Jayashree can give me about that.

I cleaned up my work web page and did a few other things in my web pages in the forty-five minutes I had between meetings, as only had real access to my Solaris machine, which hosts all that. My PC has nearly all of my 'real' work.

Then I went and talked with my boss' boss. I... was disappointed. Hm. I don't think I'll go into the details, but there were a number of not so subtle guilt trips presented.

Ah well. It definitely was more data on the situation I'd be staying for, if I decided to stay. It was good to have the data and to know that not only did they want me to stay, but that there was something approximating a plan that I had had no idea about before this. So I was glad to learn more.

I went back to my desk exhausted from all the interaction and the got collared by Fei, who had a bunch of very good questions about our end-game feature. So I stayed another half an hour to work through them all with him, and talk about what we didn't know as well. I organized a meeting to get him the information he needed.

I went home.

I found John and Jet drawing. So I nursed Jet, put him down for his nap, and got back to work for the hour he slept. Then I went down, ate lunch with him, and we played while John met. I gave Jet my full attention, and he was perfect. We even went outside because he saw his new wagon outside and wanted to be in it!

So I got a lap blanket that was a bit torn, and put it in the bottom of the wagon. I put Jet in a light coat, me in a light coat as the thermometer read low 60's, and we went out.

There was a terrible wind! We went down the nearest cross street, and I ended up wrapping Jet completely up in the blanket. He sat perfectly still and smiled at me from within the protection of the blanket and the walls of the wagon, and I pulled him a bit further, and finally just headed back to the house. He was really happy with the ride, and I got a good walk in.

When we got back, the house kept the worst of the wind off us, so I let him out of the wagon and he got into his little, plastic, car, and started driving it around as I refilled the bird feeder, yet again. It needed it pretty badly, and I just loaded it up with the seed we'd gotten at Safeway. Jet liked watching me pour the seed.

Then we walked out to the mailbox, and he hurried to catch up with me from where he'd been playing. When we got there, I pulled the mail out, including a small box from Mom and Dad that had pictures and a tape of Jet from when they were here. I gave that to Jet to carry and he was so proud! He carried it all the way into the house, even climbing the stairs with no hands! He proudly put it on the table in the kitchen, and I cheerfully made much of him.

I have to remember to keep letting him do the things he can do. It's a great way to have him do stuff that not only do we like, but he gets a lot out of being a help.

When John was done with his meeting, we packed up and headed into Boulder to pick up the Passat. From there we went to Safeway, and had a pretty good shopping time with Jet running around like crazy. We finally ended up with him playig with a display of jump ropes. I just stuck with him to watch him while John finished off the list. It was just too hard to keep him with us.

But then a Starbucks lady came out with toffee crunch frap samples, and Jet got his own. He nursed it carefully, and drank what he could from the straw and then started eating all the whipped cream with the straw. I sat with him on a bench at the far end of all the checkout lines, and we ate our little treat together. He carried his cup, very carefully, as we headed out the store.

John took all the groceries and the diaper bag when I told him to just take it all. Of course, the moment I got to the car, I sniffed a suspicious scent, but figured that the time getting home wouldn't be too long. So I got him home. It took a while to get him out of the driver's chair. He's gotten into the habit of going into the driver's chair, flipping everything he can, and then when I tell him that two minutes are up, he's usually pretty good about going back into his seat.

This time he wasn't. I had to let him run around for a bit in the back compartment as well. But after that he was finally able to get back into his seat.

We got home, I cleaned him up, and then we started pork chops for dinner. They were a bit too thin and cooked up a bit tough. I should probably have taken the time to brine them for a little bit or something. The asparagus, however, came out wonderful. The grill is the perfect place for them, concentrates the flavors, rarely overcooks them, and they seem to pick up this wonderful smoky tang to them. Crisp cooked and flavorful, I was glad to make them.

Jet had a little stuffing, but refused to eat the pork, which I don't really blame him for. He nibbled one asparagus stalk, and I finally ended up cooking him some mini corn dogs and fries to go with the asparagus. He seemed to really like the asparagus, too.

I was glad of that.

Jet found the boxes of rum cake in the pantry and he declared that they were cake! I wonder if he found that out at Joan's, as I know that neither John nor I have talked about them being cake. So we ended up giving him a small slice, which he ate quite happily.

Then he asked for a bath!! That surprised me, a little, but I was willing to accommodate. John wanted to go to sleep, so he went. I gave Jet his bath, and we played for a while. That was fun. He really enjoyed the whole thing, even having the visor put on him so that I didn't get any water into his eyes until I took it off. He was very patient about that.

I also gave him an Ickle Baby Baff from Lush and he held the ballistic underwater the whole time it fizzed. I guess he liked the feeling of the fizzing against his fingers! He held it under until it was all gone, and then he looked kind of puzzled and said, "All gone?!" and spread his hands out in bemusement.

He got his milk after his bath, and we settled for a quick nurse and he was asleep that quick. I guess the stuff in the baby bath really does work well. Whew.

I then stayed up way too late getting the last of the work things I really had to do for this week done. It's mildly overwhelming to have all this work plus all this decision making meetings going on. I'm so tired. I am half afraid that I'll just change jobs to get relief from this one. It's amusing to realize that I'm far, far more comfortable hitting a very steep technical learning curve than I am with talking with people a whole lot with no technical goal in mind

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