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April 8, 2003
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Full Day At Work

10:28 pm: I got a full day in at work today, for the first time in a very long time. The only other times were when I was at work for some class or another. It was wonderful to just be able to wander around and do things, talk to people, and get closure on a few things that were just bugging me.

I had meetings for five of my six hours there. That was impressive, in and of itself. They were nearly all useful meetings. I liked that a lot. I then chased some people down to talk with them and get more missing data on things that I needed. It was kind of exhilarating to be able to just concentrate all day instead of going home to rescue John from Jet, which he doesn't really need.

Turned out that Jet went to sleep in the car on the way home. He'd been up since about 5:30 and Joan hadn't had to pick up Alex, so there wasn't any nap at Joan's. He also had his swimming lesson this afternoon, so he went to sleep even closer to his old bedtime than the last couple nights. He hasn't shifted to the new time, completely, yet.

I was a bit long at work, so I went directly to Jet's swimming lesson. It was fun to watch him. He had a great time, played with the other kids, didn't fall in, and did a lot more of what the instructor asked him to do. I was very impressed with that. Joan had come with Ashley and they sat next to our aerobics instructor. I actually pulled my wallet out and said that it was my turn, but I'd probably call over the lifeguard this time around. Jet was actually quite still for the first half of the lesson, I am now quite sure that he remembers what happened last week. But he got more animated, and when he played he leaned *away* from the water. I liked that.

At the end of the lesson, they went over to the diving board. Jet actually jumped off twice! Himself! He seems to like doing it and smiled big at the instructor when he landed. That was cool. John did the changing, and we headed home in our own cars.

When I did get home, John needed a little more time. Jet wanted to go upstairs and play with the computer, so we went up and played. I tried to suggest a bath, but he refused, vehemently. I should probably get the Dora the Explorer games as well, as he really loves Dora. But he really enjoys Humungous Games' Freddie Fish 3, and asked for it.

I really like it when he drives the action, and having seen the game all the way through two times, already, I'm willing, now, to just let him drive and we'll explore what there is to explore. I am doing a little solving when the opportunity presents, but not pushing it at all. He doesn't mind watching when things get solved. He's learning some of the items that solve things, like the shovel that one needs to dig out a hollow log to use as a tunnel under a waterfall. He yells, "Shovel!" when he sees it.

He's said, "Urchin!" for the sea urchins that are used for currency, He likes pulling the cork from the air-filled bottle to knock it to the sea floor to lift a net. He enjoys chiseling out the colored crystals, "Blue!", "Green!", and "Pink!!" for the red one. There's a flying propeller he always has to stop and spin-fly half a dozen times whenever we are there, and he loves the musical cave, asking for "A Song!" whenever we're there. There's a bunch of funny shaped tubes that Freddy's friend goes "Wheeeee!" through, that Jet played with for a good hour, asking for particular tubes for the Lester to go through.

It's a big success.

I think I'll have to get more of those games for him. He'll play 'em himself, eventually, but for now it's really fun sharing them with him.

Jet then asked to 'play' with TurboTax. He found the CD and presented it to me and watched, fascinated, the first video explaining the software. Finally, I was so hungry, I started up BabyWow just to go through the "Good-bye." sequence. When Jet had said, "Bye-bye." to the computer he was content to go.


I made a stuffed pork tenderloin. The stuffing was leftover StoveTop pork stuffing with chopped apples and sausage. It turned out very tasty, and we had slices off it with some peas. Yum. I'm trying to just make good food and portion it a bit smaller. It was a very tasty dinner.

I knew that Jet wouldn't eat any of it, so I made him French fries and half a hot dog. He ate all of that happily, calling it all "chicken!" I used to think that he said chicken because he liked chicken, but I realized, tonight, that he might just call anything he likes chicken or rice. That amused me.

Jet never did get a bath after swimming. He hadn't wanted a bath, and had wanted to play on the computer instead. Ah well.

He went to sleep a little earlier than the last couple of nights. I'm glad. He had fun eating ice cream, and then 'jumping' with me. I just lift him a bit with each jump, and he loves it, wanting more and more of it. He even started saying, "Please!" for more jumps. Hee. I loved it. He also really liked getting wrapped up in his Cookie Monster wrap. The problem was that the hood would go over his eyes and he'd get even wilder. Whew. I finally had to take it off him, or wrap him up in a hug while he wore it. He liked the latter. So that was cool.

He also brushed his teeth tonight for a bit!! His resistance is gradually getting less and less, between lots of praise when he lets us brush on one side and stickers when he's done. So he's liking it more and more. It's good to see gradual improvement.

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