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April 7, 2003
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10:53 pm: I slept in even though I'd gone to sleep early last night. I guess I'm making up for all those late nights I've had the last few days. I think I'm processing on the work decision even when I'm not actively thinking about it.

My right arm's been hurting for quite sometime. I finally realized that I could trace it from when I swapped to the ball-style mouse. So I swapped out the ball for a normal mouse, today, just replugged things, and found that it hurt less, though it wasn't going away. I have a feeling that some of it is from the fact that I'm doing a great deal more WYSIWYG editing, that uses a mouse rather than a lot of keystrokes the way vi does. So I may still be doomed to a painful right arm; but with a few changes, I'll see if it at least gets better.

I did a lot of work today, just got ready by 8 and worked solid for the four hours I had because Joan said that she would drop him off at noon as she was doing stuff this morning that would make that possible. I also was brave and asked about my laptop and found that I'm actually getting one! yay!! That is so cool.

Jet came home at noon and took a 1 1/2 hour nap, which was nice. Good to have him go his normal nap. When we got up, he asked for noodles for lunch, and then wouldn't eat them. That got me mildly upset. I finally just sat him in his chair and told him that he could only have other stuff if he ate one noodle. He fought it really steadily but finally ate one noodle when I played with it until he was interested in it. Then he ate it and ate a few more besides.

Just as we were in the middle of it all, Bernd called to say that he was going to meet us at the Rec. Center. That's when I realized that it was time to leave. I gave Jet a couple of rye Triscuits, which are just whole grain, to munch while in the car, and he was hungry enough that he just went right through them. I'm glad he wasn't going to stay hungry.

As soon as the Eurovan went outside of the garage, Jet yelled, "Snow!!" and, sure enough, it was snowing pretty steadily. It wasn't sticking, yet, but it was beautiful. I didn't have any trouble driving, which was nice.

We got there early enough to meet up with Bernd, who had already worked out and was about to leave. We just talked in the reception area for a while, as Jet wandered around, discovering things. When Bernd left, we got Jet set up at the childcare area, and went and worked out. I managed to get on an elliptical facing one of the windows so that I could see the snow falling as I huffed and puffed.

After the aerobic workout, we started doing weights, and about half an hour later, the fire alarm went off.

The fire alarm at home has scared Jet to tears. This one was much, much louder, and eventhough there was an announcement telling people that they didn't have to go outside, into the snow, we still stopped our workout to go down to the daycare area to just check up on and reassure Jet. He turned out to be doing just fine, as the sound was turned down in the daycare area. He was smiling and ready go to swimming, but we didn't leave until we could hear the blare had gone down.

We had a good, forty-five minute swim. After showering, I was drying and changing Jet on the table. The alarms had mostly turned off in the locker rooms, the sound, at least, in the rooms themselves was off (there were occasional blasts out in the hallway that made me jump every time I tried to open the locker in the hallway). There was, however, a strobe light that would flash every thirty seconds or so. Jet watched it carefully, and then started saying, "Cheese!" and pointing at it.

John and I finally figured out that Jet thought that the strobe was a photographic flash! Hee. So he was saying "Cheese!" for the camera! He heard us talking that over, and nodded, "Picture! Cheese!" Hee.

We managed to get to Deli Ciosos before they closed. Jet plowed through an eight ounce bowl of Spanish rice, and ate at least two-thirds of it. This, eventhough he was begging for candy the whole time. He was hungry enough it didn't seem to matter. Finally, when he was done, we bought a handful of candy for him and fed it to him, one piece at a time while John and I got to finish our dinners. Yum. Good to have some time to finish eating without one or the other of us chasing him around.

I went home in the Passat, since I was in the passenger seat in the Eurovan when we pulled up. John managed to get Jet home awake, and he went to sleep at a decent hour while I worked away at work.

I managed to finally get to sleep, not too late, but with the snow outside, the house had grown very cold after the heat had turned down for the night. I ended up getting myself an extra blanket and doubling it on top of myself. I needed it that badly. It's not really summer, yet, eventhough last week felt a bit like that

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