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April 26, 2003
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Kathryn's Wedding

7:52 am: It's not as if we haven't gotten up at 4:30 in the morning, lately. We've been doing it quite a lot, lately, actually, as Jet often gets up at 4 for just a little while before going back to sleep, usually. That was the hard part, getting up at 4:30 and NOT going back to sleep.

We'd actually done okay, last night and even last week. The weeks have been pretty much the same, with two trips to the Rec. center, the usual work stuff, and a few special things, like Easter, a group potluck, and this last Thursday, a parents' night out. The church youth did babysitting while a local pizza place gave a percentage of their proceeds to the youth program. John and I didn't really like the pizza place, so we made other plans which included a glorious hour of very goal-oriented shopping. Go in, get out in a way we haven't been able to do for a very long time. We were even daring enough to buy a computer desk for the livingroom and stand around waiting for a good fifteen minutes. Not something that would have been a non-aerobic exercise with Jet around.

Dinner, itself, was at Sakura. Sushi without chasing a little boy around the restaurant was a very welcome thing to do.


We managed to get everything packed, last night, and into the car. Jet didn't go to sleep until 10, but I had taken a nap while Jet napped in the afternoon, so I was able to stay up with him while John went to bed. John was driving in the morning, so it seemed important. We made all kinds of plans for probably outcomes, and with them all written down and out of our heads, we went to bed.

Sleep was good.

At 4:15, Jet was up for a minute with John and went right back to sleep. At 4:30 I got up, got myself put together, and had a little breakfast with John. We got everything ready to go and then John tucked the still-sleeping Jet into his car seat, and got him into the Passat and we were off. Jet never woke up.

We got to the airport at 5:30. Got to the departure curb-side service at 5:40, and when we stopped John accidentally left the lights on when he opened his door. The alarm sounded. Jet woke up and peered around as we got the luggage out of the back. I wrestled his car seat out, and the curb-side guy eventually came out and we got the luggage and the car seat checked in. Jet wanted OUT, so I unstrapped him, wrapped him in his blanket, and pulled him out. At that point I was wearing his backpack, the camera bag, and my purse as well as Jet. I did manage to juggle enough stuff to get at my ID, and we got all checked in with boarding passes and everything. The guy kept John's boarding pass for an ID check, and Jet and I went inside, found some seats, and sat down for a bit. Turned out that John had forgotten to take his wallet out of his pocket. Oops.

We got to the gate in plenty of time, and Jet and I happily wandered up and down the moving sidewalks while John used the restroom. Turned out that a latte stand opened up, so I got a single mocha. It wasn't that good, but it was something to get me to at least feel somewhat awake. Jet loved the walkways, eventhough he pretty much just rushed the end and let his momentum save him. He would take the dismount at a run, and keep his balance by sheer force. It was pretty impressive.

We boarded early, and Jet stood in his seat to watch all the people file on. He commented on them mildly, and smiled at the ones that smiled at him, but just studied all the others pretty quietly on the most part. He then sat for the take-off, though he protested the seat belt bitterly. He ate when they brought food, walked, and got changed out of a poopy diaper. He kicked the seat in front of him until I asked him to stop, and he asked to nurse three times. He got to nurse all three times, and it was only the third one, which was when we were starting our descent, that put him to sleep.

The man sitting in the seat in front of him turned out to be the son of the woman sitting in the same row. Both of them, when they got up to get off the plane, instead of telling us what a terrible son we had, both admired the fact that he'd actually gone to sleep. Whew. That was pretty cool.

I carried the sleeping Jet over to the baggage claim, and sat on the floor of the baggage claim while John got all our luggage and the rental car. That was a lot to do. As soon as I got up to leave the luggage claim area, Jet woke up and stayed awake. He got very, very wide awake when we got on the tram to the rental car office. He loved the ride and sat on the seat very seriously and watched everything that went on around him as we got through the airport and out on to the road. He said, softly, "Bus!" as we got on and when we got off again and watched it go away.

By 9, Pacific Time, we got to John's parents' house, turned on the heat, let Jet play with the toys on the coffee table for a while. We got all our luggage into the house, changed into our party clothes, and settled in for a little while before heading out for the wedding, through Issaquah and the Taco Time there. Yeah, it was something of a detour to the east, but it was well worth doing.

When Jet refused the crisp bean burritos that John and I got, I got the bright idea of getting him a side order of Spanish rice. It turned out to be a HUGE plateful of rice, and Jet took one look at it and inhaled most of it. I guess he was pretty hungry. He ate 2/3rds of a really enormous plate of rice, and then topped it off with two mints as well as half a cup of pop. He was a very, very content little boy when we strapped him back into his seat and headed north, through the Plateau, just to see what was up with the old neighborhood.

There were so many changes, and so many things that were the same. It was very cool to see all the progress. The widened streets, the new house, the brand new schools, the bigger trees, and the restaurants. It was good to see the Golden Wok still in existence.

When we got through Redmond, we stopped at Victor's to buy coffee beans and espresso drinks. Jet refused a cinnamon waffle, though he did steal a sugar packet and greedily ate that. That was pretty amusing. When we went back to the car, it was misting outside, that fine, fine rain that is so light I turned my face up into it and felt refreshed and cooled. It was wonderful.

Northward! We got to the winery in plenty of time, got into the ceremony area in plenty of time, too. Even talked with the mother of the bride for a bit, outside, as she recognized me. That was pretty cool. It was just enough early that we could settle in and not so early that Jet went ballistic before the end of the ceremony. It was a very, very nice ceremony, very personalized and very much from the hearts of the two people involved. That was very keen to hear and see. I really loved that. Jet used John and I as climbing equipment during the latter half of the service, but he didn't yell or fight or do anything to disrupt things, only giggling now and then as he got himself into amusing positions, which fit the light hearted ceremony excellently.

Regis ran the ceremony! Wahoo! And it was very cool to speak with Katheryn for just a brief while. Then Jet got to run around and round and around outside while we waited for them to convert the ceremony hall into the dining hall. We got to know the patio right outside the dining hall very well, along with the other three or four little boys that were at the wedding. All of them were out there, at one time or another, just running off excess energy that could not be put to good use in the eating area. Jet kicked up immense amounts of bark, running through the flower beds. He ran across the concrete, chased other kids, ran circles around the tables out there, and ran and ran and ran.

John and I managed tag team lunch. Jet ate nothing other than the Jelly Bellies that were on the tables, so it was a good thing he has his rice, earlier. The only thing that finally stopped him from running around outside was the passage of the Dinner Train on the tracks that run by there. He stopped dead in his tracks and yelled, "Choo choo! Choo choo! Choo choo tracks!!!" He loved it. He wanted to see it AGAIN! But we convinced him that it wasn't likely to happen soon, and he went back to playing.

By 3, they'd served the cake, of which Jet ate three mouthfuls, and so we said our good-byes and well-wishes and left. Jet was asleep, in his seat, before we even got out of the winery gates. I was impressed.

When we got back to the house, we all went to sleep, and got a good two and a half hours. It was nice. Jet wanted to nurse when he got up, and I let him nurse in bed with us. When he started wiggling, I asked him, "Are you done?" he popped up, smiling, "Yeah!" and ran off, out the door, to play in the livingroom with the toys that were there. Wow. That was very nice.

He played for a while, as I got myself put together, and then we headed out to the Kirkland waterfront, and ended up right at the Kidd Valley, across from a play area. We walked across the street, and he headed right for all the climbing equipment and had a blast. There were climbing areas, slides, and wooden logs that were chained together for climbing. He learned how to take those big steps pretty easily. He learned how to go up big ladders, and really large steps. He loved the twisty slide and went down it several times.

After a while, we convinced him to go out with us to the end of the pier. He loved the water, but held onto my hand pretty closely. He saw some ducks and bounced up and down, "Ducks! Ducks!" That was fun to hear him say. When we came back to the play area, he headed back into the climbing equipment, though he seemed a bit more tired. On one of his slides down, he caught his foot, at the very end, and spilled himself off the end of the slide, onto his head.

"You fell out" "Yeah." "You okay?" "Yeah," Jet said as he looked up at the sky, kind of quietly. He didn't freak out at all and he went back up the slide one more time before we decided to leave. He left quietly instead of fighting to play some more, so I think he was pretty tired.

By then it was 8 and still light. But we were kind of hungry again, after the huge wedding banquet. So we stopped at the little teriyaki place we loved from last time. I got salmon, John got beef and chicken, and Jet got a football sized piece of sticky rice and plenty of teriyaki sauce. He demolished this helping of rice, too, and did it both faster and neater than he did it with the Taco Time rice. I think the stickiness helped him with it. The food was excellent, and cleaning up the floor under Jet's chair was as simple as pressing a napkin to all the rice and picking it up. Quick and easy. I'll have to remember that for next time.

We stopped by the Eastgate QFC and picked up some milk for Jet. Jet got to sit in the strap-in cart and he was perfectly content to sit there and just bang his heels. He was pretty tired. I also got a bit of juice, water, and ice cream.

We headed home. Jet played and ate ice cream with us. We then changed him, brushed his teeth, and Jet got to read some books before falling, dead asleep, at 10:10 pm PST. I set up his bed room by pushing the twin bed against the wall, putting a nightlight on the wall, and putting his bear in place with him. I hope it helps. John and I had a bit of herbal tea and then went right to sleep after him. It's been a very good, but very long day.

I miss this place. I am so very, very glad to be back here. Amid the rain, the familiar people, places, and things. It was great to see Kathryn so happy. Neat to see Regis, again, so happy with her lady. It was just so cool. The espresso at Victor's was worth 10,000 of the one I had at the DIA airport. And the weekend traffic isn't nearly as bad as I remembered it. It's so green, green, green, it satisfies something deep in my heart that I hadn't known I needed so badly. Wow it's good to be here again. Home again..

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