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April 27, 2003
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Going to Dave's

7:37 pm: A milder day than yesterday. Jet has a cold, though, a head cold, and he's been sneezing a lot and was pretty tired all day. Poor guy, but he's pretty happy anyway. He likes seeing his cousins and the look he gave them both while walking and holding both their hands was pretty cool.

He's really tired, now.

Jet got up as early as usual. I got up later, John was great and got up with him. When I did get up, John showered and took Jet with him when they went to find cinnamon rolls. Unluckily Great Harvest was closed on Sunday. They did, however, pick up some hot cross buns from the QFC. When they got back, I was done with my shower, and we sat down and ate some breakfast while Jet played with the toys in the livingroom.

The hot cross buns were quite good. Yeasty and rich, but not too sweet, with threads of frosting on top. They were great with coffee. I enjoyed them a lot. Jet, however, wouldn't have anything to do with them, and just drank juice and milk. He was already starting to sneeze, some.

We packed everything up. Got everything into the car, and got out the door by 10:15 am. Since John had been up since before 6, I decided that I'd drive and let him nap a little. It was supposed to be about a two hour drive up to Dave's place, and it seemed a good time. Jet played, for a while, with his Bob the Builder book. Jet ended up holding it in front of him and above him, using it as a shield against us or something, as he finally went to sleep behind and under it. He just slept there, and we left the book on him, as it seemed to comfort him. I was glad when he went to sleep.

John napped fitfully as I drove the whole way up. Having cruise control was a goodness that was somewhat mitigated by the amount of traffic on the road. There was enough that the cruise control was almost as much trouble as it was a benefit.

The weather was on and off clouds, with a few sprinkles here and there. There were far more sun bursts than cloud bursts, but there was plenty of shade in small amounts as we went through, so I didn't worry about Jet getting sunburnt at all in the back seat. Sunshine was getting in from the back window, but not enough to do much. We got to Dave's a bit before noon, and just napped and nursed in the car until they arrived.

Jet hit it off right away with both Mary and Dave. John believes that he remembers them from the reunion. I was glad of that. We all had lunch together. Jet, once again, refused to eat much of anything, but drank a good deal of juice and milk. He got into the Tupperware drawer with Mary, after lunch, and John and I walked quietly out the door while Jet was otherwise occupied.

We'd thought about doing a movie, but the family was going to go walk around a lake at 4, and it was already 2. So instead of doing a movie that wouldn't get us back until dinner time, we decided to just wander around downtown Bellingham. It's a good-sized town, with a downtown that's mostly closed on Sundays. It's very pretty, very clean, and there were coffeeshops just about every block or even half a block. About a fifth of them were open.

We managed to get to one that was. Stewart's, right next to the Museum of American Radio, they had their own special mocha mix, with cream chocolate, and giant chunks of chocolate cake. Mmmm... chocolate cake, without Jet asking for more. *grin* It was good to just sit here and eat and drink and talk a bit. We then went on a walk around town, halfway looking for a shoe shop for John to buy some Birkies, but nearly everything was closed. Ah well.

It was sunny, warm, and the town itself is relatively flat, so it was easy walking. We jut kept going and going. I liked that, and we finally did find the shoe shop along a street we'd already walked down. They were just not terribly obvious,

From there we headed out along the waterfront, and then out to a place we'd seen on the Web. A house that was for sale. The neighborhood had plenty of other houses, and even an Open House. But the whole neighborhood was a good half an hour our from town. It was nice to see more of the town, as there is so much to it, a university, lots of shopping, and plenty of museums, theaters, and other cool cultural things that we haven't seen around Erie. There was even several seafood places by the waterfront. I really liked that.

It was nearly four by the time we were able to head back, so John called Dave on the celphone and then we headed back by freeway, and I did the navigating instead of having John wrestle the map while he drove. We both felt a lot safer for that, and got there fairly quickly. We met up with them at the boat dock, and Jet smiled on seeing us, but was quite content to be held by his cousin Emily.

She carried him to the trail and from there he walked for a while, with us. He took Emily's hand, and they walked together. He also, quite happily, took Dave's hand, too. Later, he got some time with both Emily and Yuri, and every couple of steps he'd look up at them and smile. I also got to put Jet on my shoulders for quite a lot of the walk as it was nearly three miles all the way around the lake and much of it was hilly. Jet was a trooper, though, and walked a good deal of the way. We even stopped for a while at a play area, and he climbed, slid, and swung happily with all the other kids. He didn't want to leave, but he was getting a bit wobbly and we had quite a ways to go.

He seemed to really love the forest, the water, and being with everyone. He watched, intently, as Yuri and Emily raced each other for short distances. He named the water, the sound of ducks, and enjoyed the dandelions we found that had already puffed. He covered John's hair with down from the puffs. He tore apart a daisy, and did 1, 2, 3 whee with Emily and Yuri.

By the time we got to the car he was looking really tired. John and I took our car and got Jet some Desatin, as we'd forgotten to pack it, and some ramen, as he really needed to eat *something*. Turned out that it was a good thing to get him. When we got back to the house, he was grumpy, crabby, and tired. He started crying about rice, so we nuked a bit of white rice, added some Mr. Yoshida's sauce and he started stuffing huge spoonfuls of it into his mouth.

Jet ate a whole plate of white rice. Then, when he heard the word, "Noodle." we had to cook him the package of ramen noodles. Jet ate about half of that, some of that just dry, right from the block as Dewey, their golden retriever, picked up and ate every crumb that Jet dropped. Wow. It's good to have a dog. So he ate quite a lot.

We ate a good deal, too. They'd cooked two sides of Halibut on the grill outside. Dave and Mary also cooked asparagus and eggplant on the grill. There was also a big pot of brown rice, which Jet ate a little of as well. I had a little teriyaki sauce on everything, and it was very good. I should remember to not keep the bottle o it in the fridge forever, and just use it for the smallest of reasons. It probably doesn't really need to be fridged after opening, either, given the high sugar and salt content of the stuff. It's a lot like soy.

Great dinner.

11:25 pm: Yuri brought out a huge box of Hot Wheels track, a box and a bag of cars, and a huge box of train tracks and electric train pieces!! Jet was in boy Heaven. He played and played and played He pulled out each car and truck on its own and lined it up carefully. When he got to the bottom of the bag, there was a thick layer of dust and he started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Oops. So he's likely allergic to dust mites. I got out one of his wash clothes and we wiped his nose up that way. Dave's been using a clean handkerchief on Jet, which has been working really well.

Dave and Mary had fun telling about Jet's afternoon with them. Playing with the containers, then talking about it, and then playing with cards and with blocks. Finally he got so tired, he crawled into Dave's lap, struggled to find a comfortable spot and when he did he fell asleep against Dave's chest. Dave was happy about that, said that it'd been a long time since he'd been able to hold a baby that was going to sleep. That was really neat.

I'm oddly grateful every time Jet asks to nurse to go to sleep. To hold him and just have him so comfortable with me and so trusting that he'll just go to sleep, completely and thoroughly, in my arms. It's quite a gift.

When everyone decided to go to get ice cream, I decided to just stay at the house with Jet. He really wanted to play with the toys that Yuri lent him, and he'd had so much travel and exercise today that it seemed a good thing to finally accommodate him, and let him just stay and play. I put in an order for butter pecan or rose ice cream, and they brought Jet back some vanilla and he wouldn't even stop playing with the cars to eat ice cream. Hee. I really enjoyed my small cup of butter pecan, rich and sweet, and it reminded me of Indiana summers when Mom and Dad would take us to an ice cream place and they'd get butter pecan. A comfort flavor for me, though these days I often get rocky road, caramel and hot fudge, and other stuff. The old flavor brings back old memories.

Jet stayed up until nearly 11. He was so busy playing with toys, people, and watching things happening around the house as the kids did homework, laundry, and Mary and David got the dishes done. He avoided Dewey, some, as Dewey's enormous compared to Jet. The pup is taller than Jet is and about four times his body mass. And since Dewey was raised amid much bigger kids he hadn't calibrated himself, quite, to tiny people. But he was very nice and very accommodating when told to do something or to stop something. Good dog.

Yuri was great with Jet. Not only lending all those wonderful toys to him, but when it was 11, he actually brushed his teeth with Jet. Jet even voluntarily took up his toothbrush and brushed his own teeth for a while as he watched Yuri to his teeth! That was really great! Then when John talked about going to sleep as it was getting late, Jet ignored him until Yuri said that he was tired and that he was going to go to sleep, too. Then Jet gave Yuri a hug and a kiss on the cheek, turned right around and went downstairs. There he said good-night to everyone, gave folks kisses, and cheerfully went into our room and laid down to get changed into his PJ's, nurse, and go to sleep.

He slept on his own sleeping pad on the floor next to us. We slept up on a futon. There were plenty of blanket, and when I finally settled Jet on his mattress, he just lay there even when I did some positioning so that he wouldn't get a crick in his neck from the angle his head was at. He was dead to the world. I can hope that he'll sleep well despite the cold in his nose. We did manage to give him some Dimetapp, so that should help.

Both John and I were really tired, too, and just got ready for bed as soon as Jet was asleep. Tired. But happy. That's a good thing.

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