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August 22, 2000
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Too Busy for Parallel

I am so very, very glad that life only goes in serial. I would be insane otherwise. Just so much to do and so little time to get it all done in and I'm feeling every moment of it. Then again I'm also crowding that same schedule with various appointments, things that need to be done with the every day along with the things that need to be taken care of because of the special circumstance of the pregnancy and the stuff that is getting piled on at work.

Perhaps it's time to start saying, "No" to a few things. Then again, that's what I spent most of the first trimester doing and learning to do again. It's so interesting to realize that I feel like I have energy.

Had to get up really early today as John had to feed his early morning meeting, so we got up awfully early, and we went to Boulder to get food. First, though, he stopped at Starbucks so that we could get something to deal with the hour. I got a half-caf caramel thing and the sugar and everything helped tremendously. We then reached Great Harvest and the shop was just a heaven of bread smells. They had trays and trays of giant cinnamon rolls, some plain, some with blueberries, and some with pecans and raisins. Hoorah! So we each got one of each type of roll and went to work. I thought I'd feed people too as it's fun and makes for a more fun morning.

I hunted down a knife and plates and started to carve the rolls. John's were carved in half, mine into quarters as I had to feed ten or so people and he had only three. They were really well received. And the meetings went well as well. I got five minutes to touch base with Geoff to tell him my plan for the day and then ran off to my dentist appointment.

It was actually really a good appointment. The dental hygienist as pretty gentle, thorough, and willing to talk almost the entire time about pregnancy stuff. She asked questions, waited until she was done with something to hear answers, and was actually really good about not pushing buttons in my psyche about being 'lectured' about pregnancy. It was kinda soothing and in one odd way made me sure that she'd remember me the next time I visited. I kinda liked that. And she had one really great idea at the end as my next appointment is actually going to be soon after I deliver. The idea was that while the grandparents are here that I should slip out and get my teeth cleaned. Take care of myself, have a little time all to myself, and have a useful excuse. I liked that.

Afterwards I went back to Time Warp as they'd called yesterday to say that my special order was in. So I went and spent more than a hundred bucks at a shot just grabbing stuff that folks have recommended in the last year. The shop owner was pretty happy, and the new kid clerk was even happier.

I remembered that there was a little run-down shack selling Philadelphia cheese steaks around there and puttered abut and found it by accident. That was pretty keen. The problem was that when I pulled up the shack looked really deserted and when I got out of the car and walked to the door, I found it padlocked closed and nothing was in there. Out of business, sadly. And here I was all ready for a cheese-steak. Grump.

I tooled out and saw the Crossroads Mall and since I had no idea what I wanted to eat, I went and parked in the Mall parking lot and meandered into the food court. A glimpse of deep fried Americanized Chinese food and I kept going. Pizza, burgers, and Orange Julius. No, no and no. Then a local deli/sub sandwich specialization and, sure enough, they had cheese steak. I had to get it and asked for no veggies or dressing other than fresh tomatoes. A side of fries and a cream soda completed the meal and when I sat down and bit into the sandwich it was pretty much what I wanted. Unidentifiable white cheese, savory thin-sliced beef cooked on a griddle, caramelized onions, and a nice white roll with some body but not tough. It was yummy.

The afternoon went really well. Geoff was a sweetie eventhough he was exhausted. Work went okay. Doing a little a day will get me somewhere, I know it will. I finished off a slew of notes I had to add to various bugs. Did the infinitely long minutes for a meeting from last week and still had a little time for pretty pictures in my design documents. Useful is good.

John had to stay pretty late for a meeting. We didn't get out of work until 7 and I was pretty rebellious about even thinking about cooking.

We stepped out into the warm evening and the sky was roiling with clouds. Big, thick, black thunderheads, poofy white masses mixed in, and streaks of deep turquoise blue between. John took me to the Abo's in Niwot, instead of the one at Crossroads, and I like the little shop better. There was a gorgeous view of the sky from the window and the blackness of the clouds, now underlit with gold and fire, all framing a small streak of pure blue. The pizza was wonderful, the crust even thinner than we'd ever gotten at Crossroads and the perfect vehicle for the light dousing of sauce and the browning, melted, gooey cheese. It was really, really good with a bit of salad. I had mushrooms, thinly sliced, on one slice and rather thick-cut tomatoes on the other. The tomatoes got good and juicy with the heat.


Satisfied, we zoomed home and I got ready for bed while reading a Vampire Princess Miyu manga book. Manga is best read quickly and it was fun to surprise John by going through a 'whole book' in like twenty minutes. I'd been missing some sleep since Saturday and with all the early mornings, it wasn't getting too much better. Tomorrow will be another early day, so I took advantage of the time I had. Yum. Sleep.

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