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August 22, 2001
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Meeting Biohazard Madness

9:50 pm: I have more work than I really think I can tackle on just half time. Bill said that he thought it would be just fine for me to work three-quarters time and just shift the time for later, i.e. when this phase is done I can take some time off. I will probably work like crazy while my parents and John's parents are actually here, and only have the time off when we're visiting somewhere or something. While there are people to look after Jet nearly full-time, I should be able to get a whole bunch more done, especially since I now know that I can feed Jet during a meeting and he can actually go nearly to sleep.

I not only had my regular meetings in the morning, but another two hour's worth of meetings in the afternoon. So I took the time at lunch time to have lunch with John at KT's and relax for a bit and enjoy it. Otherwise I would have done completely insane. Lunch was nice. We just ate out on their patio dining area and talked and went over the morning and the evenings and the plans for the next couple of days.

The social calendar is filling up. John has a work dinner tomorrow night and we might have a birthday party on Friday. I might go into Boulder tomorrow night while John's otherwise busy and Jet and I might binge a little at Whole Foods and Origins. After yesterday nearly any shopping adventure looks easy in comparison. Jet'll like the change of pace, and I will like getting out and doing something.

It's not like I won't have enough hours this week. I may ask John to take the Passat tomorrow so I can have the Baby Buggy.

Jet slept a lot at Joan's, so when I picked him up, he was wide awake and rare'n to go. She said that he'd had a blow out diaper. One of those where she thought, if it were any worse, I'd just put you in the tub. I was pretty glad he'd gotten that done with, though, so I was feeling fairly safe for my meetings. It was even better when Jet nursed pretty hard for the first half of the first meeting and put himself to sleep. I was actually able to follow the whole meeting and had no trouble with it.

That was great.

The only problem was that after his ten minute nap, he was really wanting to go. He played and played and played and yelped and yodeled, and right smack in the middle of the second meeting, I found out why he was getting louder and louder as I found a telling stain on his onsie. It was another blowout!! Surprised the hell out of me.

During one subject I didn't care about, I ran downstairs, grabbed a garbage bag, a diaper, a cover, the wet wipe box, and completely forgot another ones. It was so hot upstairs, though, I didn't think he'd care. I went upstairs with my armload of stuff, put Jet out on the garbage bag, peeled his onesie carefully off him, and then did biohazard control. I was very glad of the garbage bag. I cleaned up his front thoroughly before putting his clean front on the carpet, and getting every trace from his back and back end. Then I put the clean diaper on him on the carpet. I was risking a squirting, but it was a much neater thing than the garbage bag. That I rolled up to deal with when I was off the phone. Whew.

Jet then played cheerfully for the rest of the conversation, with occasional fussiness that I could hold him and bounce him into happiness, so I could at least hear the meeting going on. I have never been so thankful for the mute button before.

After the meeting was over, instead of dealing with things, I just went downstairs and the two of us collapsed into the nursing corner of the couch and Jet nursed until he fell asleep again. I'm half wondering if whatever digestive thing is going on is making him more tired than usual. I tucked him into our bed, between pillows and put his silk blanket tucked in about him as he still didn't have a onesie on, just his diaper. He snuggled in happily and slept like... well... a baby.

I then did all the biohazard control that was needed, including cleaning up after what Joan had dealt with as well. There was a lot of it, but it was better to deal with it all in one batch.

Of course, that's when John appeared. I got to do more work and John took care of Jet when he woke up. They played and played and played and then Jet as fussing more and more and more. John was going to take Jet out for a test drive of the bicycle and trailer, but Jet was getting grumpier and grumpier. John tried feeding Jet some solids, but that didn't work out too well in the long run. Finally John gave up on it, and when I came downstairs, handed Jet over to me for nursing and he went out for a ride with the trailer, just to see how that worked.

When he got back, John made dinner for us. He cooked some of the Ling Ling vegetable potstickers along with the chicken and veggie potstickers. Having both fixed the problem of the chicken ones, which is that they don't have nearly enough vegetables to make for a round meal. So we ate those pretty happily while Jet played on the floor in front of the TV. He was just sitting there and playing with his toys!

Jet's at that really cool stage where he can totally entertain himself for long stretches, but he isn't so mobile we have to chase him everywhere. John found Jet this morning in a corner of his crib wrestling with the giant Whoozit on top of him and Jet was kicking steadily at the music box to make it go off constantly. Jet had also managed to kick the aquarium on and it was going and bubbling away merrily as well. Quite the suite of entertainment.

So Jet's definitely entertaining himself, and he's happy enough most of the time that he'll cheerfully do stuff while we're busy with other things. Thing is that he sometimes has interesting ideas of how to get at things to entertain himself with. During one of me meetings, he was sitting playing with toys when he saw his blanket. It was well out of his reach, in front of him. He looked at it, reached out at it, found that it was well out of reach. So Jet gathered himself, and lunged for it, straight forward, kicking his legs out as he lunged forward, and he basically did a belly flop but his head landed first. It was a terrible thud and bounce. Jet, however, was totally content. He had the blanket.

I now know what my kind of pain threshold is like in a determined baby. It's pretty scary to see in action.

After dinner, we watched some TV, and then John went downstairs to ride the exercise bicycle. He'd woken up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep even when Jet had. It was from lack of exercise. So tonight he rode the bike. Jet and I went out for a walk, the longer one to the next block. It was cool and dark out. The neighbor who is building the tongue and groove house is burning some of the scrap, and Jet was fascinated by the flag of flame against the darkening world. It was nice and cool and, for once, there weren't mosquitoes out trying to drink my blood. The wind was pretty stiff as well, and provided great resistance as I was walking briskly along. Jet was sitting up and watching everything the way he usually does.

When we got back, I settled him in his high chair and I tried feeding him some chicken and wild rice. It was pretty gross right out of the fridge, so I took some of it and heated it a little. There must have been some chicken fat and proteins in it, because all the lumps went away when it was mildly warm. It also tasted a lot better to Jet. He sucked it down when it was warmed. He also really enjoyed the bananas and apples afterwards. So he got some solid into him before John was done with the biking.

John took a quick shower, and then we gave Jet a bath. Given the two blowouts and the sweat from yesterday, Jet really needed the bath. We got his hair cleaned, his body washed up and him into a sleeper and his overnight diaper. Then a load of laundry finished, and since Jet seemed a little chilly still, I wrapped him up in a dryer warm towel and he was really happy with that. I think with the solids he needed a little time to digest and rest before actually going to sleep. So I let him play with the towel and a few other toys as I folded laundry.

When Jet started fussing again, I let him nurse and he pretty much just passed out while he was doing that. Rather than trying to force either formula or milk into him, I just put him to bed. He'd had the solids, and that might last him a little while, as tired as he was. He was also good and clean, which might count for something comfortwise.

I have been trying out my wrist, today, without the brace. The brace seems to be compressing that tendon that they said was hard to fix, and today *that* tendon was achy. The one that was originally injured seems to be quite a bit better than before, so I was going to just quit doing things to it; but it started to ache late in the day. So I may just go on the three a day anti-inflammatories and wear the brace for another day or two. It did help the original problem significantly. We'll see if the secondary problem can be helped at all.

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