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August 1, 2002
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New Toaster Oven

8:31 PM: I got quite a lot of work done today.

Jet got up a lot last night. So when he finally woke up at 7:30, it was a little later than usual. It was a useful thing for me in the long run, because Jet didn't fall asleep at Joan's. So he played there for three hours straight, whimpering at me a little on the way home. So he fell right to sleep when he got home, and I was able to work for another two hours while he slept. I was very glad of that.

John got home around 4:30, and took Jet immediately. He changed him, took him down to the basement and rode the exercise bike.

I think John is doing the same thing I'm doing, trying to lose some weight after all the feasting and food we've had for the last couple of months. The extra exercise feels pretty good.

We had the chicken from last night, still marinating, so at 6:30, I started the grill. John made rice before doing his bike and his shower, so we had teriyaki chicken, rice, and broccoli for dinner. Simple. Good food.

The weather has been remarkable today. Mostly after the 104 in the sun yesterday, today was in the 70's for most of the day. Last night was so warm that it was above 80 until about midnight, when a cold front came in and it was 60 this morning. I found out that the house was still 78 while it was 62 outside, so I opened the whole house up before going to work. I set up some fans, upstairs, to blow all the hot air out, and it changed the house's temperature dramatically.

It's so comfortable today, it surprises me after the thorough discomfort of yesterday.

We also got a huge box on the front porch this evening. It was from Mom and Dad. When John came home, we opened it and it turned out to be a brand new toaster oven! Wow. I guess after all those times when they were here and having to use the pliers on the timing control on our old one, they decided to give us one. It's just as big as our old one, and has all kinds of cool new controls as well. When I called to thank them for it, I found out that it was an anniversary gift! How very cool! The amusing thing is that the toaster oven we have right now was given to us, fifteen years ago, on our wedding.

I really like it. It's something we'll use every day, an it's something that we weren't going to buy for ourselves, and it's something that will make every day just a little easier. I had fun telling Mom how cool a gift it was and how much we appreciated it. We also talked about other things, and it was very comfortable.

Mom and Dad have done a lot to make the relationship with them better. They've tried very hard in a lot of ways and it's making me feel like it's good and rewarding to try back. So I think that things are getting better with time and effort on both sides. I'm very glad of that.

10:28 pm: It was so cool tonight I took a bath! The first in a very long time, and I feel decadent. Yum. There is a good week of thunderstorm possibilities coming up, so I don't feel too guilty. Besides, I'm sore from swimming last night, and the bath helped loosen things up. Yay

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