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August 2, 2002
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Playing at Toys R Us

10:21 PM: A tired day. Jet was up more last night than for a while. He was up at 2 am for his usual feeding, but then got up at 5:30 and stayed up until 7:30 am. John took him for the second one, though John had been up until 11 getting some work stuff done for an early meeting this morning. He came back to sleep for another hour before running off to work.

I let Jet sleep until 8:45, and then heard him wake up. So I got him, nursed him for a scant ten minutes and then bundled him up into his car seat for Joan's. He didn't protest too much, especially when I gave him a toy. He was all smiles when he got there, but took a moment before he could leave my lap/arms to go play with Haley. Once he did he was fine, though.

I was brave and asked Joan if she could take Jet until they came home from getting Alex from pre-school. She said that it would be no problem for her! Hoorah for asking!

So I went off and worked like mad. Got status stuff done, created a table of nearly 100 items that I'm going to have to do for the upcoming release. Organized it, and then got it to my boss. It's going to be a busy release. A lot of those things, though, can overlap, so that's good.

John came home around 11. He had a meeting, and I worked while he talked.

Jet came home at 12 and promptly fell asleep at 12:20. John fell asleep at 12:10, as he had finished his meeting, eaten a bagel and then gone to bed for a nap. I made myself some chicken donburi by heating some steamed rice that was leftover from one or another of our teriyaki dinners, cutting up the last of the chicken teriyaki, cutting up some scallions, and then frying them in a skillet. I beat up and egg, and in a separate bowl poured mirin, soy, some water (instead of stock, as I had no bonito or even any chicken broth), and a bit of rice vinegar. I heated the liquids up and then beat them into the egg to temper it before pouring it over the chicken and scallions. I stirred the result until it wasn't running everywhere, and then poured it over the rice.


Quick and fast and a good use of leftovers. I ate it happily while... yes... working.

When Jet woke up, I turned off the computer and went down and nursed him, fed him cheese, crackers, bits of hot dog, juice, and broccoli. He seems to like broccoli and ate a few florets amid Ritz crackers and aged cheddar. We played, too, and I had fun playing with him on the floor (Mom's a Jungle Gym!) while John woke up and finished some more work stuff. He needs some catch up time this week, just as I do.

At five we went out to dinner. There's a Blackeyed Pea just down the freeway, and Joan had given us gift certificates for Christmas. We wanted to check it out. It was good, and there were lots of kids, so Jet having fun and eating very crumbly corn bread and accidentally dropping a lot of the fist-sized crumbs wasn't a problem, at all. It was like a very upscale Denny's, with lots of diner food on the menu, but well prepared and with some nice extras. The ribs were tender, the chicken pot pie was filled with bright vegetables that weren't overcooked, and the vegetable side dishes were well proportioned, tasty, and even nicely textured. I really enjoyed the chunky, with peel, mashers. Yum.

Then we decided to have dessert as well, and got the chocolate lava cake, which is actually a mini Bundt chocolate cake with caramel in the center and on top and all that topped of with a big scoop of ice cream. The cake was bigger than I would normally serve four people, and it was warm, moist, and rich. I loved it, and had to remind myself of how huge it was and that I didn't have to eat it all.

Jet was funny and refused to have anything to do with the cake, while begging for the ice cream. He kept throwing a hand at the ice cream and demanding, "Mine!" So we fed him ice cream at a good rate. He'd eaten bits of my veggies and rice, some of John's shrimp and ribs, and a whole lot of corn bread. So I wasn't worried about him having what ice cream he could eat. He really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we wandered a bit, and then headed over to Toys R Us to see if they might have replacement swings. Turns out that it's late in the season for them, and they weren't going to get any more. Still, they had the information on what they were and how and where to get them from. So John got all the data he needs for a web search.

I, in the meantime, followed Jet around. He found a pile of Scully and Mike robots. He would hit the button that was accessible from the front panel and get them to move and talk. He loved Scully's roars and would roar back. When Mike danced, Jet danced, too, and then he'd tell me all about them. I liked that.

We were right there for a good half an hour, and then I went around the corner and went "Oooooo..." and Jet followed me. It was a whole area of cars and robots. Jet went wild, running from toy to toy and poking buttons with abandon. There was a giant truck area where the trucks played "READY TO RUUUUUMBLLLLLLLEEE!" and then started blasting music, playing lightning sounds, or roaring with a squeal of wheels and the wheels would rev up to speed! He loved it. He just kept punching buttons galore.

That's where John found us, finally, and told us about stuff. We stayed there for a good twenty minutes after John got there, and finally had to just pick Jet up and go. He got down and played with a few other things, but finally got so tired he allowed me to carry him out. Yay!

So we got out of Toys R Us without spending a dime. I think it's a good habit to show Jet that we don't always have to buy the toys we play with. Then again, I guess we go and visit lots of places and Jet doesn't get to bring the toys home that he plays with. So it's a model he already has in his head. I think I'd like to keep it that way.

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