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July 31, 2002
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104 in the Sun and Moms' Night Out

11:51 am: Tired.

Jet did a great job last night, actually. He only got up at midnight. The problem was that from 1-3 he had a pretty restless time sleeping, and was yelling every once in a while. I woke up every time he yelled and waited to see if he'd stay awake, but he didn't. So I didn't have great sleep, but at least I didn't have to get up and do much.

John and I have re-split the night duties, I get the first time Jet's up and John gets the next. Alternating. If Jet only gets up once, it naturally means that John gets him in the morning, if it's two, I nurse him in the morning and that works out pretty well for getting to work on time.

I also had other troubles with sleeping. Stuff on the brain that was hard to sort out; and it really isn't stuff I can sort out on my own, but being an introvert I try hard to do it anyway.

Jet had a pretty happy morning with John. He kicked me a lot while nursing, to the point where I got fed up with it and put him down. That's one thing about doing discipline with natural consequences, I have to be aware of when I'm being abused. I have to take the steps to disallow Jet abusing me, with the main motivation of I don't want him to do this to other people. And I don't want him to believe that other people would let him bite, kick, or claw at them without some repercussion.

It's weird to realize that the only way I'm going to teach Jet good manners is by defending myself, and do something I've never been too good at doing without overreacting.

So I have to figure that out. Not a bad thing, all in all.

10:25 pm: A very busy day. I had my morning meeting cancelled, so I was actually able to do a bunch of things while at work. Then we went out for lunch to Wahoo's Fish Tacos. There's a new one in Longmont. I thought it was an odd coincidence that they only have them in California and Colorado; but on each table was a little synopsis about the creators. They were Chinese surfers in Brazil, who'd gotten a taste for the fish tacos that were served up surf-side down there. When they came back they started the business in Southern California.

But one of the guys went to CSU and decided to come back to Colorado and try opening the same shops here. They're doing great here, so the guy had a good sense of who might eat the things they sell.

We got there a bit after 11:30 and found it packed. The lines were really long, so I went and found enough table space for the seven of us and camped out typing into my Visor while I waited for everyone else to get through the lines. John arrived in the midst of all that and he told Chad our order and we ordered with him. Since I'd started out in line with Chad, it seemed fair enough.

I got a fish taco and asked for a beef enchilada, but John accidentally ordered a chicken enchilada. It was good enough, though, so I didn't complain. The fish taco is a soft taco, on a fresh corn tortilla with seasoned, grilled fish under cheese, a mound of shredded cabbage, and some dressing. It's a nice melding of textures, temperatures, and tastes, as the crisp cabbage goes well against the melted cheese, creamy dressing, flaky fish and chewy tortilla. Yum. The enchilada was okay, just the usual cheese and chicken in a not very spicy enchilada sauce. They also have a green chile version of the enchilada sauce, I'll have to try that next time.

I liked the fresh tomato salsa they had on the beans and rice. Tasty. I think it's nothing more than cilantro, onion, tomato, and a touch of garlic. No chilies, so it's not hot, per se, but it is tasty against the plainness of the beans and rice.

The Wahoo's is in a little tiny strip mall that also has a Cold Stone Ice Cream and a Starbucks, so I was doomed to at least one of the sins. Though I was mildly amused by the one we picked on a 100 degree day. We went into the Starbucks and actually got hot drinks.

I plead brain damage from the heat.

When we got home, after picking up Jet, we noticed that the thermometer outside read 104.7 in the sunshine, and 98 in the shade. Ugh. Jet had napped at Joan's, so he wasn't going to sleep, and John took him while I had my meeting at two. I took him at three, and nursed him a couple of times, and he finally fell asleep at 4:30. I ran upstairs and did as much work as I could.

It was a good thing he had his nap. At 5:30, Haley and Alex and Joan showed up. Alex came up to get me, and tell me that they'd arrived. I'm always impressed by Alex's manners and his willingness to help out.

I came down and decided not to do the teriyaki chicken because I hadn't managed to open up the thighs to the marinade. They'd only been sitting in it for an hour and probably wouldn't taste like much. So I just had John cook all the hot dogs and some buns. Joan heated a can of beans. I made coleslaw with the food processor and had it run just a bit too long on the cabbage, so it was the texture of KFC's coleslaw. Odd. But when it was cold, it felt good to eat.

It was 'only' 95 in the shade by the time everything was done, so we ate out in the shade, on the back porch. We'd gotten a free kids' picnic table while driving home from Joan's on Monday. John and Jet had scrubbed it up (with Jet getting good and wet in the process), and now the kids were really enjoying it. Jet loved sitting at the same level as Haley and Alex, and he plowed into his baked beans, chips, and even ate a piece or two of hot dog while talking with them and watching them. Joan brought an apple pie, and after hot dogs, beans, and coleslaw, we had the Dutch apple pie.

It was still warm from the oven, and the kids didn't like it, so we ate our pieces and then had fun sitting outside and talking for a while.

Alex kept asking when he could go downstairs and play with the train; and we kept saying, "Once the Moms have gone off to swimming."


At 7 sharp, I got all my stuff together and Joan and I went to her car, and we went off to deep water aerobics. Yay! Turns out that she hadn't gone while I was away, and since I hadn't swum too hard while away, we were pretty much in the same boat. After the first three laps we were both saying, "Wow, I feel it." The instructor greeted us happily and said that she was glad that we were back. Come to think of it, Joan hadn't done any of the water aerobics while she was home, either, so she really felt it. By the time we'd gone through all the routines, we were both pretty rubbery while getting out of the water.

I'm glad we did it. I did, however, discover why and when I grind my teeth so hard that my molars ache. It's while swimming. I guess I'm afraid of getting water into my mouth while breathing or something, and I really clench my jaw. I had done it so tightly that I could feel it even in the shower just in the locker room. Oops. I'll have to wear my toothguard next time. It'll help out if I grind this hard every time. No wonder my teeth weren't getting a chance to heal up. My teeth do feel better after using the sensitivity tooth paste regularly, but the grinding tonight put that progress right off kilter.

The pool felt wonderful after the sweltering day. It was cool and wonderful, and when we got out of the locker room, the night air felt really warm. It was tonight that I noticed that the days have gotten significantly shorter. Joan and I used to come out to either full daylight or the beginning of a sunset before her vacation. Now it's past twilight.

We got back to the house to find it full of very tired kids and a very tired John. Happy, all of them, so that wasn't a bad thing. Joan collected up everything, and the kids looked as tired as their mom, so they might sleep for her. That would be a good thing.

Jet dropped off while nursing and headed for bed pretty quickly. Yay!

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