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August 3, 2002
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Cleaning the Carpets

10:42 pm: We started with a mild disappointment. We went out to the bagel shop on 287. They had the phrase "World Famous Cinnamon Rolls" in the window, so I'd been thinking big, chewy cinnamon rolls that would deserve the phrase. Instead, they were like single lobs of a giant palmer, those sugar toasted puff pastry swirls. There wasn't even a hint of cinnamon to them. Bender's Bagels, don't get the cinnamon rolls.

I also made a mistake in ordering my coffee drink. Instead of something plain that would offset a sweet roll better, I got an iced mocha with a shot of orange. It's an old drink I used to get all the time, but since the pregnancy I am not as good at eating REALLY SWEET things as I used to be. This one overshot the load and I was feeling gummy by the time breakfast was through.

John came to the rescue, though, and bought a garlic bagel with cream cheese with chunks of lox leftovers. It was creamy, garlicky, and good and cut through all the sweet with garlic vengeance. Wow.

There was a table, at the bagel shop, which had three boys and their families. When the boys finished eating, they started running around and around their table. Jet watched, fascinated. When I let him down, he did his little best to run and run around and around with them. He got lapped, fell on his face a couple of times, and just got up and kept going. Jet was so happy to be doing what the other boys were doing. Wow.

From there, we headed over to the Safeway center, hit the video store, first. STILL no Monster's Inc. I guess it's not coming out until September! The bums. Anyway, we did manage to get Jimmy Neutron instead, for some afternoon entertainment, as I wanted a movie and there was not baby sitter in sight.

We then stocked up at Safeway. They were having a 20% off every meat, fish, and poultry (other than deli items) item in the store. Therefore, we bought lots of meat along with a fresh rainbow trout, caught locally and brought to the store yesterday. They also had a special on enormous shrimp and I bought six. We also got flank steak, a whole chicken, skinless and boneless chicken thighs, and a few pork chops as well. Our freezer will be full tonight. Other than the meat, we didn't get much.

On the way out, I took Jet over to the pony ride and let him ride while John checked stuff out. A little boy came over to watch and Jet watched him back carefully as he enjoyed his ride. When the ride was over, the boy said, "My turn!" and Jet cheerfully threw a leg over the pony and started sliding off. I caught him. I grinned and told Jet that he was a great sharer, and I put the other boy on the pony and put a penny in for him. Jet looked well satisfied and walked away.


I'm glad he expects to share things.

I spotted the carpet cleaners on the way out and mentioned them to John, who studied them and then arraigned to rent one while I watched the cart and Jet. I bought ten pounds of ice, and put it on the fish, too, while we waited. It was hot outside and I didn't want the fish to deteriorate unnecessarily, when the ice was so cheap anyway.

I kept an eye on Jet while I was paying for the ice, and he found a broom in a corner. He got it out of the corner and started playing with it. He pushed it around, swept things, and generally didn't get in anyone's way with it. He was great. I was impressed. I just followed him around after I got all the meat set up okay with the ice. The store manager came out and laughed when he saw Jet and said, "He's hired!" One of the cashiers was smitten with Jet and kept cooing at him, "You're so *cute*!"

While following Jet around, I noticed this thing that looked like a cooler, but it wasn't plugged in. When I got a chance to look at it more closely, it turned out to be an insulated cooler for dry ice!! Wow. I can buy dry ice right from my grocery store! Food grade even! With instructions on how to make a carbonated beverage with the stuff. That's cool. I'll have to get a pound of it for ice cream some day, just stir it into some mix and get it to freeze fast.

We went home soon after, with the carpet cleaner. In order to stay out of the way, Jet and I went downstairs and nursed down there. Jet didn't like the new place, and he cried a little when I put him in his car seat afterwards, but he was so tired, he eventually calmed enough to sleep.

John and I were hot and tired after unpacking everything from the car, and getting everything set up. So it took us a little while to get started on the livingroom. Unhappily, Jet woke up after only half an hour nap, and I had to get him. So we had to move furniture with him around. Jet was actually quite good about staying out of the way of our moving huge pieces about.

Then he made up for everything when John and I picked up the couch and moved it into the diningroom. Jet's eyes got all wide and he went "Ooooooooo!!!" at us when we hefted it and moved it. Made me feel strong. Hee.

When it was all out of the way, Jet and I got out of the way as John cleaned the carpet, did all the prep work and did all the work on everything. I just watched TV with Jet on the big screen. We also played with his Playskool rumble set, and did some train play as well. I had to change him once, and he did the magical thing again of sitting down on the mat and positioning himself beautifully on it. I got the diaper off and, this time, he got up like a shot and ran away!! Eek! *giggles* I couldn't stop giggling as I chased the naked Jet around the rec. room. He was giggling a lot too, and when I finally caught him he wiggled and giggled as I got the diaper on him. Not the easiest thing in the world, but it sure was fun.

When John as done, he got the fans out and started them up and then came down into the coolness of the basement as well. We then watched the Jimmy Neutron save his parents. It was fun. Jet watched it intently from his floor seat, in front. I enjoyed the animation, the creatures, and Jimmy and his inventions. Jet got tired by the last third of it, nursed and, this time, went down for a substantial nap. We left him in the guestroom, with the monitor on, and went upstairs when we finished the movie.

It had rained. While we were gone, it had *rained*. It was wet outside. All the open windows had a bit of wetness inside them. It was cool, damp and wonderful outside. Amusingly enough, even with the rain, most of the carpet was already dry. Wow.

I wrote. John put things back and then took the cleaner and the movie back and returned the rentals items.

The moment John stepped back into the house, Jet woke up, and I nursed him. Then I made a fish dinner. Just pan fried the trout after throwing a little salt, pepper, and flour on it after scaling it. I thought that if the skin was good and crisp it would be worth eating. I also added the shrimp to the pan, after deveining them, and they cooked in a jiffy. We had leftover rice, which I added broccoli and cheddar to, and we had garlic bread. The toaster oven worked well on it.

We ate outside, as the big items were still in the dining room and Jet had a hard time of it. He wanted to be in my lap, and he cried so hard he couldn't stop when I wouldn't let him. Poor guy. I don't know if it's time to teach him to eat on his own or not, and, when I thought about it, there will be a lot of years when he won't want to eat in my lap. A lot more than there will be time that he does and maybe I should just take advantage of it. It's not like Jet asked to be in anyone else's lap, to eat off their plate, and it won't be an imposition on anyone else to let him do this for a while longer... but I had to think all that through.

Dinner, itself, was okay. The shrimp were a bit past their best. I was glad I hadn't gotten many of them. The fish was good and fresh, but I got a bunch of the bones on my side and had to be careful how I ate it. John got fewer as he got the side I lifted off the other when I served it out of the pan. The rice was really good.

After dinner, I went up to finish posting the Seattle trip, and John made chocolate chip cookies. Jet ate while wandering about and he ate fruit, cereal, and juice. He actually didn't get too much cookie, either. But I'm glad he finally ate. I think that since we don't emphasize 'treats' so much, he may well not care about them as much as other kids do. Or it may well just be 'yet', at the moment.

Right at the minute of pumpkin time, Jet got cranky and mad. So we changed him and put him right to sleep, easily.

I took the time, tonight, to take a bath, since it was so cool out. With the rain, the bath didn't feel like a thing to be guilty about, either. Water, salts, and a bit of bath oil all added up to a nice soak that felt wonderful on sore joints and muscles. I was chilly from the wet carpet and the breeze constantly blowing through the house and I lost all the chill after the hot soak. It went all the way to my bones and I loved it. My first bath in a few months, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I was glad of that.

Afterwards, I threw out my old pair of contact lens, in preparation for putting in a new pair tomorrow. It's funny to think of all the things this pair has seen. The whole Seattle trip, river rafting, and the reunion. Plus the heat here, and then the rain and the change of the seasons. Just as it's just getting to be summer in Seattle, it's stating to look a bit like fall here. I'm not used to the date difference... but now I understand why schools here get out so 'early' compared to the Seattle schools and why they go back so early, too. There's Back to School sales in all the newspapers and all the local stores.

Quite the difference.

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