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August 5, 2002
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Jet's Eighteen Month Checkup

8:52 pm: It's 63 outside. Cold, windy, and wet with the rain that fell not too long ago. There are big clouds still filling the enormous sky and blowing around. The wind is so high I can feel the pressure on my ears when a gust hits the windows. The windows are, of course, open, to air out the warmth from this morning.

It's wonderful.

We had a pretty busy day, today. I had work. I also had to cancel on a bunch of meetings given Jet's appointment this afternoon and plans that Joan and John had made for tomorrow afternoon. Then Jet came home from Joan's and refused to nap at his usual time. He had done the 'get up for two hours to play' this morning, again, with John this time. I got to sleep in and I woke up at 8, feeling odd about sleeping that 'late'.

Anyway, he didn't nap at his usual time. I managed to eat some lunch and get half of a grilled cheese sandwich into him. At 2 we picked up and ran for the Longmont Clinic and Jet's eighteen-month appointment with Dr. Turner. It was a straightforward checkup, as he was pretty much on track for his age and his relative weight, height, and head size. He's a little lighter than before, dropped a few percentiles, but the Doc said it was normal once he gets to be really active, and now that he's running everywhere, lifting everything, and trying to climb stuff, it's normal for him to drop a few percentiles and make it up later.

She was impressed with the way he was eyeing her, and kind of suspicious of her. I think Jet remembered the previous checkups and the shots and stuff. But he was brave and he didn't cry and he let her look him over, use the stethoscope and the ear light on him after she showed them what they were. He let her look in his eyes, in his mouth, and everywhere else. He fought the gag reflex test, hard, but I don't blame him at all for that. He was very quiet, but not afraid.

Wow. It's good to be able to say that.

It was also pretty cool to have Jet's sippy cup in the car filled with ice water. I'd filled the cup with ice before we left, and the car heat had melted most but not all of it. So Jet got ice water on the way home and he gulped it down happily. Yay! I planned ahead!

He fell asleep in his car seat, while playing with his Magnetic Sketch board, on the way home. He then napped for his usual two hours.

The landscaper came while Jet napped and the two of us went around the yard with him, and talked about a bunch of other things we wanted done. With the monsoon season upon us, it's actually a good time for doing all the plantings. With a drip irrigation system, it should be even easier, as we can use the drip systems any time. It's the sprinkler systems, with their water loss to the air, that's restricted. So we'll do okay.

We might have to get a special dispensation for thirty days from the water district if we do plant the sod we'd thought of doing. If we can't get it, they'll just set up the area for the sod, and we'll just leave it barren until we can get it set up. I'm a little worried about the wind if it's just bare... but we'll see if Left Hand Water'll give us the dispensation. The landscaper has said that several of his customers have gotten them. Only the folks in Boulder, proper haven't been able to get them. So we'll see.

It was raining while we wandered about. It felt so good after the heat of the day. It was fun just listening to John talk about all the things we really wanted to do. It's good to be able to just have someone come and do it and not worry too much about gaining yet more expertise in things we aren't going to do regularly. I think it'll look good and feel better when it's done.

I went back to work when they started searching the house for a good water connection. I got another three hours and John finished making taco salad for dinner. He puts down a bed of lettuce, pours meat and beans on top. The meat and beans cooked in green chile enchilada sauce with extra garlic and onions. Yum. On top of that, he adds tomatoes, avocados, fresh onions, and crushed tortilla chips. So there's all kinds of textures, flavors, and temperatures in it. It's a wonderful mix.

I enjoyed it greatly.

Jet ate meat, beans, tortilla chips, cheese, and started throwing the tomatoes when he was full. He shoveled all the beans and meat out of his bowl, ate other stuff, accidentally ate some meat and then picked up and ate all the protein off his tray. So he was pretty hungry.

We had kettle corn for dessert, and Jet tackled the bowl with enthusiasm. When he was full, he started crushing it into the bowl. Then John and I played keep away for a while. When I lowered the bowl and dove in next to him, he ate some more, neatly and efficiently. I had been trying to help him make the connection that if he played he couldn't have any, but if he ate he'd get full access. So I think it worked. I am not at all sure, though.

Jet also had fun climbing all over me, and going for a ride on my back. We lay on the floor for a while and I did some stretching while he pumped his legs enthusiastically in the air. John managed to do some digging outside. I just played with Jet.

Now John's playing with Jet and I'm writing, and it's good. We've actually closed up a lot of the windows as it's actually getting 'cold' out. Whew... quite the change, with the days getting so much shorter quickly, and the wind flow change to bring the rain... it's like a completely different place.

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