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August 21, 2002
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Double Chilies, Short Ribs, and Swimming

Nearly three years ago, when Bob was here looking for a house, and he had to go up to Longmont to figure something out, I'd gone up to Longmont with him. On the way back to work, we'd stopped by this tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant and had been really impressed with the food. John remembered that we'd liked it, and recommended going there today for our lunch.

I'm glad he remembered.

During the work morning, Bob and John had gotten a note from Dave, their old boss from Synario days. The note said that he had a business trip to Longmont on Thursday, that he'd be flying in Wednesday night and flying out again on Thursday and could he drop by our house for a beer on Wednesday night? He also asked if Bob would be willing to join us. John sent back an email asking, "Do you mean tonight??"

He didn't get an answer.

So when we all went to the Double Chilies for lunch, Bob bet us that it would be tonight. John said he wouldn't take the bet, as he was pretty sure that it was going to be tonight, too.


The Double Chile is still a hole-in-the-wall, an ex-house on a newly developed commercial strip that is just minimally converted to a business. The old kitchen is their kitchen, and the rest of the house has been converted to be a chile shop and restaurant. There are only eight tables. The menus are sheets of paper in plastic sleeves. The dishes are traditional dishes. They're also really, really good. The old lady chef is a mother who needed to make money and she cooks for you like for her kids. It's great.

I had the tamales, which were tender, moist, and wonderful smothered in a chunky green chile stew with pork. John's chile rellenos were crisp, smooth, and filled with creamy white Mexican cheese. The rice and beans were yummy and the lettuce crisp and the tomatoes sweet and sturdy. I loved it.

Outside the front window was a little bush with bright red berries on it. John saw it and didn't think it could be a chile, but it turned out to, indeed, be a chile bush. The smaller the chile, usually, the hotter. Pequins are really hot. These turned out to be tequin chilies, and the berry is about the size of a cranberry, round and bright red. The lady picked a handful for Cary to take home and try to grow, and she gave me two for me to try the same. I didn't want many of them, as I didn't know where I'd plant them if I germinated them. So I took them home, carefully, and put them on the counter until I could deal with drying the seeds.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful. Jet did nap, though it was short. I marinated some of the strip cut short ribs in teriyaki sauce around 2, and at 5:30, I stood outside in the rain to grill them. Since the monsoon season started, a lot more of our afternoons are filled with thunderstorms. It's been wonderful for the plants and for my own feelings. I love the cool, cool evenings, now.

The ribs turned out better than before. The shorter marinating time seems to have made the ribs less tough. I think less water got pulled out of the meat. Anyway, the four-hour marinade was perfect, as the ribs were really tasty but they were also very tender and moist. Even after an extra three months in the freezer compared to the last batch they were much, much better. I smoked myself with the smoke coming off the grill.

Jet went to sleep at 6, he was just so tired, there wasn't any way to keep him up. So he went to sleep just as we were about to eat dinner. So we saved him some food, but didn't wake him. He woke himself up after just an hour, and since I was about to go to swimming, John took him outside to distract him from trying to find me. Joan came to get me, and when Jet saw me leaving, he started crying. Sniffle. But John said he was just fine as soon as I was out of sight. That was good.

I tried an experiment and used the new toothguard while doing the water aerobics and found, to my surprise, it worked out beautifully. My jaw didn't hurt at all on the ride home, when the last couple of weeks, it's just ached like crazy. I was so glad that it worked out!!

When I got home, Jet was wide-awake and rambling. At 9, we got a call from Dave; he had gotten through DIA, gotten his luggage, and gotten his rental car and was ready to head over if we'd have him! *laughter* John said sure. We called Bob, told him Dave's ETA and then got ready for the arrivals. Jet was up. The nap, as usual, would keep him up late. So he stayed up and played with Bob until Dave arrived, and then had fun playing with Dave as well when he got here. Jet had a great time just being in the center of things, and he was pretty quiet while the conversations were raging.

It was so cool to have Dave here and to just sit around and talk about anything and everything. We gave him a tour of the house, as well, and he really enjoyed the basement. Jet ended up sprawled on the floor while we stood and talked around him. When I tried to pick him up to go back upstairs with everyone, he pitched something of a fit. So I kept going and took him up to his room and nursed him there. He was pretty tired, but it took everyone going out of the house to tour John's new work area before he finally went to sleep.

I went out to the garage and talked with them until about 11. Then Dave headed off to his hotel, Bob went home, and we went to bed.

I tried to use my new night guard in bed, but there's one tooth that's getting more pressure on it than was comfortable for going to sleep. So I swapped back out to my old guard when I got up to feed Jet. That was, at least, familiar, but my jaw really ached after that

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