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August 20, 2002
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Stuffed Full Day

9:28 am: My calendar, today, is completely filled. I have a meeting, then the appointment for my new toothguard, another meeting, CeLena, a warning to clean up the house for the maids tomorrow, and a reminder to change out my contacts. It's going to be an interesting day.

I did score a donut this morning, as I printed out a map to two errands I had to run after my appointment. I need to get some more moth traps as the ones we have are full and I found an ergonomic place that sells my weird, well keyboard. They might also have replacement pads for the hand rest areas. So there's filler before my meeting. I also might get to find some lunch for myself in there, too. That is, at least, the plan.

The meeting has been useful, fun, and I came out without any extra work.

11:32 am: So these new-fangled front teeth-only night splints are pretty cool. Minimal coverage of the front teeth keeps the molars from meeting at all. Hopefully that will help the sensitive ones from having any reason to complain. We'll see, I guess. Given that I spent one hundred dollars on a pair of fun cat contacts, I like thinking of this as an experiment on that order. It's only a hundred dollars after insurance. If it works out I'll have to tell Kathy.

Best of all it doesn't have to go to a lab, so they do it all right here. I love being able to give instant feedback and be able to walk out with the appliance in-hand. I really like it.

10:44 pm: OK. The best part is the glow-in-the-dark case. It's bright and green and it shows up really well if I need it at night. Of course it's not perfectly adjusted and it's making one of my teeth in the device ache. So it'll need adjustment. I'm very glad that I have my old splint to fill in when the new one isn't working.

I survived all the errands and everything. In fact, while I was running around Boulder, it started to rain. There was a gorgeous thunder and lightning show as well. I saw lightning fork down to five touch down points all at once. I was impressed. The big, fat drops pelted me while I walked to the ergonomics place and found that they didn't carry the pads at all. But they were willing to call the manufacturer to ask about the cost of them and the cost of having my keyboard refurbished. I may need that.

I did get the moth traps. I'm glad of that. The ones we have a filled. Perhaps it's just that they get more active in the fall, the little pantry moths looking for a place to put their eggs for the winter. I found some in a bar of chocolate, which was really sad. I hate the waste of good chocolate. I also found a can of spray for the sticky stuff that traps the moths. So we can just use the lures for as long as they last and just keep making cardboard into traps, using the lures. It's far less expensive than getting new boxes of traps every time the old ones fill up as the traps are a good $11 a pair.

Home again home again, and with my meeting cancelled, I watched Jet while John worked. I also started some pizza dough and started picking up some more, though John had done a great job for Tom and Donna arriving last night. It's mostly cleared for the cleaning lady. I decided to just write today off as sick leave. I sent my boss a note and then filled in the paperwork and I'll bring it in tomorrow. It's just too hard with everything else to try and make up the time, especially when John has to work his hours, too.

I went to CeLena's, told her about the bruises from last time and she was far gentler today. It might also have been that things didn't hurt as much because I was under less stress and I didn't have my period, but the cause didn't matter so much as I really needed a relaxing massage instead of a painful one. The one thing that was really painful was my jaw, just like last time. It was on fire on the right side. I'm not sure why the right side instead of the left, where the teeth hurt, but that's where it was. So it was only a mildly painful massage,


We had pizza after the massage. I wasn't too impressed. It was the bread maker's recipe, rather than Alton Brown's or the one from Cooks' Illustrated. I finally figured out that the main difference was that the two latter recipes had about a quarter the yeast of the one from the bread maker's. That was the only real difference. Surprising how awful it could be with too much yeast. The crust turned out soft, pale, and while it bubbled up a lot, it couldn't hold the bubbles very well. It was hard to roll out, couldn't be stretched, and basically I had a really hard time with it.

The pizza turned out okay, but not great. Jet wouldn't touch the crust. Oops. Ah well, live and learn.

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