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August 22, 2002
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Hoarse Jet

Jet got to Joan's and back just fine, and when he nursed he went right to sleep, but he had a far shorter nap than usual. It was for less than an hour, and when he woke up he woke up screaming. I nursed him to see if that would calm him down and it did while he was nursing. As soon as that stopped, he started wailing and crying and kicking again.

This went on for the next hour. I couldn't pick him up because he's start screaming more, and I couldn't put him down, as he'd wail more, too, whenever I put him down. It kind of aligned with something the pediatrics' book said about sometimes kids just have to cry. So I didn't get frantic. I just brought him upstairs with me (which also caused him to cry harder for the first few minutes) and I finally just laid him down on the floor of the office, right next to me, and I worked while he cried. He didn't run to me to be held. He did roll around some on the floor, but it wasn't a "I'm HURT" kind of cry, more just a really irritated, cranky, unhappy crying. Jet was pretty much unhappy with everything, and he was telling me.

So I let him tell me. I just was there with him, and when he finally was cried out and started to quiet down, I patted him gently on the back. That seemed to help. He really didn't want me to pick him up, so I let him figure things out for himself.

Poor little guy. He was pretty hoarse by the time he was completely done with it all. He finally ended up coming over to me and asking to get picked up, and I hugged him a lot. He sighed and we went back downstairs and played with things. There was a bag of balloons he found in John's desk downstairs, and I blew a bunch up for him. Jet, of course, immediately started chewing on them, but amazingly, didn't burst any right immediately.

I fixed us both some mizithra and browned butter on spaghetti, and he sat in my lap with a fork and ate spaghetti as quickly as he could. He twirled it onto the fork and stuffed it into his mouth with the fork and his hands. Mom would have been proud. He ate quite a bit. I'm sure he was hungry after all that work crying.

John got home around 5, and heard Jet's voice and our tale of woe, and took Jet for the evening. He also ordered Lui's Chinese food for dinner, so I got some time to work. I needed it badly, as eventhough I tried to work with Jet crying, it just hadn't been particularly conducive to concentration. So I spent most of the evening just working.

When it was Jet's bedtime, I came down, nursed him to sleep and worked some more. It was good to have cool, quiet time to myself. It's been a while.

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