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August 23, 2002
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Mother's Day Present, Garlic Shrimp, and DQ

Jet was up for two hours last night, from about 4 to 6 and then he only slept a single hour before getting up again. It was a full moon Wednesday night. Joan said that when she was working at daycare, that the kids were all nuts the day after a full moon. I wonder if it has something to do with that? I hope so, as that would mean that Jet would sleep normally again when the moon passes.

John did some of the work during the two-hour waking. But I took the brunt of it so when Jet got up for real, John took him and they went and got the Friday donuts. Yay! So I had a nice chocolate covered cake donut and a pine cone for my breakfast. I made a single mug of decaf ad took coffee and donuts up with me to the office and got started on stuff.

I think yesterday evening primed the pump, and I had lots of stuff to do, especially with my 1:1 at 10:30. I was good to get caught up on my status, get things ready to review, and then get going with the new stuff when Jayashree and I talked stuff through.

John had his usual 11 o' clock meeting. I got Jet and he went to sleep after only ten minutes of nursing. So I put him into his seat and he napped happily while John finished up and I talked with Jayashree about a new assignment. It's a cool one, which has to do with the long-term planning on a new product. I'm glad. It's something I mildly resented about not being asked to be involved with the engine work early on. But it looks like they're asking me to define all the use cases for the application control side of things, i.e. the flows. It'll be interesting, as it's one of the main reasons our tools exist, is to control and make useful the flows through all the implementation tools.

At 2 I had a meeting. John took off with Jet halfway through it. I was mildly disappointed, as I wanted to do errand with the guys, too, as I haven't been out much this week, past the dentist appointment on Tuesday. But they had their reasons, so I didn't protest at all and just buckled down while they were out. When the meeting finished, I had a whole extra hour of just time alone and I made the most of it and really concentrated on juggling the eighty odd things I had to juggle. Put them into meaningful boxes and get as many of the balls into the air as possible. While I'm waiting for answers from people, it's good to get other things into the air.

When I heard them back downstairs, I went down, and got a running charge from Jet. I laughed and picked him up and hugged him and he hugged me back solidly, laughing too. Yay! It always amazes me how much he likes seeing me.

I held Jet for a while and then opened the garage door to see if I could help John with the unloading. There was a huge box with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer in it on the platform from the kitchen to the garage. I asked John, "Am I not supposed to see that?"

He looked uncertain and then grinned and said, "Well, Jet and I talked it over and since your Mother's Day present didn't work out, we thought we should get you a combined Mother's Day present and a birthday present all in one. Besides, Kohl's was having an incredible sale on them." Hee. So I hugged Jet, hugged John, and thanked them for my present. We then had fun and unpacked the thing. Jet tried to help me by helping me pick up the box while I was trying to wrestle the stuff out of the box. I thanked him for lifting, as he probably could have lifted about half the weight, easily, but asked him to stop doing it, please, as I needed to think. We finally got the handle cardboard out of the styrofoam and got the whole mess out into the kitchen.

Jet proceeded to tackle the styrofoam. While I attended to the mixer. Then Jet realized where the real action was, and he came over and peered, prodded, and poked at the mixer. He helped me do an adjustment with a huge screwdriver and then he went nuts with the screwdriver and it had to be taken away from him. Poor guy, but I guess it's one way for him to learn the boundary between it's okay to play or work this way but not acceptable to do other stuff. He enjoyed it.

I, in the meantime, was ambivalent about dinner. For some reason, this week, I just haven't had any inspiration for cooking. No real reason to want to cook. I don't know why. I wonder if it's because I'm using so much of my brainpower for work that it's hard to concentrate on other things. But I finally had to think about dinner, and I found a New York Fireman shrimp scampi that looked really easy. It's from Follow That Food when they did a garlic episode, and it looked easy from the show, too.

It turned out incredibly simple. Just put water on to boil for the spaghetti, smash garlic, pull a couple tablespoons of frozen lemon juice from the freezer, defrost the shrimp, and cut, clean and chop some parsley from the herb box. The weird thing about the recipe was that it said to cook the garlic, white wine, and lemon juice until thick and then add the shrimp. My inclination would have been to cook the garlic in the butter, and then add the shrimp and when it was mostly cooked, then add the other sauce ingredients. More time for the shrimp flavor to permeate everything, I would have thought. I asked John to make salad, started the spaghetti before any of the sauce things, and then went ahead with how the recipe had it. It smelled wonderful even before the shrimp went into the sauce, and it came out very tasty indeed.

It took exactly ten minutes for the sauce, so the spaghetti finished just as the shrimp finished cooking. So I tossed in the pasta, added the parsley and then tossed it all thoroughly. John was just finished with the salad so we sat down to eat.

Jet wandered around for a little while, then sat in my lap for about five minutes, until he pulled a handful of spaghetti into my lap. Then he got to sit in his seat, where he ate spaghetti and nibbled the shell off one shrimp before pouring his glass of water into his spaghetti. So he was done for the meal. *grin*

It was still 7:30 pm by the time we were done, so we headed out to Safeway and Dairy Queen for the evening. At DQ I got the pecan mudslide, with fudge, caramel and pecans, while John got a Snickers Blizzard. Jet dug into my sundae with gusto, and ate only ice cream off the top curl at first. Then he realized that the good stuff was the funny looking stuff. At first, he refused to eat a spoonful of fudge he'd dug up from the sides, but after a while, all he would eat was the caramel and fudge from the sides. He didn't quite cover himself with ice cream, but he did drip quite well. Enough so that he was good entertainment for everyone that walked into the shop. He loved being the center of attention.

Finally, we got a bunch of napkins and got them good and wet and cleaned him up enough for shopping.

Jet rode pretty peaceably in the cart while we shopped, and got home okay. But then he wouldn't sleep once we were home. Even after nursing, he just wanted to run around and see things. I think this is starting to be a trend, and I'm going to have to figure a way around it or something, as it's hard having him go to sleep so late

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