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August 24, 2002
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Mixer Madness and Mina's

9:13 pm: A very quiet Saturday, mostly because we stayed in and let John catch up on some detailed work that he needed to do.

Jet did great last night, only getting up at 5 and at 7. John took him then and let me sleep. I was having problems with the old guard and my pillows. I've been having jaw pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, and headaches. I think it might have more to do with my grinding my teeth at night, but the pillows were something I could change. So I was changing them and finding out what wasn't working. One combination had me waking up from dreams of suffocation. Not fun.

So I got to sleep in some. That felt good. I actually think the new night guard will do my jaw and mouth a much better service in the long run. I just have to get it adjusted a bit more and figure out how to swallow while asleep.

Anyway... so I got up late, made John and I a baked pancake that puffed dramatically. Yum. I also cut up a quarter of a cantaloupe that needed eating. John took some of it, Jet ate about half of what was left, and I got some as well. Jet had already eaten half a banana and some bagel, but he was eager to share the melon.

After breakfast John made chocolate chip cookies from Shirley's Cook Wise and was really happy with all the choices on texture. The only problem with the recipe is that it calls for three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt for a batch that only uses half a usual package of chocolate chips. That's a ridiculous amount of salt. It meant that when he doubled it, it was a teaspoon and a half, when the normal recipe only calls for half a teaspoon of salt for a whole bag. John didn't have any idea. So he just faithfully followed the recipe.

When the cookies came out I stole one, sat on the floor, and shared it with Jet, who was not enthusiastic. I was mildly puzzled, but when I tasted it I found that it was tremendously salty. Ugh. It was very sad, as it was my last bag of Bernard C. bittersweet chocolate drops, and we pretty much had to throw the batch out.

What was cool, though, was that the texture of the cookies was very good. Just that nice mixture of chewy and crispy on the edges and light enough in the middle so that they didn't get hard when they cooled. The other very cool thing was that John got to use the stand mixer, and it was very cool. It made the cookie dough effortlessly, and since he'd had experience with his mom's machine, it was fun to watch how he was doing things.

Jet loved watching the whole procedure. He stood on a sturdy kitchen chair the whole time and watched John avidly. He also managed to climb onto the less sturdy bar stool next to his perch and he grabbed some things off the counter. Next thing I know, Jet's running over to me with this look of horror on his face, and two bright red berries in his hand. Yes. He'd found the tequin berries and had *bitten* both of them. The chilies were so hot that the ladies at the Double Chile wouldn't eat them, and here was my baby biting the things. Jet shoved the two chilies into my hand, and had his mouth open going, "AHH! AHHH!" We gave him Sprite and milk and neither of them seemed to help. Finally, John hit on the idea of giving him an ice cube, and he took that and sucked on it avidly. Whew. From that point on, Jet stood on his chair and didn't take things from the counter. Maybe that will help him figure out we keep some things out of reach on purpose.

I decided to experiment, too, and made a very simple chocolate cake from the mixer recipes. It was fun. I could just throw things into the bowl and let the mixer go and trust that it got it mixed. Yay! So the cake was mostly throwing ingredients into the bowl, I soon had a creamy batter to toss into a greased, floured pan, and it baked in the toaster oven! It came out a little dry but tasty. I suspect that it was the altitude problem of baked goods drying out more quickly and if there's normal leavening, they get a little too airy, which also dries out the texture. I'll have to see what happens with adjustments.

Jet was cranky at 11, but while he seemed to go to sleep while nursing, he woke up when I tried to put him into his seat. We spent a lot of the afternoon trying to get him to nap and finally resorted to going out and getting some stuff from Safeway. Jet fell asleep on the way out, woke up when it got to hot while I was delayed inside by a checkout clerk unfamiliar with her machine, and then went back to sleep on the way home. For exactly half an hour.

I nursed Jet when he woke up and then lay on the bed with him and we both went to sleep for another hour. That was good.

But Jet was pretty cranky when he woke up and it took a while before he finally calmed down enough for us to load him into his seat and we went to Mina's. I needed out of the house, and it was food that John wanted, so we went there.

Jet plowed right through the rice on his rice and bean plate. John eventually mixed some of the beans in with the rice, and Jet ate those just as happily. I got the carnitas tacos and John got a spicy pork burrito with a really spicy smothering sauce. We all enjoyed about half our meals before we were so stuffed we had to get boxes. While we were eating a group of a dozen came in with two kids about Jet's age. The group was extraordinarily loud. The kids were pretty quiet and when Jet got to run around after dinner, he looked them over and figured the kitchen was far more interesting.

Anjyel and Boo arrived just as we were finishing, and it was a good thing, too, as they got our table. It was nice to talk to them for a little bit before wandering out into the evening with Jet. We followed Jet around on the sidewalk and had fun just walking and exploring Erie.

Home again home again and Jet got his bath. As usual, he was awake after that, and I think that with the later nap, he was also less inclined to sleep. After he nursed on one side and started crawling away from me, we cleaned out his nose and I took him upstairs to do the other side. Once up in his room, in the usual rocking chair where, in the middle of the night, he always gets nursed and put right back to sleep, he actually settled into nurse. There was no TV to distract him, no noises from outside, and nothing else happening. At all. So he just settled in, with a light blanket over him, he went to sleep while nursing on the one side. That was very good indeed.

So we may have broken the code for this new sleep pattern. I just have to take him up to his room. It worked very well indeed. I'll just have to keep experimenting and see if that'll work as well in the future

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