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August 25, 2002
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10:09 pm: Today was a far more successful day. It started with a great night, where Jet got up once at two and went right to sleep after I nursed him. It also helped that I decided to wear the new guard and just go with it and see how it worked. It did fine. My jaw felt better this morning than it has for a while, on both sides. I also think I've settled on a set of pillows that works well, too. It's about time.

So I got up around eight, when Jet and John were up a bit past six. They made waffles, and I ate them happily with yogurt and peach glop. Yum. Jet sat in my lap and ate a bit more, eventhough he'd already had a whole slice of bacon, half a waffle, and half a banana. He really ate a lot of breakfast. I was glad. He had half a box of raisins as well.

After breakfast, John took Jet off to check Home Depot for replacement tubing for our old drip irrigation system. I got to water the plants and work on my journal for a while before they came back. Then we tried to get Jet to nap, to no avail. Joan and Ashley called to say that they could babysit for the four hours that John and I needed to go watch XXX.

At noon, Jet was still awake, so we just took him over to Ashley's and he cheerfully walked in to play with Ashley and Ray. John and I zoomed off to watch XXX.

It was a fun movie. Both John and I liked comparing it to the Bond movies, where plots aren't particularly deep, the characters are pretty straightforward, and things don't always have to make sense if the action is gorgeous. And the action was gorgeous. I think they really succeeded in making a more up to date Bond-type movie, where the primary characters are hip.

We loved that the Q-equivalent was a kid in the basement with a degree or two from MIT instead of the Father figure. I really enjoyed that there were more gadgets and weapons on the car than they could use or even find a use for, rather than exactly the three gadgets he'd need to get everything done. I loved that the manual was hand-written, badly. I also loved that they did the classical Bond thing of using a great, classical car instead of advertising for some modern wannabe classic.

The movie also had some of the really stupid jokes at just the most amusing time that Bond movies have. I really did enjoy the action and the CGI, even when the logic was kind of ... missing in action. It was a great, brainless movie to watch without having to think too much. I also liked that the heroine wasn't stupid, either.

I was very glad we did that.

Getting back was cool. Jet was asleep in their livingroom, and stayed asleep there for half an hour as we talked with them. He slept another half an hour when he came home, with the hour he'd slept before we got there; he got a good nap. I was glad. He and John made chocolate chip cookies while I wrote some more upstairs. Work's network is down, so I couldn't post anything, but I could get it all set to go.

Dinner was two of the pork chops I bought the other night. Two of the six in the package were from the end of the loin, so they were shaped funny. I froze the other four, rubbed lemon pepper on the two odd-shaped ones, and grilled them. I boiled potatoes, chopped a clove of garlic to add to the butter and milk for mashed potatoes. I also nuked some peas. It made for a interesting dinner, as the garlic clove was far too large for the amount of potatoes. Ooops... overdose. John declared it a weekend of overloads.

Jet ate some baked beans from the fridge, as he refused to eat anything from dinner. I also made him a peach-banana smoothie with yogurt and white grape juice. He drank at least half of a sixteen-ounce glass. I was impressed.

Dessert was very successful, too. I served the last of the chocolate cake with some of the Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream. Jet got his own bowl of ice cream and he did wonderfully with it, actually eating all the ice cream himself with a spoon! John and I got to eat our desserts in peace, without having to feed Jet. That was a good thing. I like letting Jet do the things he can do and not having to do them for him. It's nice.

The sunset was just gorgeous tonight. Silver streaks from the clouds above. The sunset itself was fiery and it was brighter right over the mountains, liming them in a deep glow. Jet climbed the sofa, leaned on the back, and watched the sunset with me. He really enjoyed that. He also ran outside with John and they played peekaboo with me through the window.

Jet also pulled out a rhyming book and said, "Moon!" every time he pointed at a round object. Balls, balloons, and the Earth were all the moon. He cheerfully included a crescent moon as well. Jet also blew at every flower or plant he saw, which he started by asking us to blow dandelions for him. I am glad he's starting to recognize and identify items in books. It's new and fun.

Jet ran and ran and ran until 9:30. This time I was actually able to get him to sleep when he nursed in the livingroom. For the first time in a long time, he just went to sleep. He's been drooling more, and last night's sleep pattern usually indicates that he's going back to his usual habits for a little while at least. I can hope that whatever was bothering him during the week is over. It may well have been teeth again, as he seems to have three more molars in. Ouch.

I'm glad to have the energy and time to write at night, again. Sometimes I believe that my writing quality goes down when I only write when I'm tired. Other times it just doesn't matter enough to me to do something about it. I'm just glad to get around to it.

I'm so glad that last night worked out well. I still need the splint adjusted a little for the tooth that finds the pressure just really hard, but it *works*. That is what I needed.

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