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August 26, 2002
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New Sleep Pattern

10:54 pm: Jet had a great night, last night, just up for a short time and then right back to sleep. He continued with a great nap during the day. When he woke up, I was mostly done with work, so I made him a corn dog and he ate it cheerfully. He did, however, do his best to eat the dog out from within the corn coating, so I ended up peeling it for him.

I should probably just make him a hot dog and put it on a chopstick or something, not waste the chicken corn dogs. Maybe even buy Ball Park franks or plain chicken franks and feed him those. He liked the tofu dog that Emily was eating, so maybe he'll just eat those, though I'm a little leery of giving him too much soy, what with Kathy's allergy.

We're thinking of refinancing the house, again, and an assessor came by at 2:30 and looked over the house. He'd been the assessor when we bought the house, originally, so he knew it pretty well. He was pleasantly surprised by the landscaping, the basement, and the new garage/outbuilding. Jet was intrigued by the stranger, and followed him into the basement and peered at him while he was peering at everything. The assessor was impressed by the quality of the work in the basement, so that's a good sign.

After the guy was done, I went upstairs to get a few work things loaded up on my Visor. Jet was playing happily in the livingroom when I ran up to do the couple of things I wanted to do. He missed me eventually and called out, "Mama!" and I answered, "Baby!" We do this a lot. Sometimes he calls, "Mama!" just to hear me say, "Baby!" and it's a game that's kind of fun for him. He heard me upstairs and decided to cruise up the stairs.

He left the last bit of his corn dog on the stairs and picked up, of all things, his baby toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. He loves that toothpaste, as it's something like mango and banana flavored. He'll come running to get his teeth brushed every time he sees it out. I'm glad of that, but it was really funny to me that he abandoned the last of his lunch for his toothbrush.

I brushed his teeth while I loaded stuff into the Visor and then we went downstairs. I worked for a little while as he played, and then we went out onto the porch off the kitchen and sat outside in the warm afternoon.

The sun had gone to the west side of the house, so we had plenty of shade. Jet ran around in his bare feet for a while and finally settled for a bit in his car. He zoomed around for a bit and then ran inside to get his sippy cup and came back out again and closed the sliding screen door when I asked him to do so. He then rode in the car for a while with his cup, but then came out and settled in one of the folding chairs.

I looked up at the sky, which was blue and had one big white cloud reaching to take over more and more of it. Next thing I know I hear, "Wow!" Jet has his head all the way back; looking up at the sky, too, and he liked what he saw. He grinned at me and I grinned back. It was so cool to just sit out there and be with him.

We played outside and then inside until John came home. John took him and made cheeseburgers for dinner while I worked for a while more. Mostly I synched up the Visor and made sure the data was in a format that I could use in the HTML I was going to publish. It worked out well, so I was glad.

Jet went to sleep as easily as he has all day. I'm glad of the new pattern.

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