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August 27, 2002
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No New Eyes

10:08 pm: Another appointment day. Since I'm working on a bunch of things that all turned into a waiting day, today, that was a good thing. I'm waiting on a lot of people for answers before I can get anywhere with the things I have to write. So I have to send out lots of questions and wait on them to answer.

It can be nerve-wracking with a deadline coming up and my boss assuming that because I have an initial set of data that it's mostly done. But Jayashree is flexible and she's learning that it rarely is completely done when she thinks it's done. It's a good thing for her to know. I have enough experience with it that it's not scaring me as much as it's scaring her, but that's okay.

I had a meting in the morning. At 10:30, I left for Envision, my optometrist in Boulder. I got to the parking garage at 10:50 and didn't get out of Envision until 12:50. Between having a complete eye exam, with the full dilation and trying to pick out some frames I liked, it took a while. Yeah. Frames. I have a pair of glasses that is two decades old, and another pair of glasses that I can't look through without getting dizzy. They were a J.C. Penny special that never worked. So I was looking to get a pair of glasses where I'd be legal to drive in.

It turns out that as part of the exam, we tested my two-decade-old glasses. We found that they were actually legal! I was surprised, but glad.

There are such cool frames out now. The lady that was showing them to me got a good dozen frames that were all really nice. We finally had to bring in another one of the optometrists to do a style commentary. We ended up with the frames that I liked the best but couldn't say why. Then we looked at my vision plan.

Wow. That was complicated. The bottom line, though, was that if they covered the glasses, they'd be $331 out of my pocket. If they didn't cover them, it would be $349 out of my pocket. Yow. So there wouldn't be all that much different. It was, however, more money than I was expecting and that I had in my flex-spending account for this year.

So after all that work, I had to just decide not to buy the glasses this time around. It was a hard thing to do, but I finally had to do it. I can always set the money aside for next year, and now I know how much it will cost. Part of the problem is that the frame component of my vision plan gets pushed out for 24 months every time I buy contacts. They'll pay for the lenses, but not for making them thinner or for making them so that they don't reflect light so much.

It's interesting all the things that go into a pair of glasses these days. I also really loved the frames, they were small, elegant, with tiny, perfectly centered lenses, and they were eggplant in color. Mmm... purple. We noted the number and I hope they don't sell out of them by next year. I'll have to see.

From there I headed back to the parking structure, with my sunglasses on. I was amused to find that I was perfectly comfortable wearing my sunglasses while driving through the parking structure. I was truly and thoroughly dilated. When I got out into the sunshine it was painful, but not too bad with my sunglasses on. I teared some, but got home okay.

There I took care of Jet without my near vision until it was time to go back into Boulder for my dentist appointment to get my NTI thing adjusted some more. The assistant did a great and patient job of adjusting it and then I got Dr. Alber to talk with me about the sensitivity of my molar. It turns out that the crown on that one molar has made my gums recede on that tooth. That is why it's so much more sensitive than my other teeth. I hadn't known that. I'm very glad that I know that now.

I had to talk with him for about ten minutes before he really looked at it, but he did examine it thoroughly for decay and for a reason. We found it. I'm glad of that. So the sensitivity toothpaste is supposed to help in a couple of weeks. If that doesn't help, then I can go in to get a desensitizer put on the exposed root. It's a uncomfortable procedure, but it would take care of it. There isn't any decay that he can see.

So I think it should be okay. I think the additional information was more useful than anything and everything else that could have happened.

So I was far more peaceful when I came home. John made potstickers, Jet and I played, and we ate. Jet and John went on a walk and I got a little caught up on email from work. My eyes are still a little strained, but not too bad. The dilation made me tired.

I'm kind of sad about not getting the really cool glasses, but I will be a lot happier getting them pre-tax rather than with post-tax dollars. Plus, it was very useful to know that my old glasses are actually legal. So any reason to get the glasses for an emergency's sake is gone. I can't justify it as a Need, anymore. They're pretty much a want, not a need, now.

Jet had a good hour and a half nap while I was gone as he'd gone with Joan, Haley, and Alex to a doctor's appointment for Alex. He fell asleep on the way back, and gave John all the time while I was gone for the contact lens appointment. And he fell asleep easily tonight. Yay! I should remember when he does really well as well as when he has the harder nights.

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