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August 7, 2003
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We All Swim

Short version: John and Jet go to Jodie's. Joan was sick, so both Haley and Alex didn't make it. I worked aimlessly. Went to get Jet. Nursed him to sleep. Worked. When he got up he ate two frozen fish sticks for lunch and part of a Popsicle. I ate ramen. We met John at 3:30 at the Rec. Center. Childcare doesn't start until four. So that three of us just swam until five. Home Depot for tomato food. Wahoo's for dinner. Jet ate quesadillas. Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. John sprays needs. Jet and I watch cartoons. Jet climbed John for fun.

Yeah, Jet actually ate dinner. Usually, after swimming he is ravenous. I suspect, however, he was so wound up that when we went to a strange place to eat he didn't recognize anything as food. It was only after I had finished my fish taco and put him in my lap that he could see that I was eating his quesadilla. After I had eaten the first piece he started hitting me, I'm not sure if he really understood why. When I took my next bite, he started yelling, "My turn! My turn!" So he got his turn. He started taking huge bite out of the piece he grabbed. About half way through the piece, he started to be much happier. He wasn't nearly as grumpy as when we had entered the restaurant. That really helped. Jet finished off the piece and had half of a second one.

He had seen the Cold Stone Creamery on the way in, and kept asking about ice cream. We told him that he could have ice cream if he ate some dinner, and he argued it all the way through dinner, until he started eating. I sometimes think that he argues the point simply to follow a ritual of sorts. Once he actually eats something, the exchange is over, and he's fairly satisfied that the rules have been followed.

The ice cream was wonderful. Jet also proved that he understood what the color pink really is, as when he walked in he wanted to pink ice cream and he pointed to the raspberry sorbet. Sorbet has a far higher sugar content than ice cream, and a child Jet's age needs a certain amount of fat, and I could do without the sugar high. So we got him story ice cream instead, with rainbow sprinkles worked in. It was pretty cool that after we had already picked the sprinkles for him he went down the line and pointed out the very sprinkles we had chosen.

Both John and I got banana ice cream, but I had a brownie worked in. John had a Reece's peanutbutter cup worked into the ice cream. They tasted surprisingly different.

I'd been obsessing over tomato plant food. Two of the current tomatoes aren't really setting their fruit nearly as well as I would like. One of the large tomato plants also has blossom end rot, or the blossom end of the fruit starts going brown and soft. The latter seems to be more of watering problem or a calcium deficiency, so I may have to work on watering it myself. The calcium deficiency may also be an indicator of too much nitrogen, which means that I may be feeding them too much. The problem is that the other plants have other indicators that seem to point to a potassium deficiency, through both fallen blossoms and lower branch yellowing. It also turns out that Miracle-Gro has two completely different nutrient mixes for their regular formula and their tomato formula. The latter has far less nitrogen, so I thought it should help if there were any in balances due to high nitrogen content.

When we actually got home, I mixed up two gallons of the tomato food. I'm so used to the blue-green of the standard Miracle-Gro mixture, that the pink color of the tomato variety surprised me. Jet really liked color and was chanting pink all the way over to the vegetable garden. I fed the plants, even though it was already getting to be dusk. I also picked a number of tomatoes before feeding them. I got bit, numerous times, by mosquitoes. I guess Jet was far enough away from the plants that he didn't get bit at all. I, however, got three bites on my right hand, two on each foot, and a couple scattered over my legs. Not fun. I would normally have sprayed DEET on, but I was in a hurry to feed the plants and I didn't think that I would be out there for very long. I guess that's one lesson I won't forget for at least three or four days. The one bite on the top joint of my middle finger really hurts, especially if I get it under warm water.

All in all, it was a really great evening. Work was mildly disheartening, as I'm still not exactly sure what I need to be doing, especially with regards to what I want to be doing. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on track tomorrow, after my one-on-one with Jayashree.

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