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August 11, 2003
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Harvest Moon

9:35 pm: sv: Early up. J's to Joan. Work. Get Jet. Falls asleep in car. Work. Cartoons and lunch. Swimming. Workout. Less pain. Souper Salad! Pepporoni Bar. Potato sticks, pepperoni, fish, ice cream. Home. Moon. Milk. Sleep.

The moon was just astonishing, coming home. It was just rising, and when I first saw the top half of it, I thought someone was lighting fireworks. But they hung, still, in the air and that's when I realized that that brilliant, orange lighting was the harvest moon. It was enormous, compared to anything on the ground, and Jet was fascinated by it as we drove. The swells and valleys of the land made the moon appear as if it were rising and falling, rising and falling over and over until we actually got home. Then the orange moon looked like it had been caught in the branches of the tree in our backyard.

Jet perched on the stairs, telling me that the moon was stuck in the tree. Hee.

He'd had a great dinner. Huge dinner. Though not nearly as much pepperoni as before. He did like eating the crisp potato sticks. He ate lots of the fish crackers, too. So he got double helpings of ice cream and manfully plowed through the first one, and halfway through the second before declaring himself done. I'm very proud to actually have a child that stops eating when he's full. It's a very good thing.

Swimming was great. John and I formed a triangle with a step and wall, and Jet happily swam between us. He'd jump in off the wall, swim to John, get a breath, turn towards me, swim to me, and I'd put him on the bench that was a step up back to the wall again. He did it over and over and over and had a blast. He also rode our backs at various times, and even when he was low in the water, he'd take a breath whenever he was able and then hold it until he could come up again. So I think he's learning about breathing from riding us. Kinda sounds like dolphins teaching their young how to breath... Hee.

I actually took the morning shift, this morning, and let John sleep in a bit. It was time and I felt good enough to do so. It's always fun to play and be with Jet early in the morning, as he's always far more cheerful, attentive, and calm in the mornings than when he's too tired to think or talk. He just seems to get along much better after a good night's sleep. Sometimes it makes me wish I were more of a morning person, just to be able to enjoy the times when he's so happ

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