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August 13, 2003
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Interviewing Wendy

Short Version: Jet to Joan's. Work. Lunch at Silo. Home. Jet naps. I feed Jet rice and play with while John meets. They go out to do things. I make dinner. Falafel, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bread. Talk with Wendy, the Waldorf-inspired pre-school teacher. No TV, no refined sugar, no TV/Movie clothing, quiet but firm discipline alternatives. Should be interesting. Seems safe and quiet. DQ for some refined sugar. Safeway for milk and a few things. Home. Sleep.

The Silo was a good lunch. They're a sports bar with 'regular food', which may even be an interesting place to go after swimming, if it's not filled with smoke, but it's in Boulder County, so that's unlikely. I liked my Open Smiling Face sandwich, which was just beef in country gravy on Texas toast. Yummy, savory, and rich, with a side of mashers and vegetables. The veggies weren't entirely cooked, but that was better than being overcooked.

Everyone that went enjoyed their meal. That was cool.

The interview with the pre-school teacher was kind of interesting. The place seems quiet, safe, and she's definitely not into the kinds of discipline that give me the willies. She's willing to listen and find out what the kids need. Also having absolutely zero TV will be quite the contrast from Joan's where the TV is on all the time. The philosophy and the ideals are very interesting, and they seem pretty safe at the moment. Both John and I agreed that we were comfortable with her taking care of Jet, and that Jet would get a very different experience with another adult and other kids. He'd get something that was more structured than he has now, but not overwhelming, and the play areas she had were very well structured and seemed to interest him.

That's pretty cool. Looks like lots of use of his imagination, and not a lot of way too early drilling that some other places might have.

It looks like we'll probably be sending him there, there are just a lot of scheduling problems to work out. Joan has different days free than Jet'll have free, so we have to figure out what's going to happen and how those conflicts will work out.

I'm a bit apprehensive about it all. There are just so mnay unknowns that aren't in our direct control and I feel kind of bad about relying on Joan when I'm not sure she wants to be reled on any more.

I did have one really good thing today, though. I went outside and I picked tomatoes without having to worry about getting ambushed while I had my hand in the tomato plants. No more mosquitos in the tomato patch! Yay! I'm so glad!!! It was so nice to be able to go out and pick things and not worry about what was going to bite the hell out of me or not. That made me very, very happy. I'm so glad John bought the Mosquito Magnet, now, and that he got the bigger size so that my tomato patch was sure to get covered. Whew. It's so nice to not be afraid of going outside anymore.

One other thing was that John and I resolved my too-small kilt problem. He called Utilikilts and we talked through the sizing thing, and the guy on the other end decided that we didn't have to do a restocking fee, but that I should be paying for the larger kilt (as it's just barely above 'normal' sizes) and for shipping. I had no problems with that, and he even had me send my belt back in as he thought it was way too big for me. So I should get a new belt and kilt nearly immediately, if they have it in stock, another week or two if they don't. It helped that the kilt I was trading in was a 'normal' sized one, which they can always sell.

It was a little heartbreaking that it didn't fit like it did in the store. But I'm glad that we got it all worked out and found out what the right thing to do was and we've done it. I packaged it all up, ready to go, and John said that he'd maile it tomorrow.

At the last minute, Joan called to tell us that she could only take Jet, tomorrow, at either 6:30 in the morning, or 10... as she'd found a horse trailer and was going to get her horse. Period. So John's going to see how Jet is in the morning, and if Jet's up early enough, they're going to go right to Joan's. Otherwise, he's going to stay home for the morning and help take care of Jet until 10.

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